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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Eight, Part One

Hey all,

I hoped you all enjoyed the way Mace and Chantal finally came together.  I know Jonathon appreciated it.  *grin*  But will they stay that way?  Let's find out in today's installment.  Enjoy!!!

Hustle Into Love


Chapter Eight

“Ummm,” Chantal sighed as she stretched in Mace’s arms.  “I think you just gave me a new word of the day.”

His chuckle rumbled beneath her cheek.  “I did, huh?”

“Oh yes—” she sighed again, “—that was truly splendiferous.”

Mace rolled to his side and tucked a stray golden strand of hair behind her ear.  “Splendiferous?”

She nodded.  “It means splendid, glorious, resplendent and beau—.
“Beautiful.  Yeah.  I know what it means.”  His eyebrow went up, but his face was smug.  “Splendiferous.  Then I guess this was definitely worth waiting for.”

Grinning, she leaned up and kissed him.  “Very much so.”

He returned the kiss, framing her face in his hands.  “I wanted to do it so differently.  Make long, slow love to you, but I couldn’t.”  He shook his head in disgust.  “One touch and I was a ravening wolf.”

Chantal giggled.  “Did I tell you how much I liked dogs?”

He snorted out a laugh, but his eyes were serious.  “I…I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Oh, Mace.”  She snuggled against him and was relieved when his arms wrapped around her tightly.  “You didn’t.  You couldn’t.  It was the most beautiful lovemaking I’ve ever experienced.”

Red touched his cheeks.  “I’m wasn’t asking about my technique.  Just wanted to make sure you were okay.  I was a bit rough there at the end.”

Her heart overflowed at his concern.  “You were perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing, and I have no regrets.”

He seemed to finally relax.  “It was…special.”

“Just as you promised.”

His sexy mouth widened into a grin, and he pushed away from her.  “You know what this means don’t you?”  His ebony eyes twinkled in merriment.  “It means you gave in first.”

She stared at him in astonishment.  “I gave…?” Suddenly she remembered the conversation they’d had in the rehearsal hall, and her cheeks caught fire.  “I can’t believe you’re bringing that up now.”

“Might as well.”  He waggled his eyebrows at her.  “Have to take the win when I can.”

“We didn’t make a bet.”

“Nope, but I won anyway.”

She cocked her head.  “And just how did you do that?”

He rolled her to her back and kissed her gently.  “I’ve got you here, in my bed, just where I’ve always wanted you.  That’s a victory in this man’s book.”

Chantal melted at what she saw in his eyes.  It was different than anything she’d ever seen before.  Sure, he had that sleek, satisfied look a male did after a good bout of sex, but this was different.  This was more.

Possessive, but protective.  Passionate but also loving.  The way he looked at her told her she was special to him.  So maybe there could be more.  Maybe he might be able to love her as much as she loved him.

And she knew now that she did.  She laughed inwardly.  She’d hidden it under other words and phrases, but the moment their bodies had joined together, she’d known the truth.  He was her perfect match.  The one she’d been waiting for her whole life.  She wanted to kick herself for being so childish and refusing to meet him sooner.

“I know what you mean.”

Chantal’s heart stopped.  For a moment, she thought she’d voiced her feelings aloud.  But Mace’s face was rueful, not surprised.  “You…you do?”

He nodded.  “I feel the same way.”

Her heart started beating again, this time like a runaway train.  “The…same way?”

“Sure.”  He brushed his lips over hers.  “We’ve wasted so much time ducking each other.  If only we’d put aside our fears, we could have discovered all this a hell of a lot sooner.”

Relief and disappointment battled within her.  “Ummm, yeah.  Exactly.  We’re idiots.”

“We were idiots,” he corrected.  “But now we know better, and everything is finally as it should be.”  He nudged between her legs and she felt his throbbing presence against her inner thigh.  Her eyes widened. 

“Again?  So soon?” 

Mace grinned.  “How about an encore, baby?”

One thing Chantal had learned early on was to leave the audience wanting more, but in Mace’s case, she made an exception.  In the quiet darkness they loved each other, even though as often as they tried, they were never able to do the whole long, slow lovemaking thing like he wanted.  They were too hungry for each other.

When Mace had slipped inside her the second time, the delicious feeling of having their bodies joined was as good as it had been before.  And when he’d rolled so she was on top, she’d gloried in the strength of his hard body beneath hers.  She’d ridden him slowly, moving up and down, her strong dancer legs lifting her high until he almost slid from her hot channel.  But just in time, she taken him in again, enjoying the heated groans and almost fierce look on his face.

His big hands had gone to her breasts and he’d played with them, rolling her nipples between his fingers.  Sensation had streaked through her body and she’d cried out, but it only made his eyes flare hotter.

A moment later, he’d reared up and taken one of the aching berries between his lips.  Wrapping his arms around her, he’d sucked in hard and the pleasure sent her into a wild, spinning climax.

When she’d collapsed over him, he’d rolled, and hitching her legs up high around his waist, he’d pounded into her like a man possessed.  Gone was the elegant, sophisticated CEO, in his place, a passionate, primitive man.

And when they’d both exploded again, this time together, it was as if their very souls had somehow connected.

It went on that way all night long as the clock ticked softly on the bedside table.  They’d make love, then whisper together in the dark as lovers do, before drifting into a contented sleep.  Then one of them would waken, a gentle kiss would turn incendiary, and the lovemaking would start all over again.

The dawn was just beginning to be seen beneath the bedroom curtains when Mace kissed her one last time and tucked her into this shoulder.  “Enough,” he growled.  “I surrender.  You’ve done me in.”

Chantal snuggled closer with a giggle.  “Ahhh, and here I thought you were in shape.”

He snorted out a laugh.  “I did, too.  But I guess I’ll need to work out more to keep up with you.”

She gently bit his flat masculine nipple.  “I hear pushups are great.  And to soften your fall, I can be on the bottom.”

Mace shook his head at her whimsy.  “Insatiable.  That’s what you are.”

“Maybe—” she poked him in the side, “—I know a good thing when I see it.”

He surprised her with a quick move, and she was suddenly on her back looking up at him.  His gaze was serious.  “I have to know it was more for you than just a good night of sex.  Because it was for me.  More I mean.  This wasn’t a one-night-stand, Chantal.  This is the beginning of something important.”

Her heart turned to mush.  Lifting her hand, she caressed his clenched jaw.  “Mace, I told you before this was special.  I…care about you.  I’m not sure how you did it, but suddenly you’ve become the most important man in my life.”

His eyes darkened.  “I want to be.  Because you’re the most important thing in mine.  I want us to be together, honey.  I don’t want to lose you.”

She fought back tears, but one escaped anyway, and bending, he kissed it away.  When he brought his lips to hers, she could taste the salt.  

“Promise me, Chantal,” he whispered.  “Promise me we’ll give this a chance.”

Knowing the love she felt for him gave her no other choice, she pressed her cheek to his and nodded.  “I promise, Mace.  This will be the start of something wonderful.”


It looks as if Chantal's made up her mind, and if she's as stubborn about this as she is about everything else, I'm pretty sure she's in it for the long haul.  We'll see what happens with Mace in our next installment.

See you on Thursday.

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

YES! Go Chantal! And no doubt about it she'll keep Mace, whether he wants to be kept or not. I'm very glad they're finally together but cannot wait for the fireworks again.

Mannouchka said...

Dear CJ,
How are you and your dear family? I am really happy for Mace and Chantal they are together hopefully it will continue.I have waiting for Thursday

CJ England said...


I loved writing this scene. They're both so strong, yet vulnerable. *sigh*

CJ England said...


We're doing great over here. Exhausted with all the sightseeing, but enjoying being with my son.

I'm pleased you like the entry! See you on Thursday!


Phylis said...

Whoooooo!!! After a long day of meetings this was wonderfult to come home to! Thanks CJ! Looking forward to Mace's view on Thursday!

CJ England said...

Glad you're enjoying it, Phylis. I love this story.