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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Seven, Part Two

Hey all,

Well... we know what's going on in Chantal's mind.  I wonder how Mace is seeing things.  Let's find out.  Enjoy!!!

Hustle Into Love


For Mace the last three weeks were an exercise in frustration.  He wanted Chantal with an urgency that only grew each day they were together.  He’d lusted after women in the past, but this was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.  He’d taken so many cold showers, he was beginning to think he was keeping The Golden Tiger environmentally correct all by himself.

Yet as much as he wanted to make love to Chantal, he found himself longing to just talk to her.  She had a quirky and imaginative mind that went along with a soft and tender heart.  She cried at schmaltzy movies and tiptoed around her dancer’s feelings much more than he’d expected.  She was stubbornly intent on improving herself, which was where the words-of-the-day came into play.  He found himself caught up in the game himself and often challenged her with words he thought she might not know.

A stray comment from her made him reach for the telephone, and after a quick chat with his brother, it was then he found out she had been telling the truth about not being compensated for her time working for Lì.  Room and board was all she would allow him to give her.  It made Mace want to kick his own ass when he thought of the nasty things he’d accused her of.

She wasn’t the spoiled diva he’s thought she was.  She always seemed to be so appreciative of anything he did for her.  Whether it was a fancy dinner at one of the expensive restaurants in town or a skewer of chicken and veggies at a street stall, her thank you was genuine.  Unlike most of his other lovers, she didn’t expect anything from him, and it made him want to shower her with attention and gifts.

One of the hardest workers he’d ever seen, he’d shaken his head at the work goals and rehearsal schedule she’d sent him.  But it was easy to see she knew what she was doing.  The music had been totally revamped, with several entertainers, including a magician, a soloist and a band also added.  The improvement in the entertainment was already noticeable, and though he might flinch when he wrote a check for something she felt was necessary, he had to admit it was worth it.  More people were coming into the casino.  Some for a chance to get a look at the famous Chantal, but even after she was done, they stayed and gambled and enjoyed the rest of the entertainment.  For the first time he began to see why Lì had pulled her out of that little club in Vegas.

Chantal really was a star.

But it wasn’t the star he wanted.  Not really.  Although her dancing still made him want her desperately, he found he was just as, if not more, attracted to the woman inside the dancing shoes.  He found himself counting the minutes until he could be with her again, and he champed at the bit if one of her rehearsals cut into the time he’d set aside for them to be together.  He began to wonder if once he’d gotten her into his bed, he’d ever let her out again.

Since they seemed to fit together so well on the dance floor, Mace was sure that when he finally did make love to Chantal, it would be a mind-blowing experience.  The few kisses and passionate embraces they’d allowed themselves always ended the same way.  With one of them finally pushing the other away as they took deep breaths to control themselves.  Never before had he felt so passionate about a woman.

Each kiss was incendiary.

He groaned as his cock twitched in memory.  She was making him crazy without even trying.  But he couldn’t press the issue with her.   He was beginning to realize she was too important to treat so cavalierly.  In fact, she’d become the most important person in his life without even trying.

Could it be he was falling in love with her?

He remembered a conversation he’d had with his grandmum the night he’d ended a relationship with a long-time girlfriend.  He’d been twenty-five and his girlfriend a few years younger.  His girlfriend had been devastated, but Mace had known she wasn’t the one for him.  Yet the knowledge hadn’t made him feel less guilty, and when his grandmum had discovered him in the sculptured garden where he sat brooding, she taken his hand and joined him in silence.

After several minutes had passed, he’d broken down and asked her how she’d known his grandfather was the love of her life.  To his surprise, his usually starchy grandmother hadn’t told him his question was frivolous.  Instead, her answer was one Mace had never forgotten.

“Darling, Mace, true love is something special.  It cannot be forced.  You’ll either love the girl or you won’t.  And you’ll know it here—” she’d tapped his chest above his heart, “—where it counts.  You’ll want to love her, protect her and spend every waking moment with her.  You won’t be able to imagine a day without her in it, and you’ll find yourself planning a future so you can be together.  Love is a gift, Mace.  Open it carefully and treasure it always.  And if she’s the right one for you, she’ll do the same.”

And now, as he stood waiting for Chantal to come out onstage with her newly trained dancers, he realized for the first time in his life he was doing all his grandmum had predicted.  Which meant he wasn’t falling in love with Chantal.

He’d already hit.  Face first and hard.

Those life-altering thoughts were interrupted by the now familiar sound of the band as they announced Chantal’s newest dance.  The crowd cheered, and Mace was pushed forward to the front of the stage as people fought to get closer.  He forced his way to the stage-left side just as the curtain swept open and the lights picked up the figures of four men dressed in tight black pants and equally tight long sleeved black T-shirts.  Each superbly muscled man had his hair slicked back, was wearing dark sunglasses and had a guitar in his hands.  A dark maroon and black swirling background seemed to come alive as the lights played over it.  The music to Shania Twain’s, Man, I Feel Like A Woman, came over the speakers and suddenly, a large puff of smoke lit the stage, and out of it stepped Chantal.

Mace’s throat went dry.  He was constantly surprised at how he much he wanted her each time he saw her.  Grandmum was right.  Whether she was dancing or not, Chantal was who he dreamed of, thought of a future with and wanted more than he needed to breathe.  She was the right one.  He was desperately, head over heels in bloody love with her.  And he could only hope that someday she’d feel the same way.

But for now all he could do is watch as she showed everyone just how talented she really was.  Dressed in a man’s crisp white shirt, black leather mini-skirt, ebony thigh high boots and black fedora, she was sexy dynamite wrapped up in an golden package.

Her hair was coiled up under her hat and as she began to dance, tendrils of it licked silkily at her shoulders.  Her makeup was heavier than usual, her exotic eyes highlighted in black and her perfect lips painted a dark burnished peach.

For a moment Mace forgot to breathe as she glided across the stage dancing to the lyrics of the popular song.  The men swayed in place behind her, their dark good looks a perfect background for Chantal’s golden beauty.

She strutted up to the front of the stage, and when the singer announced how it was her prerogative to have a little fun, Chantal did a sexy little shimmy, then bent over and tickled an elderly man under the chin.

The crowd went nuts, screaming her name so you could barely hear the music.  Twirling around, she danced to center stage and did several complicated steps, so quickly and easily Mace could only shake his head in wonder.  Then, as the lyrics went on about men’s shirts and short skirts, she made such a sexy statement with her dance moves, he worried he might have a riot on his hands.

Then Shania shouted, “Come on, girls,” and Chantal beckoned offstage.  Four of the female dancers, all dressed in outfits matching hers, yet black, strutted on, each stopping in front of one of the male dancers, who tossed their guitars to the ground behind them and took the women in their arms.

As the song went on, Chantal proved you could take a bunch of dancers that previously looked like they were swatting bees and instead remake them into a beautifully choreographed act.  They were crisp and sharp, their dance steps exactly alike.  The men, to Mace’s surprise, were just as good, and a perfect complement to the fluid moves of the ladies they partnered.

And, right in the middle of them danced the Amber Princess, her flashing golden eyes and sexy smile a beacon to every male watching.  She was beautiful.  She was sensual.  She was stimulating.  And, as she strutted one more time to the front of the stage and blew the audience a kiss, Mace thought smugly,

She was all his.


Well, I always knew Mace had a but of caveman in him.  *grin*  But he loves the girl and that's what counts.  Wonder how long it will take for them to tell each other that salient fact!

I start my vacation next week.  My boys are coming to visit for a few weeks, so I'll be spending my time with them.  But the FREE READs will continue.  I've written plenty in advance just for this reason.

While I may not comment as soon as I would normally, I promise I will eventually check in.  I love you all too much to stay away completely.  LOL

Be back on Tuesday and we'll see what happens next!

Hugs to all,

CJ England

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SharonJM said...

Gotta love a man who listens to his grandmother. Mace is a man's man and I feel will continue to beat his chest to protect his woman. I hope that he remembers that Chantel doesn't appreciate it.
BTW CJ, I appreciate how you show both of the characters POV.

CJ England said...

Thanks, SharonJM,

I always do both POVs. I hate reading a book, no matter how well written, that doesn't show what both characters are feeling.


Phylis said...

AWESOME! I like how he discovered he already had fallen face first into love! Looking forward to Tuesday's episode and I hope both your sons make it out to see you!

Ashley L said...

I too am glad you write both POVs because it's no fun guessing about the other person in the relationship, I want to know. Also good to know that some men listen to the grandmas. They give great advice, just like Mace's did for him. Have fun with your sons and looking forward to Tuesday.

Carrie said...

Love that Mace admits to listening to his Grandma. I am also glad that grandma had such wonderful advice for him to fall onto. I just can't get over the feeling that somethingis going to happen that will jerpoadize the realtionship. Almost like its too ture to be good type of feeling. Can't wait until Tuesday to see waht happens next.

Shaiha said...

Love it! This story keeps getting better and better.

CJ England said...


I'm glad you liked that line. I laughed when I wrote it. LOL

And thanks for the good thoughts. Our fingers are still crossed.

CJ England said...

Thanks Ashley,

So very pleased you're enjoying the story. I must say I'm falling for Mace in a big way.

CJ England said...


His grandmum is patterned off a wonderful old lady I grew up with. She was a Brit living in the USA and she taught me all manner of things from how to properly pour tea to how to curtsy if you ever are presented to the queen. I adored her.

So she became Mace's grandmother. My way of honoring my honorary Aunt Estelle.

CJ England said...


Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.

Mannouchka said...

Dear CJ
I really enjoy what you write what his grandmum is patterned off a wonderful old lady I grew up with. Iam happy your sons are vising you and your dear husband.You going to be very busy.
Have a wonderful week-end. Enjoy


CJ England said...

Thanks Mannouchka,

I'm hoping we have a great visit!