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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hustle Into Love - Chapter Nine, Part Three

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Looks like you'll need some fan and an ice water for today's installment.  Mace and Chantal are about to do a little loving!  Enjoy!!!

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Hustle Into Love


God. He needed her. The taste, the feel of her, even the way she angered him sent desire racing through Mace’s body. It was edgy, almost painful, but he’d have it no other way. And the adrenaline bubbling up in him from the confrontation with Eric only made his feelings stronger.

Without another word, he dragged her to the floor, his blood firing even hotter at her gasp of surprise. Jerking her robe apart, he stared down at her naked body. Then, even as she lifted her hands to bring him closer, he flipped her to her stomach and whipped the robe off her completely.

“Mace!” Chantal’s shocked tone made him hesitate, but after a moment, he shook his head. Just for this once he wanted to be in complete control. He needed to know she would give in to his desires.

“Quiet,” he ordered as he came down on top of her. He bit gently at the soft nape of her neck and she shivered beneath him. “I’m going to do this my way. And you’re going to take it. Take me.”

She stiffened, and for a moment he thought he’d overplayed his hand. But to his relief, a moment later she relaxed, and her butt wriggled against him. “Okay,” she whispered in a breathy tone that made him ache all over again, “I can take anything you have to give me.”

“A challenge, sweetheart?” He laughed, his voice dark and low. “You should be careful. I never lose.”

“Really?” Her butt wiggled again. “So far all I see is talk. I always thought you were a man of action.”

Lust shot though him. “You want action? I’ll give you action.”

So swiftly she didn’t have time to prevent it, Mace grabbed the belt from Chantal’s robe and bound her hands together. Her squeak of surprise made him chuckle, but when she tried to roll over, he held her down, his lips caressing her throat.

“I’m in charge now, honey, and I’m going to do things to you that will make you want to scream. I’m going to kiss you, starting with these beautiful lips—“ Mace put action to words, “—and the end up at your toes. And what I do to you in between you will never forget.

“M-Mace.” She trembled like a leaf, but it wasn’t fear he heard in her voice, it was passion. “Let me touch you.”

“Not this time, Princess,” he whispered, biting her earlobe then licking the mark he’d left. “I’m going to touch you.”

And he did.

He started, just as he’d promised, at her mouth. Teasing her, he nipped at her lower lip then nibbled his way into a full kiss. His tongue slid into her mouth to tangle with hers as he took the embrace deeper and deeper. She tasted delicious, like spice and the tart bite of kiwi, and he found he couldn’t get enough. And when her lips clung to his, seeking to be even closer, he thought he might die from the beauty of it.

His head spun and he abruptly realized he’d forgotten to breathe. Tearing his mouth from hers, he sucked in air, then bent and kissed her again. When his hand traced down her side, sneaking under her body to claim a rounded breast, she cried out and he swallowed the sound with a chuckle.

Letting her go, he kissed down the back of her neck, delighting in the shivers she couldn’t control. He tasted every inch of her, the scent…the very texture of her soft skin, imprinting itself on him in a way he knew he’d never forget. But he didn’t stop. The breathy little cries she uttered had him hard as a rock, and his underwear was already streaked with pre-come. 

But he fought back the need. By the time he finished with her, she would be the one out of control. Just like she’d made him so many times before.

He continued his foray down her slender back, his tongue licking down her spine as at the same time his hands moved to hold her hips still. Mace had the feeling when he finally got to where he was going, all hell would break loose.

And he was right. When his mouth caressed the cleft of Chantal’s beautiful ass, she bucked beneath him and cried out his name. Mace gave one single thought to the bodyguard next door before he put the man and the worry out of his mind. There was no way he was going to let Eric’s presence ruin the moment.

His tongue slid in carefully between her rounded cheeks, tracing downwards to tease the soft folds hidden below. Chantal gasped and whimpered, but instead of trying to get away, she arched closer, obviously appreciating his ministrations. It made his blood boil hotter, and he had to fight the overwhelming need to rip his pants open and stab deep between those quivering mounds.

To gain control, he nipped down her body, passing by the sultry cleft between her thighs and nibbling down the back of her legs. She moaned, and the air was suddenly filled with the sexy scent of her arousal. Mace again had to fight not to take her hard and fast. Everything in him shouted to do just that.

“Mace,” she whimpered, her legs shaking as he tickled them with his tongue. “You’re making me crazy. Please. I want you.”

He chuckled at the desperation he heard in her voice. “Not yet, love. We’ve still got a long way to go.”

Her muttered, “Oh, God!”, made him chuckled harder, but he didn’t stop what he was doing. Slowly, he kissed her ankles, holding onto her feet when they jerked in reaction. A quick kiss to the callused balls of her feet and then he was nibbling on her slender pink toes.

She gasped out his name and wriggled frantically, trying to get away. He knew she was ticklish, but he wanted her so sensitive, so stimulated that when he did what he was planning to do next, her passion and pleasure would be overwhelming.

“Stop. Mace. Stop.” She kicked out at him, but he held her easily. Ignoring her command, he moved to the other foot, licking and kissing her until she was almost weeping with a mixture of outrage and desire.

“Shhh, sweetheart,” he soothed as he kissed his way back up the other leg. “Admit it. It felt good.”

Before she could answer, he bit her ass, and she gave a little scream of surprise. But the spicy scent of her arousal grew stronger, and as his cock throbbed in response, Mace knew it was time for the next act of what he was hoping would be a stellar performance.

Easing his arm beneath her stomach, he lifted her so one shoulder was braced on the carpet. He kissed her beautiful ass, allowing his tongue to slip deep to tickle at the shadowed recess beneath.

Chantal trembled and wriggled, but he held her firmly. He licked up and down the quivering folds, enjoying both the sweet taste of her as well as the soft cries she made as she struggled. Carefully, he separated the lips of her womanhood and flicked his tongue across her swollen clitoris.

“Oh, God, Mace!” She screamed it as her body shuddered in reaction. She bucked against him again and suddenly his mouth was filled with her juices. Her climax took him by surprise—he hadn’t known she was so close, but it didn’t stop him. Triumphant, he continued licking and teasing until she was writhing so hard in his arms he could barely hold her. A second, even more powerful orgasm wrenched through her, and Mace gritted his teeth as he felt her shiver and sob out his name again.

Quickly, he unbound her hands and pushed her over onto her back. Her eyes, a misty, glowing gold stared up at him. “Please, Mace,” she whispered hoarsely as she lifted her arms to him. “Please, I need you inside me.”

He stared down at her, his body aching, his heart racing with passion and love. But he shook his head and forced down the howling lust that made him want to leap and ravage. “Not yet,” he murmured. “You think I’m done with you?” He shook his head and smiled.

“Sweetheart, I’m just getting started.”


Oh my!  *fans self*  I think I need to go find my sweet baboo.  LOL  And it doesn't sound like Mace is done yet.  I love a sexy hot hero don't you?  Don't forget to stop back on Thursday and see what else he has in mind!

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Ashley L said...

Oh My Goodness! Wow! Umm ... can I trade place please! Mace is turning out to be one of those men you'd be stupid to ever let go! Can't wait until Thursday to see what he does next.

CJ England said...

*grin* I know. I love heroes who know how to use their hands. And lips. LOL

Mannouchka said...

Woo, woo that's a very sensuel and erotic ,good work again CJ
I am waiting for Thursday.
Have a wonderful evening

Phylis said...

I so should not have read this before going to bed! I am going to have trouble getting to sleep! lol Hot oh so Hot! WOW! Thursday's should be smoking!

Carrie said...

Still can't beleive how good this is getting. can't wait to see what Mace is going to do.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Mannouchka,

I'm glad you like it!


CJ England said...

LOL Phylis,

Hope you made it thru the night. *grin* Glad you liked it.

CJ England said...


I know. I had so much fun writing what's coming up I didn't stop. I'm almost two weeks ahead. Yippee!!!

SharonJM said...

This is so sweet and sexy. So why am I waiting for the shoe to drop?

CJ England said...


Because you know me. LOL

Thursday's installment should be smokin'. In more ways than one!