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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hustle Into Love - Chapter One Part Four

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Here is your Tuesday installment of our great story. The scene is set, our characters have met, so what do you think will happen now?

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Hustle Into Love

   When he turned his back to lead her out of the customs area, Chantal patted her heart and blew out a quick breath. She was irritated her orders hadn’t been followed, but even more troubling was the rush of heat that had hit her when she’d met her assistant-to-be for the first time.
   She’d never been one to go for Asian men, even though she was as close to Lì as a sister. She’d met dozens of the breed, all good friends of her adopted brother, but they just didn’t turn her on. Yet one look at her new assistant, and she’d had to reverse that opinion.
   He was taller than most Asians and very lean and fit. It was obvious he cared about his body, and Chantal was enough of an athlete to appreciate that. She wondered idly how he’d look in work sweats and a T-shirt. If he moved as good as he looked, she’d love to do a dance number or two with him. 
   And he wore that charcoal Armani suit well, though—she frowned for a moment—she wasn’t sure how he could afford one on the salary he was paid.
   But it was his face that made her take a second look. He was really gorgeous. But in a completely unique way. She’d been around a lot of attractive guys in her profession, both gay and straight, but there was something different. Something distinctive about her assistant.
   His hair was so black it had shimmering blue tints to it, and it was slightly mussed, like he’d run an impatient hand through it. She had to admit she liked that little imperfection. His face wasn’t classically handsome, in all honesty he looked more dangerous than good-looking. But it was a good dangerous. The kind of man she always wound up looking at twice. And his slightly tilted eyes—eyes that made a woman’s heart beat faster—they were a mysterious deep ebony set below equally dark sculptured brows. She patted her heart again.
   His skin was a light golden brown, paler than Lì’s, but with the black of his hair and eyes, the contrast was striking. His nose was definitely aristocratic which was interesting for an Asian, and the five o’clock shadow on his chin was another flaw that made her smile. And his full sensual lips? Well, those just made her want to bite him.
   Which was really unfortunate since she was his boss.
   “I suppose you really like your job,” she said wistfully.
   He glanced at her over his shoulder and one of those dangerous eyebrows winged up in surprise. “Are you firing me already?”
   She shrugged. It would be the only way she’d ever find out what he tasted like. Chantal had a strict policy. No dating co-workers. Period. She never had and she never would. And she’d never even consider touching a subordinate. That was just asking for trouble. Even in Macau. Staring at his delightfully nice ass as he pushed open the outer door, she bit back a gusty sigh. “No. Damn it.”
   “I thank you for your restraint,” he said dryly.
   Chantal narrowed her eyes at his back. He sure didn’t act like any assistant she’d ever met before. And he was definitely different from his emails. In those he’d always been so deferential, a very Chinese trait, but one that often irritated her. He certainly wasn’t that way in real life. Which, she had to admit to herself, was a breath of fresh air. Maybe they would get along okay.
   If she could get him to follow her orders from now on.
   She watched silently as in fluent Cantonese, he ordered the porters to load up the taxi. It was obvious he was used to giving commands and having them followed. Too bad he didn’t know how to do it himself.
   He glanced back at her. “What hotel are you staying at?”
   She handed the taxi driver her carry-on. “The Venetian.”
   His whole face darkened as if she’d somehow offended him. But he only turned and gave her destination to the driver.
   “What other languages do you speak?” she asked, curious about this man who would be such an important part of fixing Lì’s casino. “Other than your native Cantonese and English?”
   He stepped back and stood next to her, yet kept a weather eye on the loading of the van. “I speak Mandarin, Italian, French and some German, Ms. Montgomery.”
   She was impressed. “Did you learn all that in school?”
   His lips curved into his first real smile, and Chantal felt the jolt all the way to her toes. Okay, this man didn’t only look dangerous.
   “In school and in business. I make it a policy to learn all I can.” He opened the door and gave an almost mocking bow. “Your chariot awaits.”
   She slid in the backseat. “If that’s so,” she said quickly, snatching at the opportunity he presented, “why didn’t you follow my orders and let me find my own way to my hotel? As I requested. You seem too intelligent to pull a bonehead move like that.”
   Those sexy lips narrowed as he slid in next to her and let the door shut behind him. “I assure you, it will not be a mistake I make again.”
   “That’s all very well and good. But you still haven’t answered my question. Why do it in the first place?”
   He turned and looked at her, and the intensity in his eyes made her bones go weak. She was abruptly glad she was sitting down.
   “I wanted to have a look at you.”
   Chantal blinked. “Excuse me?”
   “Lì is always saying such wonderful things about you, I was curious.” He shrugged. “I knew you didn’t want to be met, but I decided to come anyway.”
   She chewed on that for a moment. “So you went against a direct order because you were curious?”
   He inclined his head, his gaze never leaving hers. Her heart stuttered to a stop and she had to force herself to take a breath. Was that desire she saw in his eyes? Abruptly, her mouth was as dry as sand. She had to clear it twice before she could speak.
   “W-While I appreciate curiosity, I really do, if we want to work together, you’ll have to put a halt to that kind of impulse. Agreed?”
   His eyes crinkled into another smile as he bowed his head again. “I think I can manage to curb my impulses.”
   Oh, hell, Chantal thought as she struggled to keep her face from revealing her thoughts. This wasn’t good at all. Of all the men on the planet, she had to get the hots for her assistant?
   “As you can see,” he said smoothly as if he didn’t notice her inner battle. “I can be taught.”
   She gulped. The things she’d like to teach him danced in her mind and made her whole body tremble. While she wasn’t a virgin, she could count the relationships she’d had on one hand. Lì said she was waiting for the perfect man, but Chantal knew she’d just never had the time to get close to someone. But to have her long dormant hormones start doing their own strip tease over her new assistant? Talk about bonehead stupid. She’d have to call Lì and see if Cái could be transferred elsewhere.
   And that, for some reason, made her want to cry.


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Ashley L said...

More! Give me more! PLEASE! Interesting to note that Mace hasn't said anything yet about the little mix-up. But love that the hormones are already sizzling in both. Can't wait for Thursday!

Mannouchka said...

Dear CJ
I really enjoy reading all your free this one is very good.
I hope you don't have a headache you should put a bambou plate that can help.Have a nice week and good continuation on your writting .

Phylis said...

Happy Dance! These will help me get through my 8 day stretch!

CJ England said...

Hey Ashley,

Thanks so much. I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

Just like a guy, Mace isn't much good at communication. LOL We'll see if Chantal wises him up.

CJ England said...

Hey Mannouchka,

It's good to hear from you. As always, I'm pleased you like my work.

Thanks for the idea for my headache. I will surely give it a try.

CJ England said...


*grin* Always glad to be of service.