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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 2 Part 1

Hey all,

Happy New Year, everyone!

I can't believe it's already 2014.  I feel like 2013 not only raced by, but was filled with so many adventures, fun, pain, tragedies, joy and stories, my life was blessedly full.  I can't wait to experience 2014.  Our life is already an adventure, so what else might be in store for us?

I look forward to finding out.

I hope you're enjoying the story so far.  I'm editing and rewriting as I go, expanding some of the story so even those of you who may have read parts of the story before will find some surprises.  :-)  So, here is the next installment of the FREE READ.  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Two
The Choice

Amaris’ eyes widened.  “Soul?  What are you talking about?  Who are you?”
“You want the truth?” Asmodeous interrupted Eran.  He smiled again, and Amaris was torn between shuddering and falling into his arms.  “I am a representative of an organization that wants to help you learn how to control what is happening to you.  Come with me, and all your needs will be met.  You will have great riches and anything your heart desires.  Your wellbeing will be our first priority, and all who meet you will see how wondrous your powers are.  They will worship you like the god you should be.”
“Excuse me?”  Amaris’ mouth dropped open as her panic grew.  “I’m no god!  What powers?  I have no powers.”
“You are going through a change,” Eran said softly.  “You will be able to do many things you couldn’t before.  Come with me, and I will explain all to you.”
“Don’t listen to him!  He wishes to steal your powers so you will be weak and helpless.  He is a predator, out only for himself.”
“As usual,” the auburn haired man growled, “you speak lies coated with innuendos and fear.  He is not who he pretends to be, little angel.  Come with me now, and all will be well.”
Amaris covered her ears.  Her head pounded, and she was so exhausted and frightened she wanted to be sick.  “No!  Both of you go away!  I don’t know either of you.  I just want to be left alone.”
“Now, now...”  The man called Asmodeous smiled at her as if she was a cranky child.  “Enough of that.  I am here to help.  If you want to go home, I will take you.  I swear.”
“He is a liar.”  Eran’s beautiful eyes narrowed.  “Do not believe him.  He will not help, but will corrupt you and enjoy doing it.”
Asmodeous hissed angrily.  “I am hiding nothing from you, sweetheart.  I am just what I said.  Someone, who wants to help you.  In fact—” a slow smile touched his lips, “—allow me to show you I am here for you in all ways.  Behold.”
A flash of light lit up the alley, and Amaris blinked back tears of pain.  But her eyes went even wider when she saw the dark man standing before her.
“As you can see,” he murmured silkily, “I don’t need to hide anything.  All I am, you see before you.  Choose to come with me, and I will belong to you.” 
Now Amaris was positive she was dreaming.  Probably the most handsome man she’d ever met basically snapped his fingers, and his clothes had disappeared.  He stood before her, completely naked and so mouthwateringly hot, she was aroused even with the pain shooting through her body.
Asmodeous was perfect.  First that GQ face, and his body looked like something sculpted by one of the great masters.  Strong shoulders and arms, with rippling chest muscles stretched down into a tight stomach.  He had lean, hard thighs and powerful calves, and his tan was perfectly even, not a white line anywhere.  Her eyes were drawn next to his groin and she blushed.  Oh God...  He looks just as good there.  His cock was long and thick, and as she watched, it swelled under her gaze.  Soon he had an impressive erection, the wide head pointing straight up to the stars.
He chuckled at her awed face.  Reaching down, he slowly stroked his penis, making it go even harder.  “You excite me, my love.  I have never met a woman such as you.  It will be good between us.  I can be yours.  All this and more if you follow me.  I will give you anything you want...including myself.”


Hope you enjoyed that!  I'll be back next Sunday with another installment.  Take care and enjoy the start of 2014!!!

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

Of course, bad guy using sex to get her on his side. It's certainly going to be fun to see how this developed.

Phylis said...

Well...Damn! Have to wait a whole week! *sigh* lol Thanks CJ!

Carrie said...

LOL...I can only hope that she can see past the perfect image.