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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Seven, Part Three

Hey all,

I so enjoy it when characters finally understand that sweet rush of love.  The only thing I like better is when they share it with each other.  But how long will that take?  Shall we see what happens today?   Enjoy!!!

Hustle Into Love


* * * * *

“A toast—” Chantal held up her flute of champagne and gazed around at her excited troupe, “—to hard work and having it pay off in spades!  Well done, each and every one of you!”

The group had cleaned up and changed and was now ensconced in one of the private salons in the casino.  Chantal knew the benefits of celebrating the success of the night, and the champagne and buffet were a good start.

“It went very well, did it not, Madame?” Dié held up her glass in a trembling hand.  “They did like it?”

Chantal laughed.  “Liked it?  Did you hear the cheering?  Sweetheart, you brought the house down.”

“We had two curtain calls,” Bryan, the valet-turned-dancer said with a wide grin.  “That was a first for us.”

“I think it was a first for everyone here.”  Chantal nodded in pleasure.  “But it won’t be the last.  Especially—” she slanted an appraising look at the diminutive Dié, “—once your new lead dancer takes over.”

The woman’s ebony eyes went impossibly wide.  She put her hand to her chest.  “Me?” she squeaked.  “I am the new lead dancer?”

Chantal grinned.  “I told you that first day, you had it in you, Dié.  You’ve worked hard, and don’t think I don’t know about all those extra practice sessions you’ve been pulling.  You’ve got headliner written all over you.”

The other dancers clapped and shouted as the faerie-like woman turned pink.  “I-I do not know what to say.”  She looked at Chantal with swimming eyes.  “I will not let you down, Madame.  This I promise.”

Giving the smaller woman a hug, Chantal laughed.  “I know you won’t.”

“Got some of that champagne for the boss?”

“This is only for dancers.”  Turning, Chantal lifted an enquiring brow.  Her eyes sparkled, belaying her admonishing words.  “And I don’t remember you being on stage with us.”

Mace laughed and pulled her into his arms for a kiss.  “But I was, honey.  In spirit.  I danced every step with you, I swear.”  He bent closer and whispered, “and those were my fingers you felt undoing that second button at the end.”

Chantal blushed.  Part of the finale of the act was for her to have popped the top button of her shirt as she winked and gave the audience a come-hither look before the lights went black.  But instead of just one button opening, a second had slipped out of its buttonhole, and the men in the crowd were treated to a little extra glimpse of Chantal’s beautiful cleavage.  She snorted and pushed away.  “I thought I recognized that touch.”

“Give me a chance,” Mace murmured, his dark eyes smoky with desire, and you’ll recognize a lot more.”

Heat curled in her stomach and speared down between her legs.  Need for him raced through her with such strength, she knew she was fast running out of time.  She wanted Mace desperately and was almost positive she’d lost her heart to him.

So just what was she waiting for?  It was a night for celebration.  Why not celebrate by making love to the man she loved beyond all others.

Trembling at the enormity of her decision, she tossed back her champagne then reached for another.  It would change everything, but she knew in her heart it was right.  It was the right time and Mace was the right man.

“Hey,” she heard him say.  His fingers curled around hers and slipped her glass from her hand.  “Take it easy or I’ll have to carry you out of here.”

As a cue, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Taking a deep breath, Chantal prepared to step out onto the most important stage of her life.  Snuggling closer, she brushed her lips over his chin.  “Well,” she whispered in a sultry voice, “then what are you waiting for?”

He went incredibly still, and his grip on her hand tightened.  His eyes searched hers.  “Are you saying what I think you are?”
She trembled and could only nod in response.

He took a deep breath, and his gaze became even more intent.  “You’ve got to be sure, honey.  Because once I start, I’m not going to stop.  I warned you of that weeks ago.” 

Boldly, she let her hand slip down to caress his hip.  “I won’t want you to.”

If possible, his eyes went even darker.  “I want you in my bed.  And I’m not going to let you out until I’ve had enough of you.”

Chantal tossed her head, enjoying the feminine power she had over him.  “Well, we better take provisions then, because with what I’m hoping for, we might not be seen for awhile.”

He stared at her and he shuddered, just once, before drinking down the glass of champagne he held.  Setting it carefully on the table, he then swept her up into his arms.  His gaze was full of heat as he turned and made for the door.  Once there, he turned and gave a smug grin to the amused troupe who’d been watching them in absolute silence.  “Champagne on the house for everyone.  But the boss lady is calling it a night.  And she’ll be out of contact until further notice.”  The door closed as the dancers burst into knowing laughter.

She giggled as they headed for the elevator.  “Well, that was subtle.  Why not just tell them we’re going to go have sex?”

He glanced down at her and winked.  “I thought I just did.”

Chantal shook her head.  “So much for keeping our professional and private lives separate.”

“Honey,” Mace snorted as he hit the button for his floor, “as you’re so fond of telling me, I’m not your boss.  We don’t work with each other.  We just work in the same building.”

She let her lips trail down his jaw and gloried at the way he shuddered beneath her touch.  “I guess you’re happy now to say you’re not in charge of me.”

“You’ll see who’s in charge of whom,” he threatened as he captured her mouth with his.   The kiss was hard and as possessive as she’d come to expect from Mace.  “And by the time we’re done, you’ll understand exactly what that means.”

Fluttering her eyelashes mockingly, she gave her heart a little pat.  “Oh, my,” she said in a breathy voice.  “I’m so frightened.”
Mace growled as the elevator dinged to a stop.  “Damn you.  You’ve driven me insane the last few weeks.  What do you American’s say?  Now it’s payback time.”

Chantal’s libido gave an excited leap.  “Promises, promises.”  She followed up the teasing by easing her hand between his legs and fondling the large bulge she found there.  “Hmmm,” she whispered, “maybe you can keep that promise.”

Giving a groaning laugh, Mace pushed through the elevators doors and almost stumbled to his suite.  Keying his card in, he quickly carried her inside, slamming the door behind them.  She had a brief glimpse of a darkly masculine foyer before he carried her through the large space and into the bedroom beyond.

A moment later she was lying on the bed staring up into Mace’s desire hot eyes.  As he untied his tie, and shrugged off his jacket, her quim wept with the knowledge they were finally going to be together.  And when he kicked off his pants and ripped open his shirt, sending buttons flying across the room, she found she couldn’t even breathe.

She’d known he was built.  Could tell the way he wore his clothes.  And the strength of his arms when he held her close told its own story.  But until now she hadn’t seen him in the flesh, so to speak, and instantly she regretted not getting him naked sooner.

Broad chest, sculptured shoulders, strong muscular arms.  A torso bronzed and carved in perfect symmetry.  Mace’s stomach was flat and ridged with muscle, and the only hair on his body was the single line that traced from his belly button to below the waistband of his boxers.

And if she’d wanted proof he desired her, it was right there before her eyes.  His cock was throbbing and huge, tenting out his shorts, begging for her touch.  And that was a request she had no intention of ignoring.  

Slipping her hand through the opening in his boxers, she wrapped her hand around his hot, thick penis and squeezed.


Whew!  I might need to jump Jonathon when he gets home.  And if all goes as I think it will, I'll have to jump him again when they finish up on Thursday.  LOL

You all have a great week and remember to bring your fire extinguisher with you next time.  You'll need it.


CJ England

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Ashley L said...

You're such a tease! Ugh, it was just getting good. Glad that Chantal realized it was finally time. What a great way to celebrate a great first show.

CJ England said...


*grin* I know. I'm bad. LOL But will they get to finish??????


Phylis said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! You did not just say that!!! Nope! Never! They will get to finish...please?! lol Great cliff hanger CJ! You do them so well!

Mannouchka said...

woo CJ this one is very exicting and Sensuel.
I am waiting for Thusday and tonight are you preparing a romantic diner with you dear husband.


CJ England said...

LOL Thanks, Phylis. Gotta leave y'all wondering and guessing. LOL

CJ England said...

LOL Mannouchka,

Tonight we're picking my son up from the ferry for Chinese New Year. But when I wrote this weeks installment, Jonathon definitely got lucky. LOL

BTW...I sent you an email for your addy. Did you get it?

Mannouchka said...

Dear Cj,

I did not get the e-mail for addy would you sent it again when you not to busy many thanks

CJ England said...

Will do, M.

JerryR said...

hey CJ, I've been reading hustle Into Love. NowI'm a bit disappointed. Where are chapter 5's other arts. I only get part 2 - sigh.
When i click January I chapter 7 etc.
Jerry Race

CJ England said...

Hey Jerry,

The rest of Chapter Five comes up in the January 2011 archive. But if it's easier, I also have past chapters as well as my other blog free reads on my website.

Check it out here...