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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 5 Part 2

Hey all,

Got some news the other day that may affect my writing schedule.  Chances are we are going be touring another year--through 2015.  We'll be traveling through Central America which will be cool.  Haven't been to a couple of countries we're planning on visiting.

So how will that affect my writing?  It's difficult finding the time to sit down and write with all the places to see and enjoy around us.  While I've got a gazillion new ideas for new books and series, I'll have to push to make the time to acually get them on paper.  LOL

Anyway, I hope you like this latest installment.  I've always wanted to fly.  Looks like Amaris is going to get her chance today!  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


* * * *

It was close to noon the next day before he judged Amaris strong enough for a trip out into the world.  She’d rested, eaten, and now dressed in the snug jeans and T-shirt he’d found for her, she looked bright and excited as she paced the small room.
“What are we going to do first?” she asked for the fifth time.  He preferred the question, repetitive though it may be.  It was better than arguing with her over their sleeping arrangements.  When she’d awoken and found him tucked into a chair, dozing, her sapphire eyes had flared with blue heat.  She’d been furious that he’d slept so uncomfortably when the bed was big enough for two.  It was only after he promised to get her a bed of her own that she’d quieted. 
But the glimmer of hurt in her eyes had confounded him.  It was as if she’d taken it personal that he wouldn’t sleep with her.  Eran shook his head.  Didn’t she understand that was impossible?  There was no way he could lie next to her and not want to do more.  Angel or not, he was having as much trouble controlling his need for her as any normal human male would.
Nevertheless, he’d made a promise to himself.  She was his student, not his bed partner.  He said it over and over as if reciting a prayer or mantra.  But he knew without a doubt it would be the hardest vow he’d ever have to keep.  Something about this female pulled at him, and he was very much afraid he could do nothing to stop his feelings from growing.
“Eran!”  Her amused voice jerked him out of his reverie.  “Are we ready?”
Taking a deep breath, he strode over to the window and held out his arms.  “Yes, little angel.  It’s time for your first flying lesson.”
He grinned as her mouth dropped open.  A laugh burst from him when she edged to the window, watching him warily as if he was going to toss her into the air.  She looked out and then back at him.  “Fly?”
“Yes.  First with me and then when you’re ready, we will see if your wings are ready to unfurl.  If they are, then we can let you go it on your own.”
“Won’t people see us?”
Eran shook his head.  “No.  My angelic power allows me to confound human senses.  They cannot see me unless I choose to let them.”
She grabbed his arm with surprising strength.  “You won’t let me fall, right?”
He smiled soothingly.  “No.  I told you before.  I will never let you go.  Remember?”
Her face turned a pretty pink.  “I remember.  I just wasn’t sure you did…after…”
His own face went red when he got her meaning.  He cupped her cheek with his big hand.  “No matter what happens between us personally, I will always protect you.  Don’t worry.”
Relaxing under his hand, she nodded.  “I won’t.  Not if you’re with me.”
The words did something crazy in his chest, and Eran rubbed at his heart without thinking.  Dragging his thoughts back to the matter at hand, he pulled her close to him, so he could wrap his arm around her torso.  He forced himself to ignore the sweet scent and feel of her soft body.  “Are you ready?”
Amaris nodded, her eyes serious.  “What do I do?”
“Trust me.”
Without another word, he leapt out the window.  He heard Amaris’ muffled scream as they started to drop, and unwilling to frighten her, he willed his wings into being.  Instantly, they spread out above him and they went from falling to soaring.
He watched her face as she adjusted to the idea of flying.  “Lean forward until your body is level with mine,” he shouted above the rushing air.  “Feel the way the wind blows over and around you.”
Delight transfigured her face and Eran grinned.  Most Nephilim had an instinctive fear of falling—their human nature clashing with the angelic—so getting them to trust in themselves enough to fly was difficult.  But Amaris, yet again, seemed to be the exception to the rule.  She laughed and spread her arms out wide, testing the wind and the air as if she’d been born to it.
“You have no fear,” he yelled again.  “That is good.”
She grinned up at him.  “I know you won’t drop me.  It’s easy not to be afraid.”
He blinked a bit at that.  She trusted him that much?  To go against that inborn fear without even a second thought?  That same place around his heart that had ached before, shuddered again.  Clutching her tighter, he dropped a kiss on the top of her head.
“Hold on.”
Adjusting a wing, he turned and flew higher into the air.  The sun smiled down on them as they raced through the clouds, dipping and turning, and once, he even did a loop-de-loop just to see how Amaris would react.  But every time, she would only laugh and shout for him to do it again.
They soared through the air for close to an hour before he felt she was ready to try it on her own.  Unfortunately, there was only one way for an angel’s wings to come out the first time.  The same way it had happened for millennia.  He’d gone through it and had helped hundreds of others in the same way.  This time though, it was different.  He hated the thought of what Amaris would go through in the next few minutes.  Eran fought with himself for several long minutes before he swore under his breath.  There was no other way.  It had to be done. 
Pumping his wings hard, he took them high up above the clouds.  Then bending, he put his lips close to her ear.  “Do you trust me, little angel?”
Her smile widened.  “Of course I do.  I already told you.”
“Then trust me now,” he murmured.
And then he let her go.


Okay.  That was unexpected.  What the HELL is Eran thinking?  Why would he do such a thing?  Sorry to leave you with such a cliff hanger...NOT!!!!  *VBG*   But you'll find out everything next Sunday.  Same angelic time...same angelic station!  LOL

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

I knew as soon as that thought crossed his mind that that was going to be the way to cause her wings to come out! lol Good on CJ!

Phylis said...
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Ashley L said...

Not cool CJ! But I was kinda expecting the drop too. It's like the sink or swim mentality so why not fall or fly? I'm really enjoying the story and cannot wait for more. Also congrats on another year of touring! I think it's wonderful that you get to see sooooo much of the world.

Carrie said...

I am so glad I was able to read this installement today. I have been so busy that I can only glance at the other installments and not comment. Its a really good story so far. I love it.