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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 1 Part 1

Hey everyone,

You all are great.  The comments and emails I've received have really lifted my spirits.  I'm so pleased you're enjoying the story so far.  

Today's installment should really make you happy.  You can meet Eran, our hero, an angelic warrior who is sexy, wise and loving.  Everything a woman would want in a Guardian Angel!  Curious as to what he looks like?  Here's a pic of the inspiration I have for this hunk of a warrior...  Click on the picture if you want a closer look!

Pretty yummy, huh?  His body alone is heavenly!  LOL  I know I wouldn't mind if he wanted to watch over me.  What about you?

I'll put up a pic of our heroine next week.  And maybe one of our villain (I love that word), too!

So, here we go...  The first part of Chapter One of this great FREE READ!!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim
Chapter One
The Emerging

Eran sat upon the highest tower in Philadelphia, surveying his domain.  It had been quiet these last few months, all Demon Spawn tucked away in their hidden bowers waiting...plotting...planning.  Not so the sentinel of this sprawling metropolis.  As Watcher commanded to protect this city, he knew he couldn’t let his guard down for an instant.  Even when he wasn’t looking for newborn Nephilim, there was much to do.
Evil never rested.
Sighing, he looked down from his perch atop Christ Church, once the tallest building in the city.  From the tip of it’s steeple he could still see most of downtown Philadelphia.  It was as close to Heaven as Eran could get in this part of the human world.
He stretched his tall, muscular body as he followed the antics of a couple of young males on skateboards far below. They were going to find themselves in trouble soon.  Skateboarding wasn’t allowed in the Independence National Historical Park.  The humans housed their precious artifacts and documents there.  The ones spelling out how they would govern themselves as well as the bell that rang out their absolute need for freedom.  Eran’s sensual mouth quirked into a wry smile.  Little did they all know the war for their freedom was an ongoing thing.
The wind picked up, sending his auburn-brown hair flying.  He brushed it back impatiently, as hazel eyes narrowed.  This breeze wasn’t natural.  It had the subtle feeling of power to it.  His body tensed, and he stood, his searching gaze moving over the city.  Huge white wings unfurled from a hidden cleft in his back, and they sang with righteous might and power.
“What is it?” he murmured to himself.  His heart pounded in anticipation as he began to understand.  The restless wind was bringing change.  This was more than a bored demon trying to corrupt a teenager into buying alcohol.  This was something he hadn’t felt in almost a century. 
A Nephilim was emerging.
And Eran knew if he was aware, so would be the Demon Spawn.  As soon as that first power surge was released, the race would be on for the soul of this newest angel.  And the outcome was never a certainty. 
He struggled for a moment with the decision to leave his high vantage point and fly around the city, or stay put until the first threads of power were given off.  Either way, he couldn’t guarantee he’d be the first to get to the new Nephilim, and the demons didn’t give the new being a choice between righteousness and corruption.  The choice was made for him.
The wind blew hotter, saving Eran from having to make a decision.  A moment later he was almost blinded by a powerful ray of light that blasted out over the city with the force of an exploding sun.  Reacting instinctively, he dove for the source of the power, even as he wondered about the strength of the newborn.  It had been greater than anything he’d ever felt before.
It was easy to track, and his heart beat even harder.  If he could find the young angel so easy, so could his enemy.  Praying for Jehovah’s help, he flew faster, his passage no more than a streak of white glowing light.  Down to earth he sped, into the bowels of downtown Philly.  He maneuvered around buildings and traffic lights, then lower, around cars and passing pedestrians who were still out even though it was late in the evening.
Until he came to an alley.  It glowed like the inside of God’s own kingdom, lighting up trash bins, broken down furniture and an unfortunate drunk passed out in a nearby doorway.  But the radiance didn’t matter since no human could see it.  Only those angel-born could sense the powerful rays.  
Eran was brought up short by what he saw within the light.  His heart almost stopped beating so great was his surprise.  It had been several millennia since he’d even seen one.  Since one such as this had been born.  Neither side had sensed one since before the time of the Christ.  The Watcher Guild had decided it was no longer possible, but here, standing before him was a newborn angel that made that claim obsolete.
This Nephilim was female.


I really like this story.  I love tales about Good and Evil and so when this one came to me, I was excited to see what the characters would do.  And they've surprised me several times as I've written the story.

But now, let's talk about the contest.  I'm really sorry I haven't been around to play as much as I wanted to.  The medical issues are better, but not completely settled yet, so I manage as best I can.  But I want to take the time when I'm able to promote and interact with you all.

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Carrie said...

What an unusual name for the hero. I love it. Hope you continue on the road to recovery. Merry Christmas

Phylis said...

Thanks CJ! I really love this story. I could see him standing there and the hair blowing in the wind and then the wings....sigh! Look forward to the next installment very much!!! Continued good health to you and Merry Christmas!

Ashley L said...

I am really behind but I love the story so far. Congrats Phylis!