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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Eleven, Part Four

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Hustle Into Love


Tears trickled down Chantal’s cheeks at the softly spoken promise. Only Mace could make her melt with just a few chosen words. Only he could make her so weak with longing. Suddenly, she wanted him with a desperation that was painful. She loved him with a joy that threatened to explode her heart out of her chest.

And then he kissed her. 

There. Right on the tender bud that quivered with her need. A gentle kiss followed up by a slow, sultry lick that sent her pulse skittering and her legs quivering apart.

“Mace,” she gasped, holding his head so he couldn’t move. “More. Please. Give me more.”

He growled out her name. A low, sexy sound that reverberated against her thighs, sending more intense heat shooting through her. Then his mouth was on her most intimate spot. His tongue licked, caressed, twirled around her clit, making her writhe beneath him on the bed as the feelings spiraled higher and higher.

One of his hands moved up, and his fingertip slowly circled a nipple. Soon, his tongue and finger were moving exactly the same way. A gentle flick, a more potent pinch, followed by more tender caresses. Long, pleasurable minutes went by until she could barely take any more.

Chantal moaned and arched closer. She felt him shudder against her and then his hand slipped back down her body. Almost desperately, he grabbed her ass and lifted her up off the bed. At the same time, he took her clitoris between his lips and sucked.

She literally felt her eyes roll back in her head. Her arms and legs stiffened. Stars exploded and her body convulsed as her climax hurtled her up and over the edge of reasoning. She shouted out Mace’s name, but she wasn’t sure it actually left her lips. She couldn’t breathe, let alone scream. Everything in her world had been narrowed down to Mace’s lips and the feelings he wrought in her.

Her mind went blank as he sent her up and over again. Yet still, he didn’t stop. He used his fingers, his mouth, his teeth, his oh-so-talented tongue. Chantal lost count of the times she came. It could have been minutes or hours later when he finally gave her curls one last nuzzle and eased back up her body to kiss her lips.

She felt as if she was made of melted wax. Every single nerve ending was singing and dancing, yet she couldn’t even move. She was exhausted. She was enervated. She wanted to sleep for a week, and she wanted to do it all over again.

“I love you,” he whispered against her mouth. “I want you. Understand this, Chantal. I’m never going to let you go.”

And then he slipped inside her and it started all over again. His thrusts were slow and measured, as if he were possessing more than just her body. He moved deliberately, branding her with his touch. Showing her exactly what they could have together.

Slowly, he built the desire in her back up again. She’d thought she was done. Hadn’t expected to be able to climax again, but he was proving her wrong. She wanted him all over again, yet somehow she knew in her woman’s heart, this time it was different. They were making love, yes. But this was more. This was something she’d never experienced before.

“Mace,” she breathed out his name. Loving the sound of it, loving the feel of his body moving against and inside of hers. Everything about him was what she wanted. His strength. His honestly. His loyalty. Even his temper. She wanted him to look at her with love. She needed him to gaze at her with fire in his eyes. She longed to know his secrets and solve all the masculine mysteries that surrounded him. She blinked as the truth was suddenly made known to her.

He was her world.

A sob burst out of her as the realization sent her into an even more powerful orgasm. More important than her career….more necessary even than dancing…she now knew her love for Mace was more powerful, more essential, more fulfilling than anything she’d ever experienced before in her life. He might never want to let her go, but that was okay. 

She would never let him go either.

Her climax sent Mace into his own. His body stiffened and his eyes went wild. Control snapped and he plunged into her like a desperate man looking for redemption. His thrusts were deep, hard and oh-so-satisfying. She didn’t want him to ever stop, but eventually his body found what it had been seeking, and with a hoarse shout, he poured himself into her with such force she cried out in gratified response.

His heart pounded like a jackhammer against hers as he collapsed on top of her. She sighed and held him close, murmuring her love for him as she smoothed her hands up and down his sweat-slick back.

“I think I almost killed us,” he groaned after several long minutes had ticked by. “Christ, woman. What you do to me.”

Chantal felt remarkable peaceful, even after the heart-bursting realization of what she had felt. Mace was hers and she was his. That was what was important. All the other things in their universe would just have to get in line. “I don’t mind.” She sighed. “Let’s do it again.” 

A corner of his mouth turned up. “Can I have a few minutes first?”

She offered a heavy sigh. “If you must.”

He chuckled against her breasts. “Are you going to be this insatiable when you’re eighty?”

“Oh—” the thought made her smile dreamily, “—I certainly hope so.”

Mace rolled, taking her into his arms and keeping their bodies close together. “I can’t imagine ever getting tired of you. Not now, not when I’m a doddering old man.”

“Please.” She snorted out the word, glancing up at his contented face. “I’ve seen your father, remember. I know what you’re going to look like in forty years. And it won’t be doddering.”

He laughed. “I guess it’s nice having good genes.”

“I—” she murmured, running her hand down his thigh, “—kind of like what’s in them.”

“Damn it, woman,” Mace swore, amusement coloring his words, “you promised me a few minutes.”

She sighed again, but ruined the affect with a giggle. Mace’s chest shook with silent laughter beneath her cheek. “I love this, you know,” she said suddenly, tracing her fingers up his strong thigh.


Nodding, she kissed his shoulder. “This. Everything. The fact you can tease me into laughter as quickly as you can kiss me into wanting you. Hearing you say I love you to me with the same sincerity you say it to your family. Knowing you can call me a diva to stop me from being stupid—” she glanced at him from under her eyelashes, “—even though you know I hate that term.”

He shrugged. “It worked.”

“Yes.” She scrunched up her nose at him. “And I hate you were right. I was acting stupid. I know I’m not responsible for what happened, but oh, I do want to make them pay. In fact—”

Before she could say another word, Mace had her on her back and he was looming above her. A part of her admired the speed of his attack. The rest of her fought back irritation that he was stronger than she was and could force her to do his will. 


She blinked up at him. “No?”

Mace shook his head. “No. Whatever you’re thinking…whatever you’re planning, whatever you want to do, the answer is no.”

Chantal frowned. “You’re not the boss of me.”

“Oh, that’s mature.”

“It’s as mature as not even letting me say anything. Are you going to cover your ears next?”

He actually rolled his eyes. “Chantal, don’t be ridiculous.”

“You’ve already told me that once tonight.”

“And I’m saying it again. This isn’t something you need to worry about. It’s not your problem. We don’t need your help. Lì and I will handle it.”

That was exactly the wrong thing to say. The irritation she’d been feeling morphed into fury within seconds. With all her strength, she pushed him hard in the chest. He wasn’t expecting it, so he tumbled back and to her surprise went right off the side of the bed.

“How dare you?” she shouted, leaping to her feet and grabbing his robe from the end of the bed. “Not my problem? Are you insane? Now who’s being stupid?”

“Damn it, Chantal.” Mace got to his feet and rubbed his elbow where it had banged against the side of the bed. “It’s too dangerous. You know that. And I’m not going to allow you—”

“Allow me?” Her bellow of rage shook the entire room. “Allow me? Who the hell are you to think I need your permission to do anything?”

His eyes flashed a dark warning. “Don’t go there. We’ve already had this discussion—”

For a second time she cut him off. “You’re right. We have. But it wasn’t a discussion. When I disagreed you used force to get what you wanted. That was beyond wrong. I let it go because you were worried about me, but you were wrong then and you’re wrong now. And I’m not going to let you do it again.”


Oops!  I'd forgotten Chantal's temper.  Mace still hasn't learned he can't boss her around.  Will they come to a meeting of the minds?  Find out next week!

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Mannouchka said...

Dear Cj,

Woo woo very good work Chantal has her own mind and Mace forget that
woo I am waiting for next week the suspence.
I wish you a very wonderful week-end with your dear husband


Carrie said...

Can't wait until next week. Tempers, Tempers flying high, who will win this time?

Have a beautiful weekend.

SharonJM said...

Okay, that went from super hot, (fanning myself here, to really ridiculis. Can't wait until next week. Looks like we need some couples counseling here.

Ashley L said...

You know, Mace should really know better. Chantal has quite the temper and Mace should realize that bossing her around will bring it out. Lovely scene right before the temper outbreak. Can't wait to see the outcome of this next week!

Phylis said...

Going to try and post this again. I enjoyed this installment. I love how they went from love to anger in nothing flat. Wonder if Mace will ever learn to curb those urges?