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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 3 Part 1

Hey all,

I think many women have a fantasy about being rescued by a hot, handsome man.  Or angel.  *grin*  I know if I were in trouble, I'd want Eran to take care of me.  Shall we see what happens next?  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Three
First Awareness

The wound in her shoulder was worse than it looked.  It was a jagged, ugly cut that went all the way down to the bone.  Even a Nephilim would feel it, and for it to happen at the same time as an emergence made the pain all that much greater.  No wonder she’d passed out.  No wonder she’d slept through the cleaning and doctoring of it.
Of that, Eran was glad.  He wasn’t sure he would be able to handle her cries of pain again.  Before, he’d been distracted by the demon, but now his whole focus was on her...and the intriguing and distracting emotions she made him feel.
He’d flown them both back to his aerie.  A place high above the city in one of the abandoned rooms of a holy place.  A citadel against evil, Christ’s Church was one of the oldest places of worship in this new country.  Because of its age, the single room in the upper belltower had been closed off due to structural concerns.  Using his angelic powers, he had shored it up and made it safe.  This was the place Eran called home until he was summoned back to Heaven or sent to serve his Lord elsewhere.
It had been difficult.  To treat the new angel’s wounds and not react to the fact she was a woman.  Eran had not been in such close contact with a female in over a millennia, and Amaris was a beautiful one.  Long, dark hair flowed over her shoulders, and when he pushed it away from the wound, even coated with dust and grime, he could feel its silkiness.  Her face was heart shaped with a turned up nose and soft full lips.  Ebony brows winged up over eyes whose color was still unknown to him.  In the alley, it had been too dark to see, even with all the angelic light being tossed around.
He prayed for forbearance and strength when he had to strip off her clothes to tend her wound.  She was soft and feminine, with lush curves and sleek limbs that made him fight to remember he was a heavenly angel.  He left her sapphire blue bra and panties on, knowing he shouldn’t put himself in the position of touching parts of her that were forbidden.  As it was, he was already struggling to keep from smoothing his rough, callused hands over her sweet body.  Clenching his jaw, he cleaned her wound, using angelic power to make sure there was no demon taint in it, before sending his healing energy through her.  Then he cleaned the rest of her, knowing instinctively this woman wouldn’t want to have any of the filth of the alley on her.
Eran’s body tightened as he wiped the grime from her hair.  The feel of the soft strands moving through his fingers made him long to pull her close and feel the softness of her naked body against him.  When she moaned, it was all he could do to not to join her on his big bed.
Jerking in shock at his own thoughts, he stumbled backwards away from the young Nephilim.  His heart pounded as he clenched and unclenched his fists.  What was he doing?  Thinking?  This was not the proper attitude of a Watcher.  Angelic beings may love, but sex for the sake of sex?  Lust? That wasn’t something indulged in.  At least...not often.  And never with one under their protection.
Moving quickly, he covered her with a blanket, his body relaxing once her beauty was hidden.  Unable to help himself, he ran a finger over her slightly parted lips.  He gritted his teeth when he felt his cock twitch in reaction to the moist softness.  That hadn’t happen to him in centuries.  What was it about this female that brought out needs he thought he’d long ago put behind him?
He shook his head, and turning away, he strode towards the window.  A quick turn around the city was in order.  That way he could make sure evil had truly been defeated.  And more importantly, it would give his blood a chance to cool. 

* * * * *
Amaris came back to awareness slowly, feeling as if she were swimming through quicksand.  She felt the brush of something soft against her cheek, and she opened blurry eyes to see that she was literally eyeball to eyeball with a mouse.  Her cry of dismay was caught in her throat as the little creature patted her cheek and then moved away to a safer distance.  Turning, it gazed at her, its unblinking dark eyes curious.
“Feel better?” it squeaked.
She closed her eyes again.  She was either nuts or that mouse was really talking to her.  With a rush, all that had happened earlier came back to her and she jerked upright.  When she saw she was wearing only her underwear, she gasped and snatched the blanket up to her chin.  Staring fearfully around her, she prayed it was all a nightmare and she’d soon awaken in her very own bed, even though she knew instinctively...this was no dream.


I've always wished I could talk to critters.  It's a cool gift that Nephilim are said to have.  I wonder what else Amaris can do?  Stay tuned to next Sunday's installment to find out!

See you then!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

Loved it! Poor Eran is definitely having sinful thoughts for an angel. Thanks for sharing CJ. Look forward to next Sunday!

Ashley L said...

I'm loving it! Eran is definitely having sinful thoughts, lol. Amaris is so cool to be able to speak to animals although I'd be freaked to be awoken by a mouse too!

Carrie said...

I loved this installment. Eran is so cool and so is Amaris. Not sure if I would want the ability to talk to animals but it seems to be a cool gift so far.