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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Enter the World of the Watchers

Hey all,

Well, today's the day.  Time for our first installment of the Newest Free Read as promised.  It's just a small taste of what's to come, but I hope it catches your interest.  And after the short preview, stay tuned for a fun contest just for my loyal readers!!!  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


The Watchers

We are the Watchers.  Granted this right and duty by Jehovah himself.  We have existed since the beginning of time.  Beings created for the sole purpose of obeying God’s will.
We did not always watch.  In the beginning, when the world was new, we sat at God’s feet and helped him create.  We saw the universe fashioned, and we watched as the planets were birthed from the chaos of space.  We assisted Jehovah in crafting the plants and animals of the Earth, sharing with him our ideas and insights.
Only when the Lord created Man, did we fall silent.  This creature, beloved by the Father, was special, created in his image and made to rule over all the other beings on the planet.  We observed as the man, Adam, and the woman he called Eve, were given their place in the garden.
When the war came, we stood at Jehovah’s side.  Angels, led by Lucifer himself, were jealous of Man and his relationship with God.  In anger and resentment, they defied the Lord, seeking to destroy what they had been given to protect and care for.  The rebellion was bloody, painful and lengthy, but the angelic armies of Jehovah, triumphed over those who rebelled.  Lucifer—once “the bringer of light”—was now the dark one called Satan, and all his followers were banished from the very presence of God.
They are called the Fallen.
But the story did not end there.  In fact, it is at the fall of the angels this story has its beginning.  Banished from the presence of the Lord, the Fallen were filled with anger and pain.  Satan, furious at his defeat, took his revenge on God by tempting Man into falling as well.  We watched with a heartbroken Jehovah as his beloved Adam and Eve fell into temptation.
They were banished from the garden for their sin, and they, their children and their children’s children were sent out to inhabit the earth.
As for the Fallen...
While some grieved at their mistake, others shook their fist at the heavens, blaming their misfortune on Jehovah himself.  Those who had no repentance in their hearts joined with Satan, intent on someday returning to Paradise and taking control.  These are the evil ones.  Those who inhabit the bowels of Hell.
The other Fallen, those who were either contrite or indifferent, took their place among the humans who were slowly populating the planet.  They lived, worked and played with the humans, and eventually, the Fallen did something more.  These sons of God took the daughters of Man to their beds. 
And thus, the Nephilim were created.


A little taste of what is one of my favorite stories.  I love the characters and I may even use this as a free prologue to a new series.  I guess you'll have to tell me what you think as we go.

And that leads us to our contest.  Ready?  It's a special one.  Very special.  In fact, we're going to have several days of special!

That's right.  For this first week only, you'll get a brand new installment of the FREE READ every other day.  You heard me right.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'll get new postings of the new FREE READ.  Then on Sunday, you’ll have your regular weekly installment!

I want this new FREE READ to get the attention of all romance readers, so tell your friends.  In fact, that's one of the contests I'm starting today.  Bring a friend, have them link up as a Follower (top link on left next to search box) as well as sign in and subscribe to the blog (fill in subscription box at top left of blog).  Then both of you let me know in the comments who you are, who you brought or came with, and why you love romance.

Do all that and you're entered for a great prize.  A special download story of your choice from any of my backlisted books!  WooHoo!!!!  Or, if you've got all my books (and big sloppy kisses to you who do) I'll purchase a book of your choice from any of my publishers.  Can't beat that!  This contest will next Sunday at midnight, EST time, so make sure you get 'er done!!!

And, starting today we are going to have an even BIGGER contest.  We've done this before and it was very well received.  So well in fact, I've been asked by quite a few of you to do it again.  

This sexy, new fantasy romance is now for all of you who visit my blog.  And each month I will take the names of all those who have commented over the month and put them in the hat for a special FREE GIFT!

At the end of the story, all comments will be put in a drawing for a beautiful gift package—Value will be $25.00 US.  I'm just putting it together now, but once I have all the prizes, I'll post a picture of it!  Remember, the more you comment, the more chances you have to win.

So how about it?  You ready to kick this new FREE READ blog off the right way?  Groovy!  Cool beans!  Awesome!  Superdelicioso!   And any other superlatives you'd like to toss in.  LOL  The wait is now over and here it is.  Start your comments and tell me what you think!!!!

See you again tomorrow for the next taste of this new fun story.


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Ashley L said...

I can't wait! This little preview just made me want more. Off to find a friend to bring back!

Phylis said...

So excited to finally be able to finish this story!! And to be able to read a bit every other day this week!!! WHOOT! lol Hope your diving trip went well!

Carrie said...

I am so glad that we get the free read back. What is even better is that I can leave a comment and not have the blog site in German. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds.

Ray said...

Love the free reads. The last one was out of this world.

lumi cat said...

Glad to see u do another free read. I love to read romance novels as it gives me hope that love will conquer all. With all the bad news happening all over the world. I need something to look forward to. So thanks!!!