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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Hey all,

I hope you all enjoyed the story of Hustle Into Love.  It is the first in my series of stories set around the world at the different places my sweet baboo and I have traveled.  This story will be added to the archive on my website and may even eventually be published as a FREE READ on Amazon or similar sites.

But where did the idea for this story come from?  Obviously I haven't ever been a victim of human trafficking, and I thank God that no one I know personally has, but after living in Macau I saw another side to this story that is more than the media views we see in the USA.

First off, you're exposed to the problem literally as soon as you get off the boat.  Amid all the billboards about gambling, personal hygiene and dead baby pigeons, they have video screens right in immigration that warn of this despicable practice.  I was surprised, since Macau is trying to reinvent itself as the Vegas of the East.  But I also had to admire the fact the government is putting people above profit and giving the warning at all.

The video is frightening.  It's in Chinese, but you don't have to understand the language to see the pictures.  Young men and women found in horrible and inhuman conditions, forced to sell themselves as sex toys to the pathetic perverted wishes of those who can afford whatever they want.  They don't sugarcoat it, and I found myself reluctantly fascinated as I waited to have my passport stamped.

Up until that time while I'd known this practice was out there, it had never been real to me.  I'd seen documentaries but that was so far away.  Now, I was living in the middle of it and I'm ashamed to say it took that sort of a two by four to make me really understand the evil.

It affected me.  I can't honestly say why it touched me so deeply, but it did.  I can still see the hopelessness of the eyes on those children who'd quit being children the day they were abducted.  And, so when I decided to write about Macau, even though I wanted to share about the exotic locale and the beautiful casinos built there, I couldn't help but bring this ugliness in and use it to make my readers a little more aware.

Now, there are many organizations out there trying to fight and end this disgusting trade and it seems more people are being made aware, but if we want to end human trafficking completely, we have to do more.  Each of us may be able to do something different.  Volunteer, write, stuff envelopes or give money.  You know what you can do best.  Do it.

So now you know the rest of the story.  Why the story was written the way it was.  One of my reviewers made a comment that all my books have some kind of social commentary, but I honestly don't set out to make any kind of social statement.  It just happens.  

But social statement or not, the story was fun to write and I'd like to continue that fun just a bit longer.  So, as promised an easy contest to say thank you to all who took the time to read, comment and enjoy Hustle into Love.


In the comment's below, write out in 25 words or more the answer to these questions:

1.  What is your favorite part of the story and why?
2.  Where would you like to see the next FREE READ take place?  Why?

Make sure you put your name in the comment as well so I can choose a winner.  And that will happen one week from today.  All comments will be put in a hat and the winner chosen randomly by my sweet baboo!

The winner will receive their choice of one of my published books or, if you already have all of them, let me know and we'll work something else out.  The winner will also receive a special treat from here in Barcelona.  So make sure you make your comments descriptive and complete so you can be entered!

I'll be back in a week to announce the winner so until then you all have a great week and in honor of Mace and Chantal, give someone you love a kiss and a squeeze!


CJ England


Ashley L said...

I think my favorite part of the story was just after the bomb went off in the hotel and Chantal blurted out that she loved Mace. This is something that I can see myself doing, telling the man I love that I love him by yelling it at him! LOL. But you also know that it's the truth and from the heart when it comes out like that in an intense situation.

Where would I like to see the next FREE READ take place? Spain wouldn't be such a bad place. I've always wanted to visit there and didn't get the chance to when I was studying abroad.

I just went back and read that it said 25 words or more. I'm glad it didn't say less as I have troubles editing myself. Thanks for the great story CJ!!!


Carrie said...

I think my favorite part of the story was the beginning when we frist me Chantal and Li. It was such a sweet innocent moment between them.

I would like to see a story take place in Germany or Austria.

Phylis said...

I think my favorite part was after the rescue and Mace proposed to Chantal. I loved the warmth and laughter and every body watching.

As for The next Free Read...I'm torn between Paris and Scotland. Paris, I could see it being a young artist on her first trip away being inspired by all the richness of Paris and finding love of course. lol Scotland would maybe be someone that went away from home because of something tragic that happened (fiance or family killed or some such thing) and finding love in the Highlands. *grin* Ok. I'm done. lol

Mannouchka said...

My favorite part is when Chantal enter in that boat and so other people who were going to be sell for human traffic
and that she tried to find people to fight back for their freedoom.And that little boy Deshi was the one who want to help.I am happy she abopt him.
As always CJ you write wonderful story.
Your next story may be from Spain to Scotland romantic and science fiction like this GHOSTS of the knigh templar and alien
I wish you a wonderful week

CJ England said...

Thanks all. You're entered!!!! I'll be back next week with the winner!!!