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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hustle Into Love - Prologue Pt. 2

Hey all,

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first day of fun on the FREE READ.  As you can see, it will be another season of cliffhangers, just for you all.  LOL  I know...I'm mean, but you love it!

And today's installment will take you a bit farther into the story.  Who is sitting on the bar stool?  And what is he waiting for.

So grab a cup of tea and settle on back for today's bit of Hustle Into Love.  And check at the end of the installment for a special word from our sponser.  (that's me!  LOL) 


Hustle Into Love

   A toe appeared, easing into the light, glistening nail polish shimmering in the spotlight. A whole foot, then a trim ankle, then a calf, knee and thigh.
   The drunk next to the Asian groaned and for the first time the man had to agree with him. That leg was groan-worthy.
   It was all you could see for several long seconds, then, just as you were ready to scream from the tension, the spot’s circle expanded and she stepped into the light.
   The man let out the breath he’d forgotten he was holding. She was beautiful. Long, white blonde hair flowed down around an oval face. Her lips were full and shapely. Her nose small and slightly tilted. Golden skin announced she was no stranger to the sun and that same sun had kissed her cheeks with rosy health.
   Her eyes were a sultry amber, unusual for her coloring, and wonderfully exotic. Dark lashes fanned them and when she smiled, every man in the place came off his chair.
   But she ignored the calls and shouts. Instead, she clasped her hands together and held them for a moment as if in prayer, waiting for the noise to die down. She was all sweetness and light wrapped in one of the sexiest packages the man had ever seen.
   Then, as if she were doing a relaxing stretch, she ever so leisurely lifted her hands to the ceiling. Once there, one hand stayed pointed high while the other moved with excruciating slowness, down the still taunt arm, around the back of her head, over one full breast and down her curvaceous body. After a moment, the other arm just as slowly dropped and followed suit.
   She was garbed in a feathery white robe and as she stretched and moved, slight glimpses of a truly gorgeous body could be seen. But that was all. The teasing peeks were only a foreshadow of what was to come.
   A moment later she stopped, her legs slightly apart, her hands at her waist. Then, with a smile that said I-know-something-you-don’t-know, she smoothed her hands over her breasts and with a dramatic flourish, tore the white robe off her body.
   The men in the room went crazy, all shouting and hollering as if the girl was now stark naked. But the man sitting on the bar stool blinked in surprise.
   Instead of the g-string and pasties he’d expected, this dancer was sporting an outfit more like an ice skater would wear. Transparent shoulders, back and belly, but over her breasts and pubic area, she wore a swirling strip of shimmering blue-white. Tiny scarves of the same blue-white color caressed the top of her thighs and flirted over her buttocks. It was sexy. It was seductive. But it was completely modest and somehow gave the girl the impression of absolute innocence and purity.
   And then she started to dance and like everyone else in the room he was mesmerized. She wasn’t just good. She was amazing. The girl had one of those rare talents that could only be inborn. She knew how to hold herself and what moves to make to show off that long, beautiful body in the best way. Her flexibility was beyond measure, and she was a natural at showmanship. It was obvious she’d choreographed the dance herself. It fit her perfectly.
   The lights danced with her as she hustled and swayed across the stage. A small move here…a big flourish there and she had the audience eating out of her hand. No one even tried to accost her. They were all too enthralled with what they were seeing.
   The performance ended as surprisingly as it started. Instead of dancing off behind the curtains like the man expected her to do, she came forward, almost to the edge of the stage. She struck a pose, the same one she’d done at the start, with clasped hands raised over her head. The spotlight picked her up, and the room went dark again.
   It was as if she took the time to make eye contact with every person in the room, making each man feel like they were the only one she was dancing for. And then she began to fade. From the toes up, she somehow disappeared, every gorgeous line, every silky curve until all that could be seen were her two ruby red lips.
   Then she blew everyone a kiss and was gone.


Head on back tomorrow for the next part of the story.  I'm sure you are curious as to what happens next.  And don't forget to bring your friends to read.  And please leave your comments.  I can't enter you in the contests until you do!!!!

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CJ England
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loves2read said...

I want more. Very good so far. It's just the right length too; not too long that I'm impatient but not too short either.

Phylis said...

Oh wow! Trying to get my mother to read this one. Will talk to her about it on Thursday. Love it!

CJ England said...

Hey loves2read,

Glad you like it so far. I usually do about this length per installment. Depends on where I can find the cliffhanger. LOL

CJ England said...


Tell your mom I'll adore her forever. LOL Good luck!

Shaiha said...

This is great! I have never read any of your work but I can tell that is about to change

CJ England said...


Thank you so much. Check out my website for two competed FREE READS. I'll bet you enjoy them!

yvonnenicolas said...

Very nice and beautifully descriptive.

CJ England said...

Thank Yvonne,

I hope you enjoy all the installments!