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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Four, Part Three

Hey all,

It's the week before Christmas and all through the blog, Chantal and Mace are locking lips, they're going whole hog...

I know...that was horrible.  But it's true.  They've finally kissed.  So how far will they take it?  Find out below!  And enjoy!

Hustle Into Love


Every bit of resistance Chantal might have felt leaked out her ears to puddle at her feet the moment Mace’s lips touched hers. She knew she should push away. Punch him or kick him in the balls. Damn it, he’d just finished telling her he thought she’d slept her way to success. Letting him kiss her was the stupidest thing she’d done in a very long time. But pushing him away was almost an impossibility. It just felt too good.

Baby brother sure knew how to kiss.

She’s been kissed before, of course. By sweaty-handed dancers, playboys and princes. By rich men and poor. By men she could care about and those she just liked. She’d even once been kissed by a flinty-eyed sheik who’d wanted to trade some camels for a lifetime of her company.

But never…ever had a single kiss made her mind stutter to a complete and total stop. And she couldn’t, in all her adult life, think of a time her panties went wet just at a man’s taste.

His lips weren’t tentative. No testing the waters for Mace D'Avranches. He plundered her mouth as if he had every right. Like he’d done it a thousand times before. While that sort of arrogance should have infuriated her, for some reason it did the opposite. For the first time in her life, Chantal wanted to give up all control. To surrender everything she was to a man.

To Mace.

It should have scared her, that melting trembly feeling short-circuiting her brain, but instead she welcomed it, instinctively knowing she was exactly where she was supposed to be. She’d waited her whole life to feel this way. To care about a man like this. Her hands went up to grab his hair, and she stood on tiptoes to hold him closer. He froze for a moment then shuddered and whispered her name. It was easy to feel his surprise, relief and then pleasure at her response. He kissed her even harder, his deep groan fueling the heat burning in her belly.

If possible, her panties went even wetter at the knowledge she turned him on so much. She kissed him back, her tongue dancing with his, touching and teasing him in return. It was a passionate duel as they both strained for control, all the while learning the desires of the other. Gone were the thoughts of pushing him away. Forgotten for the moment was the pain and anger of misunderstanding. Now all she wanted was to be as close to him as possible. All she needed was to have his delicious mouth on hers again and again and again.

She heard him mutter her name and then one arm banded around her waist to pull her tighter against him. She gasped when she felt his cock, thick and hard and throbbing against her stomach. The trembling grew stronger until she could barely stand up. Never had desire taken over her so completely. A part of her was shocked she could feel this way after just one kiss. 

As if he knew her dilemma, he lifted her, sitting her almost roughly on the desk behind them. Still kissing her, he pushed between her thighs, jerking her lower body close to his. The feel of his erection sliding against her spandex-covered mound made her shiver with longing and desire.

“I want you,” he growled softly. “Damn it, I’ve wanted you for years.”

At his muttered words, her heart melted along with the rest of her. Suddenly it made sense why he’d been so angry and hateful. Why the thought of her and Lì had bothered him so much. Maybe even why he’d stayed away from her in the past.

He was jealous.

So maybe what they were feeling was more than simple sexual attraction. The idea made her smile, but her grin was quickly wiped away when Mace’s hand reached under her crop top to fondle her breast. Her mind emptied again, and she moaned in delighted passion. Arching closer, she almost whimpered when he pulled away the sports bra she wore and his fingers encircled her nipple. Her cry of surprise made him jump, but again he covered her lips with his own and swallowed any other sound she made.

And she couldn’t be quiet. His fabric-covered cock rubbed against her clit in the same rhythm his tongue used in her mouth. With his fingers rubbing and plucking at her nipples, she went to flashpoint in seconds. All she could do was clutch him tighter and hold on for the ride.

His lips left hers and trailed down her slim throat sparking nerve endings she didn’t even know she had. For a moment sanity fought for purchase. What the hell was she doing? She was furious with Mace, wasn’t she? No matter what they might have together in the future. So why in God’s name was she letting him make love to her on her desk?

But before she could talk herself into being sensible, he pushed her tank up out of the way, and his talented mouth traced over her breasts. Any thought of stopping drained away when he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked.

Stars exploded behind her eyes. Her muscles screamed with tension as her insides slowly and inexorably unraveled. It was like being hung over an abyss. Being caught at the edge of a cliff. You couldn’t see what might be coming at you, but you knew it didn’t matter.

As long as you were able to go along for the ride.

“Let go,” he growled hoarsely, tugging at her sensitive nipple with his lips. “Don’t think about anything else. Just think about this. What we’re feeling right now. This single moment in time. That’s all that matters. Just let go and come for me.”

Instead of sending her flying into climax as he intended, Mace’s words had the effect of a cold bucket of water in the face. Chantal froze in his arms. This was all that mattered? A quick fuck in the office? 

Anguish shot through her chasing away most of the desire. Reality came rushing back and with it a combination of anger and shame. What had she done? What had she almost let him do?

Putting her hands on his strong shoulders, she pushed him hard, sending him reeling back against the wall. Jerking down her top, she slid to the floor, brushing away the tears that had suddenly pooled in her eyes. She’d been a fool. Letting him get to her that way. Stupid.

One kiss and she’d been thinking of forever, but for Mace it was all about getting his rocks off. He wanted her body…not her. And that was something she refused to accept from anyone. Even him. Especially not now. Not with what she was beginning to feel for him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Mace snarled, shaking his head. The frustration on his face was apparent. “I didn’t think you were a tease.”

“I’m not a tease.” She was so confused and hurt and angry she wanted to cry. “And maybe I shouldn’t have let it go so far. But I’m not someone you can have a ten minute fuck with and then walk away from. When I have sex with a man I want it to mean something.”

“Ten minute fuck?” He swore under his breath. “Mean something? If you’d have let me finish what I was doing, it would have taken a hell of a lot longer than ten minutes, and it would have meant something for both of us.”

She ignored the single tear that traced down her cheek. “I heard you, Mace. This one moment in time. That’s all it would mean to you.”

“God damn it, Chantal—” he stepped closer to her and shook his head, “—that’s not what I—”

“One-night stands,” she interrupted him, “aren’t in my vocabulary, no matter what time of day it is.”

He only glared at her, but she thought she saw confusion along with the anger. “Just what word is in your vocabulary then?

Coitus interruptus." She tossed her head.  "It’s my new word for the day.”


So, whatcha think?  I know I was surprised with what the characters had me write.  I'd expected Chantal to pound on him a little bit longer.  Or maybe a quick kiss and nothing more.  But this was a little heavier than I was prepared for.  And it makes me wonder what they'll do next.  Obviously, they aren't following any script I had thought of.

I've lost control!  LOL

But we'll see what happens on Thursday.  How will Mace deal with this latest misunderstanding?

Hugs to all,
CJ England

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Lizzie said...

Goodness girl, you sure know how to heat up the morning!

CJ England said...

LOL, Lizzie.

I do my best. It's cold outside. Need all the help we can get!

Carrie said...

Its nice and hot in here now.

CJ England said...

*grin* Thanks Carrie. I'm glad I could help out with the heat. LOL

And I think they're just warming up.

Phylis said...

Whew!!! Need a fan! Wow that was hot! I love how Mace and Chantal are telling you how the story is supposed to go. I think they have it right! Looking forward to Thursday!!!!!

CJ England said...



They do seem to have their own minds about this whole thing. LOL