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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Ten, Part Two

Hey all,

So just where is Chantal while Mace is fighting for his life?  Let's find out.  Enjoy!!!!

Hustle Into Love


* * * * *

First, she was going to strangle him. Then, she was going to rip off his arms and stuff them down his throat. And if he were still alive when she finished with those oh-so-satisfying actions, she would kick his ass from Macau all the way back to England.

Chantal was livid. Beyond furious. The fact that both Mace and Eric had ganged up on her just made it that much worse. She couldn’t believe they’d done it. Treated her like a child. Forced her to do what they wanted. By God, it would be the last time Mace ever did that again. If he thought he could make love with her and then treat her so shabbily, he had another thing coming. She gave a snarl that made one of the emergency workers glance at her worriedly before quickly tiptoeing away.

Her eyes flared again as she fought back remembered mortification. She’d fought like a tiger, screaming and cursing so loudly, Eric had been forced to toss her over his shoulder to keep her under control. As they’d made their way down to the lobby, she’d turned the air blue with her threats. But to no avail. They both ignored her. And to top it all off, when they got downstairs, just before they’d separated—Mace to go inside the casino, Chantal and Eric to head for safety—Mace had kissed her hard on the mouth, then patted her butt and told her to be a good girl.

He was a dead man.

Yet Mace hadn’t gotten it all his way. Once they were away from her lover’s commanding presence, Eric hadn’t been able to maintain his ridiculous tough guy attitude. She’d convinced him that she’d be safe outside, across the street with the emergency workers and the rest of the guests and staff. But no amount of threats—even firing him, had changed Eric’s mind completely. He wouldn’t let her go back inside, even going so far to toss her back over his shoulder again when she tried.

And, since he’d been fired at the time, he told her he didn’t have to take her orders anyway.

She’d fumed and shouted then begged and cajoled, but Eric only shook his head stubbornly. Chantal had thought seriously about kicking him and running, but she’d seen her bodyguard in action. 

He was faster than she was.

So, she used another weapon in her woman’s arsenal. The silent treatment. As she stomped around, demanding solutions from officials who didn’t have answers, he trailed behind her miserably, trying to explain how dangerous going after Mace was. But she ignored him, spending her time inwardly listing all the ways she was going to make them both pay for their dastardly treatment of her.

“Madam? Are you all right?”

Chantal forced back her bubbling temper as she turned to look at Cái. Her assistant stood with the rest of her dance troupe, his dark eyes filled with shock and fear. Her eyes narrowed when she saw he had tiny Dié’s hand in his. When had that happened, she wondered briefly. She shook it off. “I’m fine. And you all?”

She got nods and murmured, “I’m fines” in response. “Good.” She glanced back at the casino and tapped her foot. “I hope all of us are.”

“Where is Mr. D'Avranches?” Bryan wanted to know.

Her stomach clenched. “Inside. He’s doing a last walk through to make sure no one else is in there.”

“Inside?” Cái’s face went ashen. “But there is a bomb in there.”

“I know there’s a bomb,” she snarled, unable to keep her worries to herself. “Damn man thinks he’s a hero.”

“Do not worry, Madame,” Dié whispered, and to Chantal’s surprise, patted her hand. “Mr. D’Avranches is a good man. A smart man. He will be careful. Nothing will happen to him.”

“I hope not,” Chantal said fervently, “because I want him safe and alive when I kill him.”

Her troupe barely blinked at the threat. It was obvious they were used to her sudden flare ups.

“Only a few left inside.” Eric’s voice came from behind her and she stiffened. She still wasn’t talking to him. “Looks like they’re roping off the area in front of the casino. Reminds me of that time we were in New Dehli and you were performing for that Rana dude who thought he was still ruling the country. They had a bomb scare at the theater there, too. But it turned out to be a hoax.”

Dié wrinkled her nose. “What is this…hoax?”

Eric looked down at the small woman and blushed. Chantal rolled her eyes. It was like watching Beauty and the very irritating, soon to be dead if she had anything to do with it, Beast. When he cleared his throat, obviously tongue-tied over Dié’s petite loveliness, she sighed.

“It means it was fake, Dié. The threat turned out to be nothing. Just some kids making noise against an outsider dancing for an aging ex-royal.”

“It was scary, though.” Eric nodded. “Just like this is. And dangerous.”

“If it’s so dangerous—” she whirled on him, her hands on hips, “—why is Mace in there?”

“He’s the boss, Princess.” Her bodyguard looked uneasily between Chantal and the casino. “He’s responsible for the place and needs to know everyone is out. If someone got left behind, how do you think he’d feel?”

Chantal bit back more scathing words. It was hard to argue when she knew Eric was right. Mace felt too much…carried more responsibility than he needed to. The fact irritated her as much as she admired him for it.

“All we can do is wait,” she said instead, tamping the temper and fear down hard. “But maybe we can do some good while we’re waiting. Look around you. The guests are more scared than we are. Why don’t we all try to mingle a little? Give them the personal touch. Assure them The Golden Tiger will open back up as soon as everything is dealt with.” She gazed over at the casino and thought of the man who had her heart tied in knots. “We can’t help inside, but we can make a difference out here.”

It gave them all something to do and she knew it was better than standing around and waiting for whatever was going to happen. And as Chantal moved through the crowd, smiling and gently calming fears she was unaware of the murmurs and glances that followed her as closely as her faithful bodyguard.

But the Amber Princess was news no matter where she was and Chantal, in her well-worn jeans and T-shirt snug from too many washings didn’t disappoint. Her temper spent—for the moment—she did what she did best.

She entertained.

If she could have figure out how, she would have done an impromptu dance, just to keep everyone’s mind off the drama across the street. But not only wasn’t her heart in it, she didn’t think it appropriate when lives could still be in danger. So instead, she talked and made small jokes with everyone she came in contact with. She clucked babies on the chin, wondering briefly what a child of hers and Mace’s would look like? Would he have her golden eyes and Mace’s dark hair? Mace’s sexy smile and her stubborn chin? Her eyes moistened and she fought back tears. Why hadn’t he come out yet?

She turned back to Eric so fast, he retreated and then grinned ruefully. “Thought you were going to belt me.”

“I don’t want to scare the kids,” she retorted. She glanced over at The Golden Tiger. “How long has he been in there?”

“Don’t worry, Princess.” Eric tried to soothe. “It’s only been about forty-five minutes. He should be out any sec—”

The muffled boom sent car alarms shrieking and dogs howling. The whole outside of Lì’s complex shuddered as if it had taken a mighty blow. As everyone watched, a single tall palm tree shivered and toppled to the ground. Chantal’s blood went cold, and a scream welled up in her throat when she saw a plume of smoke drift lazily into the sky above the casino side of the hotel.

“Oh my, God,” she whispered, all her fears coming true, “Mace.”


Well, so now we know what Chantal's been up to.  And I hope she gets over her mad before too long, or Mace's demise might be two-fold.  

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Phylis said...

I forgot today was Thursday's free read! lol I was so into trying to figure out how to get everything done today it suprised me when it came up! A good suprise! But oh now we have to wait till Tuesday to find out if Mace is ok!!! ARG!

CJ England said...


I'm glad it was a good surprise for you. And Tuesday will come...it's only five days. A measly five. LOL

Carrie said...

So it looks like Chantal knows Mace rally well now. hoepfully she won't kill him thenext time she seees him. can't wait to see tuesdays part.

Mannouchka said...

Hi Cj,
Today I am able to write early and I really enjoy this entry and I hope Mace is oke but Chantal is not going to be happy .I am waiting for Tuesday and congradualation to the winner
Have a wonderful week-end and hope your dear husband fell better sent my best regards to him.
And Good work as always Cj,

SharonJM said...

We all know that Chantel loves Mace, I just hope that when he is better, she won't hurt him too bad. And I'm glad that Eric is there for her.
OBTW, cliff hanger queen, just wanted you to know that I didn't forget (LOL).

Ashley L said...

Oh no! We have to wait until Tuesday to find out if Mace is okay!? Well, at least we know what Chantal was up to and her reaction to Mace and Eric's high-handedness. Good job on her part for mingling and trying to calm the guests. I wonder if Li will come join the party now that his casino's been bombed. Hmm... guess we'll just have to wait and see!