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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 2 Part 2

Hey all,

I hope your new year is going well.  I loved the way we celebrated ours...hopefully a good sign of the year to come.  And I hope you're enjoying the FREE READ so far.  I'm having fun myself, re-looking at it and adding bits and pieces as we go.  I can't want to see how it turns out.

So, anyway, enjoy this installment of the FREE READ. And may your days be filled with love, laughter and light!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


She stared at him for another long moment, her thoughts in turmoil.  Then her gaze moved to Eran as he stood there silently watching.  He shook his head.
“I cannot give you everything, little angel.  It is not in my power, nor is it the Watcher way.  There will be no riches or worship if you come with me.  But I do promise to tell you the truth.”  His hazel eyes flicked toward Asmodeous.  “And I will give you something he cannot.  I will protect you with my very life.  No harm will come to you if you come with me now.”
He slowly pulled his sword from its scabbard.  Blinding white light shot up toward the heavens.  “And unlike him, I swear to give you the choice, but—” his lips quirked up in a wry grin, “—I will not take my clothes off to convince you.”
Amaris found herself smiling back at him.  Eran drew her in ways, even with his perfect looks, Asmodeous couldn’t.  But she was still so confused.  She looked at both of them.  “You haven’t told me what you are.”
“We are the same as you,” Asmodeous whispered, putting out his hand to her.  She felt the pull of his personality and had to shake her head to clear it.  “We are all different threads in the same weaving.”
“In a way,” Eran said quietly, “he speaks the truth, but it is much more than that.  A better answer would be, I stand for good, and he stands for evil.  Do you understand?”  When Amaris only shook her head, he pointed the sword towards Asmodeous.
“What it means is I am one of Heaven’s angels, and he...he is Demon Spawn.”
Confusion, fear and awe all raced through Amaris at once.  It was crazy.  She was lying in an alley with two men who most likely escaped from the nuthouse, but for some reason she could fathom, she found herself believing him.  The magic they had done, the bright lights, the emotions she was feeling...even the excruciating pain.  It didn’t make sense, but somehow, she knew it was true.
Her gaze swiveled between the two men.  “If that is true, and you say I’m the same...w-what does that make me?”
“Mine.”  Asmodeous took a step closer, and his green eyes gleamed.  “You are one of mine.  Take my hand and come with me.  Let me take you away.  The pain will soon be gone, and we can celebrate your birth.”
Amaris scooted further away.  “That doesn’t answer my question.  What am I?”
Eran nodded his head, his face wreathed in satisfaction.  “Well asked, little angel.  And here is my answer.  You are something special.  Something we haven’t seen for a very long time.  You are what I search for. You are what I protect.”  He bowed reverently, his eyes never leaving her face.
“You are Nephilim.”
The word tickled something inside her.  Exhilaration and fear warred, making a yearning begin to grow...a need to know more.  “I know that word.  I’ve heard it.  It means...”  Her voice trailed off as she remembered, and her face went ghostly white.
“Yes,” Eran continued gently, watching both Amaris and his restless enemy.  “You are Nephilim.  The child of an angel and a human.  You have come of age.  What we call emerged into your powers.  Only then can we find you.  And it is then you must choose between darkness and light.”
“Enough!” Asmodeous’ mouth tightened.  “It is time to come with me.  Give me your hand, and let us go.”  He took a step forward, but was prevented from coming closer when Eran’s sword slashed down in front of him.
“She must choose.”
The darker man snarled.  There was another flash of light, and he was once more dressed in his fancy suit.  “She has made her choice.  I saved her.  The girl wants me.  She will come with me.  Now!”
Amaris moaned aloud.  The pain in her body was overwhelming.  So strong, so agonizing, it was hard to think.  She knew something was happening, and even though it was nuts, the story about her being some half angel sounded better than the fact she might be dying of an aneurism.  It seemed obvious the two men both wanted her to choose between them, but what should she do?  Asmodeous had saved her, but there was something about Eran that made her feel safer than she’d felt in a long time.  It didn’t make sense, but...
She jumped a foot when she felt a small brush of fur against her hand.  Looking down she saw a small brown mouse.  It stared up at her with what was an almost human expression.
“Don’t choose evil,” it squeaked.  “Choose good!”
Her eyes widened, and her heart pounded in shock.   But before she could do anything about the fact she could understand the mouse’s words, there was a blast of sulfurous blood-red light.  It pooled around the tiny hapless creature, and the mouse gave an agonized squeal.  Before her horrified eyes, the tiny animal was incinerated.  Amaris’ stomach lurched in sickness as she touched the burnt corpse.  Her angry gaze lifted to Asmodeous’.  The demon shrugged.
“I don’t like it when something interferes,” he hissed.  “It is time to go, halfling.  Come...now!”


Uh-oh.  I think things are going to get a little crazy now.  I don't believe the demon is a happy camper.  I wonder what he'll do now?  I guess we'll see next week.

See you then!

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

Okay, I'd be freaked out by a talking moise too! Then I'd kick some demon butt for killing it and go with Eran!

Phylis said...

Don't remember the mouse from last time but I could be wrong. lol I don't think she's very happy with Asmodeous right now.