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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 3 Part 3

Hey all,

One last installment and I'll be back from my vacation.  I'll check the comments and respond as I can.  Meanwhile, let's see how Amaris handles being protected by a heavenly angel, shall we?


The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Shaking his head, he leaned back and smiled at her.  “You must not fear.  I have been a Watcher for millennia, and I have not lost a Nephilim yet.  I will protect you.  And once you understand all you can be, you can protect yourself, and Hell will have no hold on you.”
Her eyes—he now saw they were a beautiful sapphire blue—searched his face.  “Are you sure?”
Cupping her cheek in his hand, he nodded.  “This I swear to you.  I will not allow Asmodeous or anything else to hurt you.  I am your Watcher...your protector and teacher.”  He gritted his teeth as his body suddenly reacted to her nearness.  It was his own fault, he knew he shouldn’t have gotten this close, but her tears had done him in.  How would he teach her when all he wanted to do was make love to her?
“Eran?  What’s wrong?  You’ve gotten so stiff.”
He almost laughed.  She was certainly right about that.  A specific part of his anatomy was as stiff as a pike and getting harder.  “It is nothing, little angel.  I was...just thinking about all the wonders I have to show you.”  Eran pushed out of his mind the thought he’d like to start by teaching her to touch him intimately.  Shaking himself, he sent a prayer winging to heaven for forgiveness and mercy.  And strength.  “I just realized I don’t even know your name.”
She smiled and relaxed.  “It’s Amaris.  Amaris Dover.”
“Then Amaris Dover, I welcome you to the ranks of the Nephilim and the Heavenly Host.  Jehovah will be very pleased.”
Her eyes filled her face.  “I’m gonna meet God?”
Eran did laugh this time.  “Eventually, little angel.  But I must teach you to fly before you can do that.”
Amaris’ eyes went even wider.  “Fly?” she squeaked in a pretty good imitation of the mouse on his shoulder.  “I can fly?”
His fingers traced between her shoulder blades.  “Remember the burning you felt here?  Those were your wings making themselves known.  When you are ready, I will show you how to bring them out.  Then you will learn to fly.”
She shivered at his touch, but her hands moved over his strong back.  “Can...can I see yours again?”
It only took a thought.  His silver-white wings unfurled to stretch out behind him.  Amaris gasped aloud.  “Oh!”
He chuckled.  “It is easy, once you get the hang of it.”
Reaching out, she smoothed a finger over the soft feathers.  Now it was he who shuddered under her touch.  “You are so beautiful.  Are all angels as gorgeous as you?”
To her surprise, his cheeks went red.  “Uhhh...I...”
She grinned.  “You’re embarrassed.  Wow!  Don’t you know how handsome you are?”
“Vanity is a sin.”
Amaris gave a snort.  “So is false modesty.”  When his eyes narrowed, she wrinkled her nose at him.  “Don’t get your wings in a flurry.  You’re cute.  Deal with it.”
“Then, thank you...I think.”
Giggling, she touched her index finger to his sensuous lips.  “If you were a real man and had come in to eat at the diner where I work, I wouldn’t have been able to help myself.  I’d have flirted with you in a hearbeat.”
Eran’s eyes flared almost gold.  He grabbed her finger and jerked her against him.  “I may not be a true man, but I’m finding with you, I have all the emotions and desires of one.  Be careful, little angel.”
Warmth shot through Amaris.  She realized, suddenly, her teasing was masking a much stronger emotion, one she’d felt from the beginning, even in the middle of the battle for her soul.  Angel or man, it didn’t matter.  She was seriously attracted to him.  And that made her more daring than normal.  Cocking her head, she batted her eyelashes outrageously. 
“So, then I guess a thank you kiss is out, then?’
He didn’t answer.  Instead his gaze went even hotter, and without another word, his mouth came crushing down on hers.


Aha!!!  That's what I'm talking about.  Instant attraction is alive and well.  But can it turn into more?  Stay tuned to find out!

See ya next Sunday!

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

Awesome! I was wondering if the attraction was mutual and when it would be acted upon. Can't wait for your responses CJ!

Phylis said...

And whoops! So much for control! lol