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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 1 Part 3

 Hey all,

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful one.  Down here in Rio it was a bit different--all that sand, surf and tropical stuff around us.  But it was a good day, starting with presents and yummy Brazilian French Toast. And it ended with a great Christmas dinner after which we viewed the world's biggest Floating Christmas Tree.  

An unusual Christmas to say the least.  One we'll always remember.  Next year we have no idea where we'll be, so we plan on enjoying every minute we have in South America.

So, as I promised, I've shown you my inspirations for Eran and Amaris.  Now take a gander at the inspiration for the luscious and delightfully naughty Asmodeous.  A real GQ model, Emilio Flores is definitely hunky and perfect for my demon villain!  Though he was so handsome, I had a hard time making him so evil.  LOL

But who knows maybe good will triumph over evil in a way that changes everything and everyone for the best.  Hey!  It couldn't happen!!!

Enjoy today's FREE READ!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


There was another flash of light, and the dark man hissed, his green eyes glowing like twin emeralds.  Quickly, he took a step backwards.
“If you take his hand,” the new voice said, “your life will change, but it will not be for the better.”
More fear shot through Amaris when she heard the second man’s statement.  Turning, she gasped aloud as their eyes met.  The pain in her back lessened for a moment as she just gaped at him.  The first man was beautiful, but this one was just as attractive in a totally different way.
His face was rough hewn and showed signs of a scar below one slightly slanted eyebrow.  Calm hazel eyes gazed at her, and for the first time that night, she felt a measure of peace return.  He was taller and broader built than the first man, and unlike her savior, he was dressed all in white, wearing pale leather pants that hugged his body, extenuating his maleness.  A cream colored lace-up shirt left his wide chest partially bare.  She could see a sprinkling of chestnut hair.  Curls of the same color covered his head to flow down to his shoulders.
Emotion streaked through Amaris—twin feelings of desire and confusion.  “Who are you?” she whispered.
His firm mouth quirked briefly.  “I am Eran.  And I am a Watcher.  I have come for you, angel.”
Her heart fell to her shoes, and she swallowed down more sickness.  Terror flared again and along with it, her back flamed with raw fire.  It was such agony, her eyes overflowed with tears.  “A...watcher?”  She barely was able to speak through the pain.  “Are…are you some sort of crazy?”
“Ignore him,” the first man said softly as his eyes went smoky.  “I am Asmodeous.  Give me your hand, and let me take you away right now.”
Amaris’ stomach twisted.  Instinctively she shook her head.  “I just want to go home.”
“That wouldn’t be prudent,” the man called Eran said gently.  “There is more at stake here than you understand.  Please, little one, don’t cry.  Something is happening to you.  Something I can help you with.  I can take away the pain and help you to understand everything.  All I ask is you hear me out.  But you shouldn’t go with him.  This you must believe.”
“Liar,” Asmodeous snapped, his dark eyes blazing with hate.  Then he turned back to Amaris, and his tone gentled.  “Come with me, my darling.  Let me deal with the pain you are in.  I will make everything better for you.
“You are a deceiver and a liar,” Eran growled.  “With you, her agony will only become worse.  You do not even come before her in your real form.  Why should she believe anything you say?” 
Asmodeous blinked.  “I am hiding nothing.”  He turned to Amaris whose confusion was growing by the second.  The more they spoke, the less she understood.  He lifted his hands away from his body.  “See...  I am just a normal man who wants to help you.”  Smiling, he revealed perfect, even teeth.  “I helped you before, didn’t I?  Trust me now.”
He had helped her, it was true.  But things were too confusing.  She was laying deathly sick in an alley with two men fighting over her.  It was crazy!  It couldn’t be real.
“It is very real.”  Eran’s voice penetrated her musings, and she stared up at him in shock as she realized he had heard her thoughts.
“We both can hear you,” Asmodeous said quickly.
Amaris swallowed hard.  “Then neither of you are normal men.  Who are you?  W-What are you?
  “I only said I was normal, so you wouldn’t be afraid,” Asmodeous said quickly, his gaze filled with sincerity.  “But while I only want to take care of you, this creature wants to hurt you.  Come with me, and let me save you again.”
“Don’t lie to her.”  Eran’s hazel eyes turned to gold as his anger grew.  “Show her what you really are.”
“What’s going on?” Amaris cried, scooting back against a smelly garbage bin.  It hurt, but she had to get away from them both.  Before it was too late.  “Neither of you is telling me the whole truth.  I don’t know how I know, but I do.”
Eran nodded.  “You are right.  There is more to it than what we have said so far.  And I will tell you the truth.  Anything you ask me, I promise to explain.”
“No, he won’t,” snarled Asmodeous.  “All Watchers are liars.”
Her gaze went between the two men as what they were saying finally penetrated the pain.  “You know each other.”
“We do,” Eran replied as his steady gaze captured hers once more.  “Yours is not the first soul we’ve done battle over.”


I'll be back next Sunday with another installment.  I hope you have a happy and safe New Year!!!!

CJ England

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Carrie said...

Love the new story. Can't wait to read more.

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Oooohhh, a little rivalry between good and evil. I wonder how they'll get Amaris to choose. Can't wait for next week!

Phylis said...

Such a bummer to wait a WHOLE week for the next installment! AUGH! lol Love it so far!