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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 5 Part 1

Hey all,

We've arrived in Porto Alegre, and so far it's a beautiful city.  Green and cool, even though it's still supposed to be quite hot!  We'll take it, since building the Cirque tent is always a sweaty process.  Talking about sweaty, I think Amaris had Eran sweating a bit in that last installment.  I wonder what will happen today?  Let's find out.  And as always, enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter 5
Sadness and Soaring

Standing at the window in a white fluffy towel, Amaris stared out over the nighttime city of Philadelphia.  It all seemed so different from up here, so clean and bright.  Nothing sordid or ugly…only the quiet murmur of traffic and the checkerboard look of city blocks, parks and streets. 
Her gaze searched the clouds for Eran’s return.  He’d been gone just over an hour, and she found herself missing him.  Strange.  She barely knew him, but it was as if he’d always been a part of her.  Was that because of what he was?  What she was?
Reaching back over her shoulder, she traced along the line of her shoulder blade.  According to Eran she had wings hidden there.  And with them she’d be able to fly, just like he did.  The whole thing seemed too fantastical to be true, but here she was, sitting half-naked in a window waiting for an angel to bring her something to wear.
Shaking her head, Amaris sighed.  Everything happened so fast, she’d almost forgotten she had another life out there.  What about her job?  Her family?  Would she be expected to give them up?  And if she didn’t, would that put her in danger from Asmodeous and the other demons?  Would it put her family in danger?
Nibbling at her lip in thought, she almost missed the bright gleam of light that streaked through the sky towards her.  It took her a moment to realize it wasn’t a bird, but Eran, his huge wings glistening in the soft moonlight.  She gazed, awestruck. 
His copper-colored hair blew back from his strong face.  Powerful wings beat rhythmically, and she saw even from a distance, the strength in his muscular body.  As he came closer, it was easy to make out that his minted-gold eyes were shining with pleasure.  As gorgeous as he was earlier, standing next to the bed, seeing him in angel flight had to be the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed.
“Sweet Jesus,” she whispered as any final doubt disappeared.  It was a moment of perfect clarity and truth.  He was an angel.  She was Nephilim.  Her life would never be the same.
She backed up from the window as he flew closer.  He did a little twist and turn and was inside without bumping his wings.  Immediately they disappeared, and Amaris found herself wishing she could go touch him…trace the line where they folded into his body.  Warmth stirred as if she was contemplating something intimate or illicit.
“You have showered, I see.”  Eran’s musical voice washed over her making the warmth tickle even stronger.  “I knew you wouldn’t want to put back on those filthy clothes I found you in, but I didn’t expect you to be wearing only a towel.”  She could see him fighting not to look down at her exposed cleavage.  “I got you a few things.  Later, we can go to your home and pick up your clothes.
Taking the proffered bag, Amaris lifted her gaze to his.  “Will I be able to go home?  See my parents?  Go to work?”
His eyes softened with regret.  “I am sorry, little angel.  It is best that you do not go back.  It would be too dangerous.”
Even though she was halfway expecting that answer, tears burned.  “Ever?  Must I give up everything?”
 “I know it doesn’t seem fair, but it is safer for you.”  His jaw tightened. “The demons will do anything to get to you.  Staying here with me until you are stronger and know how to fight them is for the best.”
Her lower lip stuck out.  “I won’t just disappear.  My mom and dad would be heartbroken.  I have to tell them what’s going on.”
Eran frowned.  He walked over and set another bag—this one of groceries—down on the counter.  “It is forbidden to tell the humans who raised you what you are.  However, you can explain you won’t be in touch for awhile.”
“I won’t lie to them.”
An auburn eyebrow lifted.  “I didn’t ask you to.  I am an angel, Amaris.  I rarely advocate lying.”
She blushed.  “No, I suppose you don’t.”
“You will be allowed to say goodbye, but you must remember this, little angel…”  His eyes turned serious.  “The demons will look for leverage to force you to their side.  Your love for your parents can be used against you.  You will have to be careful.”
A cold chill went up Amaris’ back as she remembered the bitter anger and evil in Asmodeous’ ebony eyes.  “I will.  I promise.”
“Good.  Then we will make sure you have that chance very quickly.  It is best to get the goodbyes over with so you can concentrate on your new life.”  At her nod, he gave her a gentle push towards the bathroom.  “Now, go get dressed.  I will make a quick meal for you.  Then I think it will be best if you rested.  We will begin your training first thing tomorrow.”
With another nod, Amaris disappeared into the tiny bathroom. 
And none too soon, Eran thought.  If he’d had to look at her in the skimpy towel any longer, he wasn’t sure he could control himself.  He wondered if she knew she had a tiny bead of water hovering in the shadow of her breasts.  It was all he could do not to bend his head and lick it off.
Blowing out his breath, he strode to the window hoping to get some relief for his over-heated body.  Amaris was driving him crazy and he’d known her less than a day.  It didn’t make sense to him.  He’d fought beside some of the most beautiful female angels in the past, and none of them affected him the way this dark-haired, blue-eyed siren did.  If he wasn’t careful, he’d have to explain to Jehovah why the only training he was doing with the newest Nephilim was of the carnal kind.


I can't imagine giving my whole life up like Amaris may have to.  To say goodbye to everyone you know and love?  Even with a hot, hunky angel waiting in the clouds for you.  Talk about a life changing experience.  I'm pretty sure Eran will get her through it.  See what her first training day is like in next weeks installment.

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

That would be very hard. To give up your family and knowing if you didn't you put them at risk. Scary and sad all at once! Looking forward to next weeks installment!

Ashley L said...

So sad that Amaris will have to give up her family but I totally understand the reasons behind that decision. Can't wait to see what training is like for her and still waiting on Eran to give in!