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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 14 Pt. 1

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Oh man!  What is going to happen next?  I usually don't know until I write it, so it's often a surprise to me as well.  LOL  But will these two lovers ever get a break?  Find out why they can't in this next installment.  Enjoy!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Fourteen
Fire and Fury

“Fire?”  Amaris blinked as she caught sight of the telltale flickers of heat that fanned the air outside the window.  Icy fear congealed within her.  “Oh, my God, Eran.  What do we do?”
“Grab your things.  I must get you out of here.”
“Me?  But what about the others.  My neighbors.  What will happen to them?”
Eran looked briefly irritated.  “My first concern is for you, little angel.  Once you are safe, I will come back and do what I can for them.”
Shaking her head in terror, she stared out the window.  She understood his concern, but it went against her nature to run like a coward when there was danger.  Surely she could do something.  Couldn’t she—  A slight movement to her left and above made her hesitate.  She craned her neck, searching through the swirling smoke.  What…?  Then she hissed in anger as all her fear turned to fury. 
There, flapping gently above the opposite building was Asmodeous, his smug, handsome face reflecting the flames of the burning fire below.  
That’s probably just what he looks like in hell, the thought flashed through her mind. 
As if he’d heard her, the demon’s eyes met hers and he smiled slowly. He inclined his head at the fire below then applauded, and she knew in that instant what had happened.  Anger made her voice hard when she turned back to Eran.  “I’m not going anywhere. This is all my fault.”
Her guardian frowned.  “Amaris—”
She pointed a shaking finger out the window.  “He’s out there, Eran.  Asmodeous.  He did this.  Because of us.  Because of me.  I can’t let him get away with it.  These people were my friends.”
One glance outside and Eran’s eyes went cold.  He grabbed Amaris, pulling her away.  “He is the one at fault here, little angel.  He has done this to try and injure you.”
“And he’ll succeed if anyone here is hurt.”  She touched his hard jaw.  “We have to save everyone.  Please.”
You are my concern.”
“Mankind is our concern,” she retaliated, thinking of the line in A Christmas Carol by Dickens.  Who knew the classics would come in so handy?  “I can’t just walk away, Eran.  I have to help them.”  When he hesitated again, she crossed her arms over her chest.  “I won’t go.  Angels are supposed to help humans, right?”
“You are now instructing your teacher?”  This time there was no teasing in his words.
She fought back a shudder.  “I’m just saying what I know is right.  I won’t let that creep hurt others because of me.”
There was the sound of an explosion below, and her lover’s lips tightened.  “You will disobey me if I order you away, won’t you.”
She tried a placating smile.  “See, you already know me.”
“You and I will have a talk about obeying a superior officer,” he growled, “but that will come later.  Right now, you win.  Let us do what we can.”
Nodding, pleased she’d made her point, she followed him out her apartment door and into hell.

Later, she would remember it as a time of turmoil, pain and choking, heavy smoke.  She heard weeping and cursing, and in the back of her mind she knew that if she had not been here, none of these people would be in danger.
That knowledge burned in her gut like acid as she followed her warrior lover through the building, knocking on doors and getting residents out before the fire got too hot.  His muttered demand that she stay with him at all times wasn’t hard to follow.  She was scared right down to her bones and didn’t pretend otherwise.
She watched in awe as he sweet-talked, bullied and ordered by turn all the people who would listen and obey.  Those who wouldn’t, he just lifted over one massive shoulder and carried them screaming down the stairs.
Amaris soothed tempers, captured stray children, cats and puppies and fought not to weep as the smoke and fire got closer and closer to where they worked.  And she wasn’t surprised when every once in a while she could hear the mocking laugh of the demon who’d caused all the chaos.
It wasn’t until the end that she realized she’d gotten separated from her guardian.  The smoke had thickened and she’d been stumbling after him, desperately wishing she could take a deep breath.  Suddenly, the air cleared and she found herself on a balcony high up in the building.  Amaris blinked in confusion.  Hadn’t she just been down on the third floor helping Mrs. Fiddler carry her prize petunias outside?  The inconsistency was so apparent, she was immediately on guard.  She went still and took a deep breath.
“All right, Asmodeous,” she said bravely, “what do you want this time?”


I just knew that creepy demon would be around somewhere.  He's always messing things up.  But that's his job, isn't it?  As well as tempting Amaris into going with him.  Will he succeed this time?  Find out next Sunday!!!!

Until then!!!

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