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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Nine, Part Four

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Are you enjoying yourselves?  *VBG*  I know I am and Jonathon is a happy man too!  LOL  Shall we see what else Mace has in store for Chantal.  Betcha it's smokin'!!!!  Enjoy!

Hustle Into Love

Chantal’s breath clogged in her throat. Mace was so handsome, so gorgeously dangerous. He stood over her, hands on hips, like a debonair pirate claiming his precious treasure. His tuxedo was slightly mussed, his hair tousled and his usual shadowed chin was darker than normal—too busy putting together the evening’s festivities to do a last minute shave. He was everything she wanted and never expected to find. 

Mutely, she lifted her arms again.

The feel of his clothed body sliding over hers stole away what little breath she had left. It felt naughty…even wicked to be naked when he was still fully clothed. But those thoughts were whirled away when his mouth came down on hers one more time.

This kiss was desperate, as if he was holding onto his control by a thread. The familiar hands racing over her sent her desire spinning. He took her up and over the peak again, hard and fast, those clever fingers knowing exactly how to touch her.

Her scream of shock and surprise seemed to drive him mad. They rolled, bumping into furniture as he tried to shed his jacket and tie. Her blood as hot as his, she ripped his shirt open and sent buttons flying.

He said something she couldn’t hear. Something low and dark in a Chinese dialect she didn’t understand. He vibrated above her, his hands both rough and gentle at the same time as he cupped her, and sent her into yet another climax.

She felt as if her heart was going to explode. As if her bones had melted right into the floor. How, she wondered vaguely, could a body handle so much without just giving out? Desperate for his touch, wanting him more than ever, she tried to pull him on top of her, but all she got was a chuckle. 

Mace still wasn’t done. 

Before she could even blink, he had her up and sitting on top of the bar. The cool wood against her butt made her shiver, but the sight of Mace dropping to his knees between her thighs warmed her right up.

“God, Mace,” she croaked out as he pushed her legs apart. “I can’t. I mean…”

“Again,” he growled as he bent and nipped the soft flesh of her inner thigh. “Again and again and again.”

He blew gently on her quivering flesh then followed it up with a quick lick along the protective folds of her womanhood. She was so aroused, even that light touch made her shudder in desire, and when he used his fingers to open her fully, her eyes rolled back in her head. Unerringly, he traced his way along the soft moist flesh to the swollen bud of her clit. She whimpered as his tongue circled it, not quite touching, nudging her desires even higher. Over and over again he teased her. She wanted to grab his head and push him away. She wanted to pull him closer. And when he swept his tongue over her, deep into her, the orgasm hit her with all the speed of a bolt of lightning.

There were no words…nothing even left to scream. Her body jerked and thrashed, her nerves were racked with a desire she couldn’t even begin to express. Her skin sheened with perspiration…her hands knotted into fists at her side as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. And when it was over, all she could do was lay there, her eyes closed, gasping in air, her heart pounding so hard she was sure they could hear it in the casino below.

She almost flinched when his hand smoothed up over her trembling body to cup her breast. “You think we’re done?” Gently, he kissed first one side of her mouth then the other. “I don’t think so.”

“Mace,” she whispered. “Please. I want you inside me. Please.”

He shuddered hard, then without warning swept her up and into his arms. “Never let it be said I didn’t listen to my lady’s commands.” He tossed her on the bed and came down beside her. “But we’re going to do it my way.”

“You’re going to kill me,” she managed.

A chuckle escaped before he bent and kissed the tip of her breast. “I seem to remember saying the same thing to you.”

Remembering back to the time they’d almost lost control in the rehearsal hall, she had to grin. “So, I guess this is payback?”

“Payback,” he murmured as he bussed her lips, “of the best kind.”

She couldn’t help the sigh as his mouth moved over hers in a kiss that was as gentle as he’d been out of control earlier. She couldn’t keep up with him. She’d been ready for a race to the finish, and now it seemed as if he was back at the starting gate. Unable to do anything else, she just lay back and took the gift he offered. 

Lips to lips, warm and soft, a tender sliding of the tongue, a clever scrape of teeth. Her muscles trembled once then went lax.
“I want you.” His words were a caress in themselves. “I’ll never stop wanting you.”

Sudden tears threatened. “Mace.” Her shaky arms wrapped around him. “It’s never been like this before.”

His body shuddered and the kiss went deeper. “Chantal.” He whispered her name like a prayer. “Only you.”

The emotion that went through her at that simple statement was as wonderful and life giving as his lovemaking itself. Her surrender complete, she offered herself to him in the only way she knew how. Heart, mind, body and soul.

She reached for him, their mouths fusing together as he kicked off the rest of his clothes. The pleasure went deeper, grew edgier. She knew what it would be like now. Overwhelming, beyond glorious. She craved him…what he could give her, what she could give him. There was nothing she couldn’t imagine when they were in each other's arms.

Naked they came together, flesh finally against flesh. She kissed him again, eager for his taste, reveling in the feel of her blood heating as he stroked his hand up and over her breasts. She returned the favor, enjoying the ripple of muscle under her hands, the prickle of hair as his strong leg eased between hers. It was an erotic mix of textures, scents and tastes, and Chantal found she wasn’t just hungry…she was starved for all he could give her.

Their breaths mingled, began to quicken as need became a thunder in the blood. It flashed warm then hot as need gave way to howling desire.

“Now,” she said, her voice thick with passion. “Now, let me.”

He said nothing as she pushed him over on his back. His ebony eyes were darker than she’d ever seen, his face tight with suppressed passion. She rose over him, feeling the strength of his arms as he helped hold her aloft, but that sensation was chased away by the indescribable feeling of homecoming when she slowly lowered and took him in.

His fingers dug into her hips as she began to move, slowly rocking back and forth, hoping to drive him as crazy as he’d done her. His chest heaved…his body shuddered with each move of her body. Climax curled in her loins, sneaking closer and closer, but she fought it back. This time was for him, and she wanted him out of his mind with pleasure. 

The telltale throbbing of his cock within her told her he was close to exploding, but even then Mace still wouldn’t relinquish full control. His fingers slid down to where their bodies connected, and his thumb pressed against her clitoris. The sudden climax slashed through her without warning, and she cried out, a long throaty moan of greed and joy.

Her world spun as he reversed their positions, and drove into her, one wild thrust after another that ripped control out of her hands and put it back into his. He pounded into her, the sensations never-ending as he pushed her knees up and back so he could go even deeper.

A scream of mindless pleasure was torn from her, and in response, he captured her mouth with his and with one last driving plunge of his body, she felt him let go.

When she finally came back to herself, Mace was nibbling on her shoulder. She sighed and turned her face into his neck, enjoying the scent of his skin, knowing she could pick it out blindfolded in the midst of a hundred sweaty dancers. Her emotions wanted to spill out of her. How had she existed before she loved him? How would she go on if he left her?

“Hey,” he murmured, kissing the shoulder he’d been nipping. “What’s wrong? You just got tense.”

Chantal forced herself to relax. “Nothing. Just leftover nerves, I guess.”

“Hmmm.” Mace lifted himself up on his elbows and stared intently down at her rosy face. “Nerves?”

Sometimes he was like a hound with a bone. “Don’t worry.” She caressed his cheek with a shaky hand. “It’s a wonder I’m not a puddle on the floor after that.”

A flare of masculine satisfaction lit his eyes. “Told you I’d win the challenge.”

She had to giggle. “I think we both won.”

“Yes.” He brushed his mouth over hers. “It was incredible, Chantal. You were incredible.”

She softened even further. “Oh, Mace. I wish I could tell you how you make me feel.”

“Try,” he invited.

She wanted so badly to tell him she loved him. The words were right there on the tip of her tongue, just waiting to be voiced. But loving Mace was the scariest thing she’d ever done. Scarier than her first time dancing at Caesar’s or the time she’d been in the Philippians where rebels had kidnapped her entourage so she could dance for their leader. 

Both of those wound up ending all right, but she wasn’t sure her heart would recover if she told Mace how she felt and he got angry…or even worse—she shuddered—got all politely apologetic with her. That she knew she couldn’t bear.

“Chantal? Baby…what’s wrong? Tell—” The phone rang suddenly, making them both jump. 

Saved by the bell. 

Mace’s eyebrows came together in a fierce frown. “Damn it. I told them I was off for the rest of the night.” He glanced down at her apologetically. “I should probably get that.”

She nodded, inwardly thanking the unseen caller. “Sure. Go ahead.”

Rolling off her, he plucked the receiver out of the carriage. “D'Avranches.” 

As Chantal watched, he turned from a smug, satisfied lover to a furious and commanding CEO. “Are you sure?” Tossing back the covers, he swung his legs off the bed. “Where?” He listened for a moment before standing. “All right. Did you call the police? Good. Get everyone out of there. I’ll be right down.”

Chantal sat up as he slammed down the phone. “Mace? What is it?” 

“Get up, Chantal. Get dressed. Now.”

Unconsciously obeying the urgency in his voice, she scrambled out of the bed. “Why Mace? What’s going on?”

He turned, and his eyes, which just moments before she’d seen burning in passion, now flamed with fury.

“We just got a call. Someone has planted a bomb in the casino.”


Well...  SharonJM was waiting for a shoe to drop.  I'm thinking we just got a whole closet to fall on us!  Stay tuned on Tuesday to find out what happens next!!!!

BTW...still working on the FEEDBURNER problem.  Looks like I'm going to have to completely redo the thing.  *grumbles*  When I know it's burning properly, I'll send everyone a note to resubscribe.  Again, thanks for your patience. 

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Phylis said...

Good job dropping the bombshell!!! lol You cliffhanger Queen you! So hot and then what a cold shower! I think I know who the troublemaker is. :}

CJ England said...


Glad you liked it. And who knows who did it? I still haven't found out yet. LOL

Carrie said...

A bomb? Who in the world would do that oh wait could it be the ex? I guess we will find out on Tuesday.

SharonJM said...

I feel like I'm in the movies, wanting to yell watch out. And good love scene.

mamasand2 said...

Another great excerpt, CJ. I can't wait for the rest.

Have I mentoned that I hate these five days in between your posts? Torture, pure torture.


Ashley L said...

A bomb! Well, I think we all know who it is but whether we're right or not will have to wait until Tuesday. Excellent scene. Absolutely loved it.

CJ England said...


We'll see. You know how these two twist things around. LOL

CJ England said...

Thanks, SharonJM.

It was fun to write. That Mace.. WHEW!!!!

CJ England said...


LOL I know. If I was more prolific, I could do more, but I just have no time.

Glad you liked it.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Ashley,

I'm not sure who planted the thing. When you write like I do, things like this are a surprise. I had no idea it was coming.

Mannouchka said...

Dear Cj,

Sorry I am late tonight I have been working hard I just finish reading this entry again very ,very good work always a little suspence at then end I think I will guess like Phylis who is the troublemaker is....
So I have to wait Tuesday have a wonderful week cheers

CJ England said...


Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my latest cliffhanger! Have a wonderful weekend yourself!