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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Five, Part Four

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It's Thursday and that means another installment.  Will they or won't they?  They seem to have buried the hatchet, but will it lead to sex or something even more special.  Find out today.  And Enjoy!!!! 

Hustle Into Love


For Mace it was as if he’d slipped back into Heaven again.  Chantal’s lips were as delicious as they were the first time he’d tasted them.  And this time he didn’t have to worry about being pushed away.  This time he knew she wanted the kiss as much as he did.  And since their entire future might rest on this one moment in time, he knew he had to make sure he gave it his best.
Not that it was difficult.  He couldn’t remember ever wanting to kiss a woman more than he wanted to kiss Chantal.  She was pliant and willing, and her tongue danced with his as they strained to get closer to each other.  And he knew in that instant that when they finally made love—his pants grew tighter just thinking about it—it would be the most remarkable thing he’d ever experience.
But for now, he knew he couldn’t push her too far.  She’d made it plain she wanted to take it slow.  So he set out to seduce…to charm…to make her understand they were meant to be together.
His lips moved enticingly over hers, nibbling and sucking as he held her tightly.  He forced himself to keep his hands still, even though he wanted to fill them with her soft flesh more than he wanted to breath.  Now was the time to show her he could be trusted.  With her body and maybe someday, even with her heart.
He caught her lower lip between his teeth and his lust soared when she gasped and trembled like a leaf caught in a windstorm.  Unable to do anything else, he dove back in for a deeper kiss, exploring her mouth, learning every taste and desire she held secret.  He swore to himself when they were done, she would never forget this first real kiss between them.
Yet when her arms wrapped around him and she pressed herself closer, all his good intentions fled without a moment’s remorse.  God!  He wanted her so badly his whole body ached.  When he thought of all the time he’d wasted due to his stupidity, he wanted to kick his own ass.
Firmly, he pushed those thoughts away. She was here, in his arms, as she was always meant to be.  He didn’t know why he was so sure they were destined to belong together, but he was.  Ever since he’d looked into those golden eyes he’d been doomed.  And it had only been his love for his older brother that kept him from doing the unthinkable.  Stealing her away.
But that had all been a lie, and the truth was sitting right beside him with her breasts pressed against his hard chest and her mouth fervently seeking his.  If Chantal was everything he was beginning to think she was, there was no way he was going to go back to the way it was before.
He would never be able to let her go.
The thought was so surprising, he jerked away from her.  They both stared at each other, panting.  Chantal’s eyes were so brilliant he was almost blinded by them, but before he could say anything, she grabbed his hair, pulled him close and kissed him again.
This time the kiss was filled with all the heat and longing they both felt for each other.  Chantal’s mouth was open and wet and he dove in deeply, devouring her in every way he knew how.
How long that kiss went on, he wasn’t sure, but his body was aching so badly, he knew he would either have to stop or toss her across the piano and put the fire out that blazed so hot between them.
And when her hand traced down to cup his ass, his head nearly blew off.  Tearing his mouth from hers, he held her close, and fought back the primitive need to make her his own.  “Just…a …second,” he managed.  “Have to…stop…or I…won’t.”
She trembled in his arms.  “I...wow…oh, God.”
Mace took a deep breath.  “Guess we’ll have to be…more careful than I thought.”  He shook his head in wonder.  “Lady, you sure know how to send a guy to the moon.”
Chantal laughed shakily.  “Never been to the moon before, but I think if we kissed again, we might go on a one way trip.”
He gritted his teeth as her words sent the desire skyrocketing again.  “That’s not helping.”
“Ummm…sorry again?”
She giggled.  “I admit it.  I enjoyed every moment.  But we’re going to have to be careful.  One touch and we spontaneously combust.”
He groaned as his cock went even stiffer.  “I think you should stop talking now.”
Pulling back, she touched his cheek.  “It’s just as hard on me, you know.”
Grabbing her hand, he dragged it down to his crotch.  “Hard?  I’ll give you hard.  This is what you do to me.”
Her pupils dilated with arousal as her fingers curled around his rigid penis.  “Mace,” she whispered.  “I do want you.”
He heard the hesitation.  “But you aren’t ready yet.”
“I want to be more to you than just a face and a body,” she admitted quietly.
Anger speared through him.  “Damn it.  That’s not fair.  I do think you’re more than what I see.  I may have been a fool about some things, but not about that.”
 “Maybe.”  She bit her lip.  “But I don’t think you know me well enough to see past either of those.  To see the real me.  And I want you to.  More than I can say.”
Mace wanted to argue with her, but he couldn’t.  A part of him wondered if she wasn’t right.  Christ, they hadn’t spent any real time together, other than when they’d been at each other’s throats, and while he knew they’d be great together in bed, he was beginning to realize that wasn’t all that was important.  To her and to his surprise…
To him.
So instead of arguing, he nodded his head.  “I agree.”  Pulling her hand out of his lap, he nibbled on her fingertips.  “I think we should get to know each other better.  I have a feeling you’ll make it up to me later.”
She gulped.  “If you keep doing that...”
An unholy grin lit Mace’s sensuous lips.  “I love hearing your voice get all shaky.  I wonder which one of us will give in first.”
“Mace!  I mean what I say.  I want us to get to know each other.”
“I know.  And we will.”  He bent and brushed his lips over hers.  “But I look forward to you changing your mind.”
As if worried she was too close to doing just that, Chantal pushed away from him and quickly stood.  “You want to get to know me?”
He lifted a brow.  “I said I did.”
She smiled flirtatiously at him. “Then dance with me.”
His heart did a quick flip in his chest.  He rubbed at it unthinkingly.  “Dance with you?”
Chantal nodded and walking over to her boombox, turned it on.  The sound of James Ingram’s, This is Love, filled the room.  “Yes.  Dance with me.  The first time I saw you, I thought you moved well.  I knew you’d be a great partner.”
Mace stood and his eyes twinkled with merriment.  “You know they say if you dance well together, then making love would be even more outstanding.”
“You’ve got a one track mind.”  Her cheeks went pink, but she only held out her hand.  “Maybe.  Unless you can’t dance at all.”
He laughed and surprised her by taking her hand and sweeping her into a beautiful waltz.  “Honey, I had the D'Avranches name to live up to.  My grandmother made sure I knew every dance there was.” 
She brushed a kiss across his chin.  “Then show me, Mace.  Let’s see if we dance together as well as I think we will.”
It was an audition and he knew it.  And he had no intention of blowing it.  This was the most important part of Chantal’s life, and if he were to have any chance  at all  with her, he’d have to show he understood that.  
So, holding her close, he set out to impress.


*Sigh* I really like these two.  They seem to be getting it right now.  They've told me where they are going and I'm really glad I gave them their head.  We'll see if you like it as much as I do.

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Chele Blades said...

still loving the free read...mace & chantal will make an explosive couple

Ashley L said...

(sigh) That was beautiful, even the hot kiss part. Maybe they will get it right. I can't wait to see all the fireworks though!

SharonJM said...

I'm glad that Chantel had Mace dance with her. Dancing is her life and I think that dance will help the dance of love.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Chele,

I keep wondering how they are going to get from point A to point B. LOL

But I'm loving it too.

CJ England said...


Me either. I just wish I could tell you how it's gonna happen. LOL

CJ England said...


Yeah, me too. As soon as it started going that way, I knew how right it was. Like you said, if they aren't compatible in this, I'm not sure they'd be in anything else.

Phylis said...

Beautiful! They are so good together. If they aren't careful the dance could lead to a dance they are trying to avoid! :)

Mannouchka said...

Dear Cj,

I really enjoy reading this chapter it's so interesting and passionate .
Wish you a wonderful week-end

CJ England said...


You got that right. I can't wait until they explode together.

CJ England said...


Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Hope your weekend is also wonderful.