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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Eight, Part Two

Hey all,

It's been an wonderful night, and I think both Mace and Chantal realize it's the beginning of something special.  But what will the morning after hold?  Let's take a look and see.  Enjoy!!!

Hustle Into Love


* * * * *

When Mace opened his eyes late the next morning, he knew he was alone in bed.  He tensed, but then immediately relaxed when he heard the shower running in the adjoining bathroom.  Chantal’s sultry voice was belting out the words to the Frankie Valli hit, Oh What A Night, and when she sang about sweet surrender and the rush of the night spinning her head around, his body hardened again in a quick flash.  Suddenly, he wanted her desperately.

Tossing the covers back, he grinned.  It had been one hell of a night.  Making love with Chantal had been everything he’d thought it would be and more.  And if he could get into the bathroom quick enough, he’d show her it could be one hell of a morning, too.

And it was.  Making love in the shower was hot and wet and quick and had left them both limp as ramen noodles.  But the thought of Chantal’s slick wet body against his had sent his lust spiraling, and he’d been in the shower and inside her within seconds of opening the door.

It had been hard and fast and utterly satisfying, and when afterwards she fussed at him for attacking her, he’d only grinned and slapped her on the ass.  Her half-hearted grumblings hadn’t worried him.  He’d seen the passion and delight in her eyes as he’d made love to her.  So with a whistle, he’d wrapped a towel around his waist and headed out to the small kitchen to make some coffee.

He didn’t drink the bitter brew, but he knew Chantal did, and he had it waiting for her when she stepped out of the bedroom.

“Is that coffee?” she groaned, reaching for the cup.  “God bless you.”

Watching her suck it down, he shuddered.  “That stuff will kill you.  Better a nice cup of tea.”

Chantal rolled her eyes.  “Lì’s tried, your mother tried, even your grandmother gave it a shot, but it’s no use.  I’m not a tea drinker.  I doubt I ever will be.”

Mace sighed.  “Americans.  Don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Do too.”  She gave him a sultry look.  “I’ve got you, haven’t I?”

Warmth speared through him, and he pulled her into his arms.  “Maybe American’s aren’t all stupid.”  Plucking the coffee cup out of her hand, he set it on the counter and gave her a long, deep kiss.  “Let’s go back to bed.”

She snorted and tried to push away.  “What are you?  A rabbit?  Half the day is already gone, and I’ve got work to do.”

He suddenly realized she was dressed.  “Work?  You’re going to work?”

Her eyes softened.  “Mace.  I was kidding about bringing in provisions.  We can’t stay here forever.”

  Lifting her hand, he nibbled on her fingers.  “I’m the boss, and I’ve decided today is a holiday.”

Giggling, she shook her head.  “You’re crazy, you know.  And as much as I wish I could take the day and stay with you, I can’t.  I’ve got appointments and rehearsal.”

“But I want to be with you,” he grumbled.  “Why’d you set all that up anyway?”

Her eyebrow winged up.  “Well, next time I toss caution to the wind and let a man I’ve been lusting after for weeks take me back to his room, I’ll make sure I don’t have anything scheduled the next day.”

Jealousy slapped him hard.  He jerked her close, making her gasp.  “The only man you’ll toss caution to the wind with is me!”

“Wow!”  Chantal’s mouth dropped open in surprise.  “You really can be a caveman.  But it’s kinda cute on you.”

Incredibly, he felt his face go red.  “I—”

“Mace,” she interrupted as she touched his cheek.  “You know very well you’re the only one I want.”

“I’m sorry.”  Pushing away his embarrassment, he bent and kissed her. “But I’m feeling pretty damn possessive of you this morning.  And I’m not sure that’s wrong.”

Her lips quirked into a smile.  “I didn’t say it was wrong.  In fact, I sort of like it.”  Her eyes narrowed.  “To a point.”

He lifted his hands.  “Point taken.  As long as you understand why I said it.”

“I do.” She went up on her tiptoes and kissed him lingeringly.  “But right now I have to go back to my room and get changed.”

“Lunch then,” Mace entreated, a part of him shocked he was begging.  But he’d been telling the truth when he’d said he didn’t want to be without her.  “A late one since it’s almost noon.”

“Make it four o’clock tea,” she teased as she treated him to a last kiss.  “A good healthy tea with real food.  I’ll even drink the stuff, just for you.”

Laughing, he went with her to the door.  “I can do that.  The Venetian serves a great high tea in the café near the casino.  Shall I meet you in your office, or the rehearsal hall?”

“The hall.  I’ll be showing Dié her new role as lead and starting on another dance as well.”

He kissed her again, wishing he could pick her up and carry her back to his bed.  “I’ll miss you.”

Her eyes caressed him.  “And I’ll miss you.  Think of me?”

“You know I will.”

“Good.”  She gave him a saucy smile and ran her hand down to his crotch and squeezed.  “Because I’ll definitely be thinking of you.”

* * * * *

Remembering her parting shot had Mace adjusting his cock several times during the day.  But he didn’t care.  The world was beautiful.  Things were great.  He was happy.  And it was all because Chantal finally belonged to him.

Oh, he knew she probably wouldn’t appreciate the wording, but he couldn’t help it.  His feelings were primitive towards her.  A part of him wanted to run down to the rehearsal hall, toss her over his shoulder and carry her away to where no other man could even look at her.  He had a feeling watching her dance now would be even more difficult.  Because she was so sexy, so desirable, he knew what all those other men were thinking.  Hell, he’d been right there with them.  Wanting her, needing her.  Going to any length to have her.

He rubbed his eyes and swore lightly.  The fact he did have her only made him feel a little better.  He knew as a performer, Chantal belonged to her audience, too.  Having to share that part of her would take a little getting used to.

But he’d seen the look in her eyes when he’d acted the caveman.  She’d liked the fact he was possessive, so if he could just make sure he didn’t go too far, he had a feeling instead of getting angry when he started to scratch and grunt, it might draw them even closer.

He’d already decided he was in it for the long hall.  If he’d thought he was in love with her before, he was sure of it now.  The night they’d spent together only whetted his appetite for more.  They were a perfect fit, their arguments almost as enjoyable as what they’d shared last night.  Oh, she had faults, he wasn’t blind to them, but they didn’t matter nearly as much as the wonder he felt when he held her close.  And the fun he had when they talked and laughed together made it clear that in or out of bed, she was the one he wanted to spend time with.

Granmum had been so right.

It was obvious his grand gesture of the night before had spread like wildfire though the whole casino.  His assistant grinned knowingly at him, and servers tittered behind their hands when he did his daily walk through.  One of the chefs offered to make him a special treat and deliver it to his rooms.  An aphrodisiac that would make his lady insatiable.

Mace figured it would be ungentlemanly to tell the man Chantal already was.

Everywhere he went, people smiled at him, whispered and giggled or just flat out congratulated him as if he’d won the lottery.  But then again, he was trying to win something pretty special.

If he was lucky, he would win Chantal’s heart.

There was a knock on the door and his assistant poked her head through.  The look on her face made him go tense.  “What is it?”

“You have someone to see you,” she whispered.  But before she could tell him who, the door flew open.

Hui Sun stood in the doorway.


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