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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 15 Pt. 2

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I'm looking forward to today's installment.  I hate it when my characters don't get along.  LOL  But I can sure understand Amaris' frustration.  And Eran's too.  Shall we find out what happens next?  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


“Amaris,” he murmured, crossing to her and taking her into his arms.  Her stiff back and the way she leaned away showed him just how bad things were between them.  His throat ached in grief.  “Please, little angel.  Do not give up.  This is not your fault.  It is mine.”
She wouldn’t look at him.  “Don’t be stupid.  I’m the one making the mistakes, not you.”
He gave her a little shake, relieved when she finally lifted her gaze to his.  “Amaris, when a student fails even though they are trying their hardest, it is usually the fault of the teacher.  Do you not understand?  I must be not teaching you right.”
That idea had never occurred to Amaris, and it warmed her he was taking responsibility. Slowly, she relaxed against him.  “But…but that’s crazy.  You’ve taught other Nephilim.  You know what to do.  It’s me that’s screwing up.”
His amber eyes narrowed.  “No.  I do not think so.  Something else is wrong.  All my expertise is not helping you fulfill your destiny.”
Her heart dropped as an unwelcome thought crossed her mind.  “If you think you can pawn me off on someone else—”
A second later she was crushed in his arms.  Both their swords crashed to the ground between them.  “Never,” he growled.  “I will never let you go.  In Jehovah’s name, that is not what I meant.”
Amaris blinked back tears.  “I’m sorry.  I just can’t bear the thought of being with someone else.”
I am your Guardian.  I am your trainer.  You are not going anywhere.”
The implacable tone comforted her, and with a shudder she let go the terrifying thought of leaving him.  Laying her head on his broad chest, she gave a little sniff.  “Then what are we going to do?  I just can’t get it, Eran.  No matter how hard I try.”
He held her, his big hand moving up and down her back soothingly.  “It is my responsibility to figure out what is wrong.  And I will, little angel.  I must.  Not only is it dangerous for you not to be trained, but…”  His voice trailed off.
Her gaze met his.  “But what?”
His big hand cupped her cheek.  “I cannot bear the distance between us any longer.  We have not spoken of it, but we both know it is there.  We are frustrated with your training, and it has changed how we treat each other.”
She bit her lip, recognizing he was right.  It both frightened and shamed her.  “I know.  I feel so many things.  I’m angry with you.  Afraid you’re disappointed in me.  Terrified you wish you’d never made love with me.”
“That worry is one you can safely ignore.”  He demonstrated by treating her to a deep kiss.  “I miss being with you.  Miss it very much.”
“You haven’t…touched me in a long time.  Not in that way.”
“I tried pretending the distance was necessary for the training, but it did not work.”  He shook his head ruefully.”  “Instead I think it just added to the frustration.”
The cold brittle feeling encasing her heart seemed to ease.  “You still want me?”
His amber eyes turned molten as his arms tightened almost painfully.  “More than I did the first day I found you.  Don’t you understand, Amaris?  It is more than wanting to make love to you.  I want to be close in all ways.  You are everything to me.”
Warmth flowed through her melting any remaining ice.  Maybe they could work through this.  “Then show me, Eran.  Please.  Let us put this all aside for a while.  Just love me.”
“I will,” he promised hoarsely.  “Always.”  And lifting her off the ground, he slanted his lips over hers. 
Her response was immediate and welcome.  It was as if weeks had gone by instead of a few days.  Amaris wrapped herself around Eran’s body like a limpet, pressing as close to him as she could even as he staggered towards a nearby tree.  A moment later her back was pressed against the rough bark, but she didn’t care.  All she could feel was the pounding of Eran’s heart and the frantic stroke of his hands over her body.
“Why…,” he muttered.  “Why did I believe I should be without you?  I feel the strength of ten warriors when I am in your arms.”
His words rocked her heart.  For Eran to make such an admission was tantamount to another man saying he loved her.  Greedily, she kissed him.  “This is where I am meant to be,” she whispered back.  “I belong to you.”
A guttural groan was her answer as he took her breasts in his hands.  “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Her head went back as he teased her nipples into aching nubs.  “And…and you’re the only man I’ll ever…want.”
There was a pregnant pause as his hands stilled.  “What did you say?”
Amaris blinked.  Her whole body was crying out for more, and he wanted her to repeat herself?  “I…I can’t remember.”  She wriggled against him.  “It doesn’t matter.  Touch me, Eran.  I want you to touch me.”
“But what did you say?”
She stared at him uncomprehendingly, groping back in her memory to find the words.  “You said I was a beautiful woman, and I said you were the only man I’d ever want.  Okay?”
There was another long pause.  Her Guardian went so still she began to worry about him.  “Eran?”
“Man and woman,” he said slowly.  “Could it be as simple as that?”
Amaris rolled her eyes and slipped her hand up his thigh to his crotch.  “It could be if you’d get on with it.”
His gazed snapped back to hers, and he looked momentarily embarrassed.  “My apologies, love, but we’ll have to continue this later.”
Seriously disgruntled now, she leaned back against the tree and folded her arms.  “And why is that?”
Eran’s sexy mouth broke into a wide grin.  “Because, little angel.  I’ve just figured out why we’ve been having so much trouble.  And if I’m right, I think I know how to make you the best warrior in Jehovah’s army.


Okay...so coitus interruptus...sort of.  LOL  So what do you think Eran has figured out?  See you next time to find out!!!!

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