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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 4 Part 2

Hey all,

We're on our way to Port Alegre in a couple of days.  We've enjoyed our time in Rio, and I hope to visit again another time.  It's a wonderful place, and if you have a chance to see it yourself, do so.

Anyway, here is the next installment of our FREE READ.   How will this scene with Amaris and Eran play out?  Let's see.


The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Sapphire eyes snapped with anger as Amaris tossed her head, all humor disappearing.  “I don’t recall asking you to.”
His face got even hotter.  “I…I am sorry.  But you must understand.  I am not used to dealing with a female.  It is not often that I spend time with one.”
“So, you’re saying that you’d be this way with anyone?  It’s not me…it’s just because I’m a woman?”  The hurt in her voice was apparent.
“No!  Of course not…I mean…”  Eran gave a frustrated growl and ran his hand through his auburn hair.  “You twist my words!”
“I’m just trying to understand!”
Before he could stop himself, his hands shot out and grabbed her arms.  “Then understand this.  I do feel something for you.  As a male would towards a female.  You are beautiful, and I sense something special in you.  Something I do want to explore.  But I am also your protector…your guardian.  I must take care of you…teach you to take care of yourself.  That must be my first priority.”
He caught his breath when her hand reached up to cup his cheek.  Her luminous eyes met his as she spoke.  “And if that isn’t enough?  What if we both want more?”
Shuddering, he fought the need to pull her beneath him.  “I-I can’t answer that.  Right now, all I can do is what I know.  Teach you about being a Nephilim.  What we feel…the attraction that burns between us, it must be put aside.  Do you understand?  It must be, so I can protect you.”
Amaris’ face flamed in sudden embarrassment and tears filled her eyes.  “You must think I’m so easy.  Throwing myself at you.  But, I swear, I’m not like this…not normally.  You just make me feel so strange.”
Fiercely glad he made her feel that way, Eran put a finger under her chin and tipped her face up to his.  “Little angel, the passion in you is beautiful.  If things were different, I would be most proud to taste it, but I am afraid it would get in the way of me protecting you.  And no matter what, I must do my duty first.”
“So…you’re not mad?”
He shook his head.  “No.  Are you angry at me for saying no?”
She gave him a wobbly smile.  “Not angry.  Disappointed.  How you make me feel...”  Her voice trailed off as she sighed.  “I think…I hope someday we’ll find out what it is.”
A shudder went through Eran as he fought again for control.  “You tempt me without even trying.”
Amaris buried her face against his warm chest and automatically, his arms went around her.  “I’d say I was sorry, but I’m not.  I want you to want me.  I did from the first time I saw you in the alley.”   She laughed tearfully.  “I probably shouldn’t even say that, should I?  We don’t even know each other.  But I’m not very good at hiding my feelings.”
His arms tightened.  “Don’t hide from me, little angel. I couldn’t bear it.  I promise you, I will never hide anything from you.  This…attraction may not be able to be acted upon, but I won’t pretend it isn’t there.”  He bent and kissed her forehead.  “Let us concentrate on your training.  The rest will take care of itself.”
She nodded.  “All right.  You’re the boss.  Where do we start?”
At your lips and then I will kiss down your body until I can taste—  Eran jerked his thoughts to a halt and groaned.  It wasn’t just Amaris who would have to watch herself.  Kissing her had made things even harder for him…literally.  Shifting to make himself more comfortable, Eran carefully pulled away.
“First we need to get you cleaned up and completely healed.  Then I will begin your instruction.  How does that sound?”
Amaris caught sight of the mouse that had jumped for safety when their passion took them by surprise.  “Will you explain why I can understand the mouse over there?”
“Yes.  You can understand him and many other languages besides.  But let me go and find you some clean clothes while you take a shower.”  He pointed to a door near the end of the bed.  “I have all the amenities here, so help yourself to whatever you need.”
Amaris lifted a surprised eyebrow as she really looked around the room for the first time.  “Angels need to take showers and eat?”
Eran laughed.  “Angels are not so different than a man.  And I find after living among you…them for so long, I have gotten used to their ways.  I enjoy a hot shower, and I find I like good food.  So I make sure I have everything I need.  And now, with you here, I understand why I felt this way.”
She gazed at him in shock.  “You think this was all pre-ordained?  That God knew you would find me someday?”
“Of course,” he said without hesitation.  “God is the Alpha and the Omega.  He sees the beginning and the end of everything.”
“So…” Amaris murmured shyly.  “You could ask him how you and I will end up.  If we will become lovers or not?”
The Watcher’s back went ramrod straight as his cheeks tinged with red.  “That is something we will have to figure out together.”  His face went even redder.  “I mean…we agreed to deal with that when the situation arose.”
Amaris couldn’t prevent the giggle that escaped.  “And when will it arise again?”
Eran’s face was a study in embarrassment.  He stood quickly and paced over to the window.  “Enough, little angel.  Teasing will not make it easier.”
“But it will make it fun,” she shot back.
He shook his head as his wings unfurled once again.  A rueful smile touched his lips.  “I wonder just who will be teaching who?”


Well...I'll bet the tension between them is still as strong if not stronger.  I can't wait to see how long they can fight these feelings.  How long do YOU think they'll last?

See ya next Sunday!

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

Oh, I don't think they are going to last so long. With Amaris teasing Eran, they are going to come together sooner than later, especially with him teaching her they way to the angels.

I always look forward to SundYs, getting up and reading the new installment. Thanks for the awesome story!

Phylis said...

They are going to be in constant contact with each other...SOON! lol Great installment. Nice to read after my hectic week.