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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Seven, Part Four

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Got your fan?  Your fire extinguisher?  How about your glass of ice water?  *smile*  It's time for some loving...finally...  Enjoy!!!

Hustle Into Love


Mace’s eyes rolled back in his head and his knees threatened to give out.  The pleasure from just that simple touch was overwhelming.   Quickly, he grabbed Chantal’s hand and pulled it away.  Pushing off his shorts, he came down on top of her, smothering her protests with a deep kiss.  Only when she was pliant in his arms did he lift his head.  “Damn it, girl,” he rasped, “you almost sent me over the edge.  Unless you want me to embarrass myself, hands off.”

Her eyes were a deep gold.  “You want me that much?”

He smoothed the hair away from her face.  “Yeah.  And I have for a long time.  Years, remember?  So it isn’t easy for me to keep control.”

Chantal’s lips curved slightly.  “Who says I want you to be controlled?”

Fire burned in his gut, and he groaned loudly.  “That’s just the type of thing that’s going to kill me.”

She giggled.  “Is this where I say…yeah, but what a way to go?”

Grinning, he cupped her face in his hands.  “I never met a woman I could laugh with in bed.  You’re something special, Chantal.  I hope you know that.”

Her whole countenance softened.  “Am I, Mace?  Am I special to you?”

He brushed his lips over hers.  “Honey, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.  I can’t imagine a day where I don’t see your beautiful face…where I don’t hear your sweet laughter.  This won’t be just sex, Chantal.  You’ve got to believe that.  This is something important.”

Those fabulous eyes filled with tears.  “It’s important to me, too, Mace.  You’re important to me.”

His heart felt so full he wanted to shout out the truth.  He wanted to tell her he loved her.  But would she think he was using those vital words because they were in bed?  The last thing Mace wanted was to have her distrust him again.  Not when they’d had so many misunderstandings in the past.  After a brief inner battle, he decided to put his love on the back burner and show her how he felt instead.  And if he was lucky, by the time he was done, she would understand his feelings for her without him saying a thing.

His kiss was filled with everything he refused to say aloud.  His teeth nibbled on her lower lip, igniting his senses as he tasted the passion he knew was just for him.  Their tongues danced together as he dipped in deeper, enjoying the slick sensation of her warm and willing mouth.  Her soft moan of delight made him shudder, and the kiss went from teasing to sultry in an instant.

His mouth became voracious as he pulled her closer.  They rolled and he whipped the colorful T-shirt she’d changed into over her head to send it flying across the room.  The pale blue bra she wore barely covered her magnificent breasts and with a groan, he buried his face between the two pale mounds.

Her hands caught at his hair to pull him closer and he gladly accepted the gift, using his teeth to push aside the soft material so he could get to the fragrant flesh beneath.

“Mace,” she gasped.  “Please.”

“I will,” he promised.  “I’ll please you until you can’t take any more.”

A quick snap and the front catch of the bra came undone.  Mace sucked in his breath at the sight of the feast laid out before him.  “I knew you were beautiful, but…”

Chantal’s face went pink.  Instinctively she tried to cover herself, but he caught her hands.  “No way, honey.  One should never cover a work of art.”

“You’re embarrassing me,” she whispered, wriggling beneath him.  His already stiff cock hardened even more.

“I’m just getting started.”  He bent and kissed the tip of each breast.  The pale pink berries were hard and pointed.  “And I think you like it.”

She wriggled again, and in defense, he bent and swirled one of her nipples into his mouth.  Chantal cried out and arched up into him.  With a strangled curse, he held her down with one hand while he fondled a breast in the other.  His mouth teased and tasted the other breast until she was gasping out his name.  Holding onto his control with an effort, he switched sides, laving at her breasts, enjoying the sweet taste of her as well as the trembling gasps she couldn’t hide.

“Please, Mace,” she whimpered, her hands again holding his head.  She writhed in his arms.  “I can’t take it.  I need more.  I need you.”

The admission almost blew his head off.  He wanted her so much his cock was aching.  But he battled back the instinctive urge to cover and penetrate.  More than anything he wanted this to be the best he could give her.

Because, for the first time in his life, this wouldn’t be just sex.  For the first time, he’d actually be making love to a woman.  His woman.

His mouth covered hers again as his hand traced down her body and undid her short skirt.  Slipping his hand slowly inside the lacy panties she wore, he let his fingers glide gently over the soft hair that covered her mound.  He’d barely touched her when she cried out and arched her hips up.  Sweat broke out on his forehead at her abandoned response.  Chantal made love the way she did everything else.  Wholeheartedly.

And when his fingers eased between the folds of her body, he had to count to ten and then ten again.  She was drenched with her passion, his fingers instantly wet before he even got close to the warmth he knew would soon belong to him.  When her legs widened to give him better access, the reins on his control loosened and with a hoarse murmur, he slid two fingers inside her.

She was so hot and wet, his mind went instantly blank.  And when she shuddered and her quim clenched down hard, his control snapped as if it had never existed.  Almost desperately, he rolled off and pushed the skirt and panties down her legs.  She’d barely kicked them and her shoes off, before he was back, sliding between her thighs and kissing her with all the love and need he felt inside.  

Then, with one thrust of his strong hips, he was inside of her.
They both cried out at the feeling.  For Mace, it was as if he’d finally found exactly what had eluded him all these years.  And in Chantal’s eyes he saw reflected the same astonished understanding.  They stared at each other as he throbbed deep within her body.  Then, with a groan that was her name, Mace gave up his hold on the reins and just let himself go.

He drove into her, the need to be closer overtaking his reasoning.  And when her legs came up to wrap around his hips, he could only mutter his pleasure as his lips found hers again.

Their bodies slapped together, the only other sound, their panting breaths as he drove them higher and higher up the precipice.  His cock was so hard it was almost painful, but the pleasure he had at being a part of her was more than he’d ever known before.  He couldn’t bear it.  He didn’t want it to ever end.

He felt her pulse around him, and he tucked his head into her shoulder, gritting his teeth.  He was so close to coming he could see colors swirling behind his eyelids.  But he refused to do this dance solo.  She’d come with him or he wouldn’t go at all.

Instead, he wrapped his arm around her slim hips and lifted her closer so her clit was flush with his driving penis.  The difference was immediate.  Chantal’s eyes flew open and then went blind.  She screamed and shattered in his embrace, convulsing around him and sending him up and over into an orgasm so powerful he couldn’t help but shout in surprise.

Colors and music danced in his head.   The climax was perfectly choreographed, their steps wonderfully matched.  And when they finally drifted back down from the splendor, Mace knew that from this moment on, he would have no other partner but the one in his arms.


Wow!  My hero and heroine usually get physical a lot sooner in the story, but it was definitely worth waiting for!  Mace and Chantal burned up the sheets.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Now pass along the love to your own sweetheart!  LOL

I'll be back on Tuesday with the next installment.  Will Chantal want an encore?  We'll find out! 

CJ England

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Phylis said...

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CJ England said...

*grin* glad you liked it!

Ashley L said...

WOW! Well worth the four month wait for that wonderful scene. Now I want more! Can't wait until Tuesday!

Mannouchka said...

Woo, Very good work I will wait until Tuesday.
I wish you a wonderful Friday and week-end with your dear husband and you son How was Chinise new year and did you give your son a red envelop.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Ashley.

We'll see if they want more, too! LOL

CJ England said...

Hey Mannouchka,

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. And yes...we did give him a red envelope with some cash in it. LOL

Shaiha said...

Nice... I am reading this late but maybe I am glad that I am as this is date night.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Shaiha.

Glad you're here and enjoying the story.