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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Two, Part One

 Hey all,

So were you surprised?  Did you see it coming?  LOL  I know Chantal didn't.  But I've got a feeling she'll settle the score when the time is right.

So let's see what the two of them are up to today, shall we?  Enjoy and don't forget to comment!!!

Hustle Into Love

Chapter Two

   So that was baby brother.
   Chantal fell backwards onto the luxurious king-sized bed in her hotel room and stared up at the ceiling. After she and Lì had first begun working with each other, she’d worked hard to convince her new friend he should get to know his younger sibling. Lì had been hesitant, saying he didn’t want to intrude…that he wasn’t really family. His mother and brother had their own life and didn’t need him.
   But she hadn’t bought it. She’d seen the lonely wistfulness in Lì’s eyes when he spoke of his mother and the brother he’d met only once before. So she’d argued and pleaded and cajoled until Lì arranged a meeting with his brother just to shut Chantal up.
   Her nagging had been worth it. When Lì returned from his first trip to visit Mace D'Avranches, the light in his eyes as he spoke of the younger man made Chantal smile. And as the years went by, the bond between the two men grew stronger.
   She’d always been curious about Mace, but for some reason they’d never met. Even when she’d gone to England to be introduced to Lì’s mother, baby brother hadn’t made an appearance. Apparently he was too busy with his work in London to take the time to travel back to the family estate in his hometown of Chester. And each time thereafter when she and Lì would travel to England either for a performance or just to visit his relatives, Mace hadn’t shown his face. So until now, Chantal  had never had the pleasure of baby brother’s company.
   Of course he wasn’t baby anything to her. If she remembered correctly, he was almost five years her senior. But at thirty-three, he looked a lot younger. One of the perks of his mixed bloodline. A lot of Asian’s had baby faces.
   She rolled over on her stomach and stared out the window at the neon lights racing madly over the City of Dreams hotel opposite of her. She wondered if Mace knew it had been her that brought him and Lì together. After all, if she hadn’t hounded Lì to meet him, Mace wouldn’t be in Macau now. A smirk twisted her full lips.
   In a way she’d gotten him his job.
   Cheered by that unassailable fact, she kicked off her shoes and stretched her tired body. A bath, room service and bed. That was her exciting plan for the night.
   As she ran the bath, she couldn’t help but think more about the man she’d just parted from. He had infuriated her by pretending to be her assistant, but after a few moments of stomping and cursing outside the hotel, the humor of the situation took hold and she’d laughed as hard as she’d cursed.
   It had been a perfect set up, and she’d walked right into it with her assumption he was her assistant. He’d played her good, but Mace D'Avranches would soon learn Chantal Montgomery always got back her own.
   He’d never see it coming.
    Grabbing one of the hotel’s fluffy robes from the wardrobe, she hung it on the bathroom door then pulled off the sapphire jumpsuit she’d spent the last twenty hours in. A moment later she was up to her chin in bubbles, groaning in delight at the warmth of the water.
   “Now this is the life,” she sighed. “And even a cocky temporary casino boss can’t stop me from doing what I came here to do.”
   As she soaped her hair with some of Lì’s Forever Young shampoo, she went over what she knew about Mace. Since his father had ties to the aristocracy—he was a descendant of the famous Earls of Chester—he’d been educated as a gentleman. He’d gone to Eaton as a teenager then graduated with honors in business administration from Oxford.
   But then, instead of going straight into partnership with his father as was expected, Mace had done a stint in the military. Lì was particularly proud of the fact his baby brother had served his country. And in that, as he’d done in the rest of his endeavors, Mace had excelled, and when he’d finally left the military, he’d had a file of commendations to his credit.
   He’d gone from commanding men in the Royal Air Force to giving orders in the boardroom. As his father’s only son, he was the obvious heir apparent and according to Lì’s glowing reports, Mace hadn’t let anyone down. After a year of working under his father, he’d slowly taken the reins until he was the CEO of the entire D'Avranches conglomeration.
   Chantal frowned as she scrubbed her toes. So why give that all up to come over to Macau and play casino boss? Why fool around pretending to be her assistant? Did he have some other agenda, or—she softened at the thought—did baby brother love Lì so much he’d put everything on hold to help him out just as she’d done herself?
   She sighed and squirted some jasmine scented soap on her shoulders. She had to admit she’d been a little jealous of Lì’s obvious affection for Mace. Lì was such an essential part of her life, she hated sharing him—even with someone who was so obviously important to him. When Lì had gone on and on about baby brother’s latest triumph, there’d been times she almost hated Mace.
   Maybe that was why they’d never really met. Maybe she’d been so jealous she’d ignored the opportunity, unwilling to meet the man who Lì talked so incessantly about. For several years she’d had Lì all to herself, and she’d blossomed under his care and loving generosity. Was she so shallow that she couldn’t begrudge her honorary adopted brother that same joy?
   Groaning at her own selfishness, she ran the washcloth over her full breasts. The funny thing was she’d figured some of this out in Paris. And she’d been determined ignore her fears and meet the brother who gave Lì such joy. Well, now she had, and he hadn’t been anything like she’d expected.  Chantal leaned back in the tub and smiled. 
   But baby brother or not, he still had a most excellent ass.


Well, whatcha think?  Now we know a little more about Mace's background.  I wonder what Thursday will hold?  Until then, don't forget to check out my Chat Blog and see what other things are racing around in my head!

See you on Thursday!

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Shaiha said...

Since Mace is the baby brother of her adopted brother, wouldn't it be incest when they get together?

Ashley L said...

I find it funny that she thinks of him as baby brother. Oh, I cannot wait until she gets him back though, and you know it will be good too. Interesting though that he's playing casino boss when he's the CEO of a conglomerate. Guess I'll just have to wait and see to find out what's next.

Carrie said...

baby brother? yeha right no t with her thinking that last line. I like it

CJ England said...


LOL Too funny. In reality, she just thinks of Li as her adopted big bro, but I'll make that clearer later.

And even if so, it wouldn't be incest. Blood ties have to be involved.

CJ England said...


Yup...you will. I tell you what's up with Mace's motives a bit later.

And I'm thinking up a particularly evil revenge for Chantal later on.


CJ England said...


Thanks, I'm glad you liked the parting shot.

I admit it. Since I'm an ass girl, all my heroes have truly excellent asses. LOL

Phylis said...

Excellent!!! Can't wait till tomorrow's installment!

CJ England said...

*grin* Phylis,

I can always count on you! LOL