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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hustle Into Love - Prologue Pt. 5

Hey all,

It's time for part five, and I've got some good news for you.  I've gotten so far ahead with the story, I've decided to give you installments right through the weekend!  Woot!!!

We'll still have a party as mentioned before, but you'll have a second reason to come on over and visit the blog.  And on Sunday, not only will you get a new bit of the story, I'll introduce you to the inspirations for Hustle Into Love.  Sound cool?  I think so.

So let's see what our elegant Asian has up his sleeve for sweet Chantal, shall we?

Hustle Into Love

   His eyes twinkled. “A certain concert pianist that came from a very poor area in China. He was given the best available mentor in Hong Kong and now plays to millions all over the world. An African swimmer, whose only way to the Olympics was by training in another country. She came home a hero with an Olympic gold metal around her neck. And a Brazilian youth who wanted to be a doctor. Paying his tuition at a top university gave him the start he needed. As a medical researcher he studies rare cancers, and his findings earned him a Nobel prize nomination in medicine.”
   She sat back, astonished. “You? You’ve helped all these people?”
   “I am a wealthy man, Ms. Montgomery. And I have no one to spend it on. By doing this, I make my own family. Do you understand?”
   Her heart went out to him. “You’re lonely.”
   He blinked once then his cheeks reddened. “I have never thought of it that way, exactly. But…I suppose you are right. Giving these people their chance in life makes me feel a little less alone.”
   “Because in part, their success is yours.”
   “You are a very wise woman for your tender years.”
   Chantal shrugged again. “Don’t know about that, but I’m street smart. Enough to know what sounds too good to be true usually is.”
   “You are also practical.” Lì nodded approvingly. “This too is important.”
   “So let’s cut to the chase, and you tell me why I should believe all this. What you want from me.” Chantal had trouble keeping her voice even. What was he leading up to? Was he going to make all her dreams come true?
   “I want you to dance. Wait—” he held up a slim hand when she opened her mouth, “—allow me to finish. I saw you tonight. You have a wonderful gift, my dear. You have something many dancers only dream of. Raw talent. So much raw talent it shows in every move…in every step you take. You also have the drive and persistence to take your talent further. You have worked hard and pushed yourself to be the best you can be. And even more importantly, you have principles. You have not taken the easy way out of this club. You still have your honor and kept your heart and body pure.”
   Her throat was so tight, she had trouble responding. “Ahhh...”
   “You have enough talent I could make a phone call right now and within minutes have you booked at some of the biggest clubs. But that is not enough.”
   She felt faint. “It isn’t?”
   “No.” He chuckled at her unbelieving face. “Tell me something, Ms. Montgomery. What do you want for your career?”
    Dare she tell him? No one else understood the burning need she had to make something of herself. No one ever comprehended the joy and satisfaction she received every time she went up on that stage and danced. No one knew of the bone deep contentment she felt as her body soared along with her spirit. It wasn’t about the money. It never had been. Dancing was as much a part of her as breathing was.
   Without it she would surely die.
   Which was why she was dancing at this two-bit club. It might not be the Moulin Rouge, but even dancing in front of drunks and prostitutes fed her heart in a way she had never before been able to explain.
   “Ms. Montgomery?”
   Chantal looked at the elegant man sitting in the paint chipped chair. Maybe he was someone who would understand. This perfect stranger who somehow knew her better than she did herself. “I—” she took a deep breath and decided to trust her instincts, “—I don’t just want to dance. And I don’t just want to be the best dancer there is. I want to do it all. Dance, choreograph, teach. I want my name to be on everyone’s lips. When they think of dance, they think Chantal. I want to go all over the world. I want to be able to dance where I want, when I want and how I want. I don’t mind working for it, but I want it all.”
   He smiled. “You want to be a star.”
   “No.” She shook her head, and her chin went up proudly. “I want to be a legend.”
   There was a moment’s pause, then his eyes narrowed. “I think I understand. Like Josephine Baker.”
   Her heart leapt at the mention of the celebrated dancer. The life and career of the “Black Pearl” had been her inspiration and guide ever since Chantal had seen a black and white rendering of Baker performing her famous “Banana Dance” at the Folies Bergère in Paris. Josephine Baker was one of the great pioneers of dance. No matter what discipline you did, in part, you had her to thank for bringing the enjoyment of dance to millions. And this man knew who she was. Maybe he did understand.
   “Yes.” She gazed at him thoughtfully. “My dancing’s a bit tamer than hers, but her life…how she fought for the right to dance her way. The freedom of expression she had. I want that for myself.”
   “Then will you allow me to help you get it?”
   Chantal swallowed hard. “H-How?”
   He leaned back, obviously satisfied with her response. “I said before I could help you work at any club you wish, your talent is that great and my reach that far. And, if after this conversation is over, you choose not to accept my proposition, I will still do that. You deserve a better stage than this.”
   She felt faint again. Either way, Lì Yeung walking through that door would change her life. “Thank you.”
   “But, as I also said, I want to help you do more than dance. I want to help make your dream come true. And if your dream is to become a legend…a modern Josephine Baker, than that is what I’ll do.”


Pretty good, right?  Can you tell a few of my hopes and dreams (as well as many others I'll bet) are in this story?  LOL  I hope you liked it.  Don't forget to leave a comment for me.  Remember, each comment you do puts you in the overall contest for the Macau goodie basket (worth $25 US)

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loves2read said...

Dance has always been something that I've enjoyed. I, myself, cannot dance worth anything but I love going to the ballet and watching the shows on Broadway. It makes me wish that my parents could have afforded to give me dance lessons.

CJ England said...

I danced a bit when I was in college. I just didn't have the drive to push it further.

So I take care of my need to dance by doing it for exercise. I've lost almost 30 pounds over the last year kicking up my heels!

Shaiha said...

Wow! I wish that I had had Mr Young walk thru my door. My dream was always to be a Vet but I couldn't afford the schooling. Now that I can, my body wouldn't allow it.

CJ England said...

Wanting to dream a little is why I write. I think all of us would like to have Mr. Yeung walk in and change our lives.

Chantal is lucky enough to be the heroine who gets him. LOL