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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 3 Part 2

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Safe, high above the city in a private aerie with a heavenly angel.  Sounds romantic to me.  Or at least it sounds like the possibility of romance!  LOL  Shall we find out if romance is in the air for Eran and Amaris?  Enjoy this latest installment.

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Where was the one called Eran?  If this was all true, he’d saved her.  Saved her from a demon from Hell.  Amaris shivered.  How was it possible?  She believed in God.  Went to church when she could, but the whole angel / demon thing had never really made an impression on her.  And if those two men were right...  She stiffened.  Could it be she was one herself?
“Is okay,” the mouse squeaked up at her.  “Eran is good angel.  You be okay.”
“How can I understand you?” she whispered.  Carefully, she put out her hand, and the tiny animal climbed her fingers to curl up in her palm.  “I must be going crazy.”
“No, little angel,” came a deep voice.  “There is nothing crazy about you.”
Amaris’ head shot up, and she watched as the chestnut-haired man stepped inside the huge window.  Her mouth went dry when his huge luminous wings folded and somehow disappeared into his back.  She couldn’t say a word as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.
“How do you feel?”
It took several tries before she could speak.  “Like...like I’m in a bad dream, and I can’t...wake up.”
He smiled gently.  “I’m sorry you were frightened.  I tried to get to you as quickly as possible, but since Asmodeous was already there, I was unable to prevent the confrontation.”
She barely noticed when the mouse jumped from her hand and scampered over to climb to the angel’s shoulder.  “I’m so confused.  Where am I?  What am I?  Why is this happening to me?”
Eran sighed.  “Your confusion is understandable.  All that you’ve known is changing.  I will answer any question I can...help in any way to make it easier for you.  It is what I’m here for.”
“What are you?” she whispered.  Before he could answer, she rubbed her forehead.  “I mean...I understand you’re some type of angel.  God!  I can’t believe I’m saying that, but I saw the wings.  I felt your power.  But why me?  Why did you come after me?”
He reached forward and took her small hand in his larger one.  The contract steadied her, just as his beautiful eyes had calmed her earlier, during the battle.  “I am a Watcher.  My primary duty is to seek out newborn Nephilim.  Those who have just emerged into their powers.  As I said, we don’t know who you are until you use your powers for the first time.  It is only then, we—both good and evil—can sense you.”
She shook her head.  “And I...emerged tonight?  Is that why I got so sick?”
His smile flashed, and her heart skipped a beat.  He was so very attractive.  “Your new birth was precipitated by the attack.  It happens that way sometimes.  Strong emotion can unlock your true nature.  Your fear of being raped gave you the strength to allow those inner powers...powers you didn’t even know you had, to come to the forefront.  You were able to fight off your attackers, but using that energy gave away who and what you are.”  He smiled again.  “So I was able to find you.”
“And so was that demon.”
Eran squeezed her hand wishing he could erase the fear he heard in her voice.  “He was there already.  Asmodeous is a high-ranking demon of rape and debauchery.  One of the Demon Spawn elite.  He is very dangerous, and often walks the streets just to cause mischief.  He had no idea what you were until you emerged.”
“But...now he does.”  Amaris’ eyes filled with tears.  “He knows about me.  What will I do?”
Without thinking, Eran gathered her against him comfortingly.  He smoothed his hand over her naked back, and pressed his lips to her forehead.  “I will protect you, little angel.  It is my duty and will be my joy.  We have waited long for one such as you.”
She huddled against him as if absorbing his strength.  “I don’t understand.  He said that, too.  Why am I so important?”
“You are the first female Nephilim born in a very long time,” he answered her softly.  “And your emergence was the strongest one I’ve ever seen.  You have much strength inside you.  Power I will teach you to use.”
A shiver racked her.  “And the demons?  They won’t leave me alone, will they?”
He wished he could tell her they would, but he was very sure the opposite was true.  If she’d been a male Nephilim, the enemy would have tried tempting him, but once under the protection of God’s angels, it was exceedingly rare a Nephilim would turn corrupt.  This female, however, would be different.  Satan would do everything he could to bring her to his side, and temptation wouldn’t be their only weapon.  Her strength and uniqueness would bring out the very hounds of Hell to capture her, willing or not.


*Shiver*  Too scary.  To have all that evil after you.  Thank goodness there is a heavenly angel around to protect Amaris.  I wonder how he'll do it?  Stay tuned for next Sunday's installment!  And have a great week!

CJ England

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This is just great! I wish the installments were longer as it feels like it is just getting to the good stuff when it ends! Cannot wait for next week!

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I kinda wish they were a little longer also! But I understand...but it is hard to wait a whole week! lol

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Can't wait to see the next installment

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