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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Prologue Part 3

Hey all,

I hope you enjoyed Monday's installment.  I'm still a little off my feed, but slowly getting better.  Writing has given me a big push and I'm enjoying myself this holiday season.  I pray you are too.

So, here is your next installment of our FREE READ.  Please remember the contests and to tell your friends!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim

A select group of angels were chosen, loyal and honorable males and females whom had stood with Jehovah from the beginning.  Warriors, who would have only one duty...to guard over the Nephilim.  Our task is to watch and wait, and when a Nephilim is born, it is our responsibility to make sure the Evil One cannot tempt them into joining with him against the people of God.
At first it was easy.  Humans lived in a small area, and it was simple to watch and protect.  The Nephilim born to human women were easily brought into the fold.  But, Man took God’s command of “go forth and multiply”, seriously, and soon there were humans all over the earth.  As the millennia passed, it was harder and harder to find and protect each of the Nephilim born.  The Watcher guilds knew this and adapted, using some of the Nephilim themselves as Watchers.  Most had inherited their father’s immortality, and so, as soldiers for Jehovah, they were almost as powerful as the Angel Watchers themselves.
As time went by, the wickedness on the earth grew, and so grew Satan’s powers. But, as always, the Lord had a plan.  A prophecy was sung of a Nephilim who would change the lives of all the Fallen and their offspring.  One who would restore hope and bring balance back to the world and the people God loved so much. 
When Satan heard of this, he re-doubled his efforts to bring the offspring of the Fallen under his foul wings.  He created the Demon Spawn to seek out and find any newly emerging Nephilim.  The Evil One was determined to destroy the race of Man, and if he could use one of their own to do it, so much the better.
The Watchers became ever more vigilant.  They organized themselves, and each Angel or Nephilim was given his own area to guard over.  When a new Nephilim came of age and their angelic powers were first sensed, it was a race to see who could reach them first...Watcher or Demon Spawn.  The battle for the Mankind’s destiny began in earnest.


Ok!  There you have it.  Remember the contests going on and tell all your friends about the FREE READ.  I'll see you again on Friday with another short installment of this fun fantasy romance!!!  Then on Sunday, we're back to once a week and a little bit longer installments for your reading pleasure.

CJ England

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Carrie said...

I like it so far. I can't wait to read more. Is it possible to change the font color so it does not blend into the white background in the email? If not that's alright I can just read from the actual blog site.

Ashley L said...

Building up to a climax already. I love it and can't wait for more!

Phylis said...

Each installment is bringing back memories of the story. Looking forward to being able to finish it!!! Thanks CJ!