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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 6 Part 1

Hey all,

It's been a busy week, and I'm happy to say it's been a good one as well.  I've wandered the city a bit, and we just got back from a wonderful weekend visiting the wine country.

Traveling is always a joy, and we've been blessed to visit the very city where this story takes place.  Philadelphia is a beautiful city.  If you ever have a chance to go there, do so.  It's filled with history and some of the most amazing architecture I've seen.

But right now Amaris isn't looking at the buildings beneath her.  She's busy trying to stay alive.  Shall we see how she does?  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Six

At first Amaris didn’t understand what had happened.  One minute she was soaring high above the clouds without a fear in the world, the next she was plummeting towards earth so fast she literally couldn’t breathe.  She turned to Eran to rebuke him, and her heart stopped when she saw he was nowhere in sight.  She was alone, falling, and utterly terrified.
Her piercing scream filled the night, and she flailed her arms in a painful mockery of a bird in flight.  Her body tightened until it hurt, and she closed her eyes in panic.
Eran!” she screamed, wondering what had happened to her guardian angel.  Had he been shot down?  Was he injured?  Surely it had to be life threatening for him to break his word and send her spinning towards the ground.  She tried to look around, but the wind was so strong it battered at her eyes.
Her tears flowed at the thought he was hurt in some way.  “Eran!” she cried out again.  Where are you?  Are you all right?
“I’m here, little angel.”
She jerked her head around, and there, just out of her reach, was Eran.  His wings were folded and his hair whipped in the rushing air.  He was falling as fast as she was, yet he didn’t look hurt or even worried.  That same composed look was on his face.
“What are you doing?  Help me!  Amaris reached out her arms, and was shocked when he slowly shook his head.
“I cannot help you,” he stated, anguish touching his features for the first time.  “You must help yourself.”
Instantly, she understood this was some sort of test.  Fear and anger sliced through her.  “Is this what happens to all your Nephilim?” she shouted, more tears brushing her cheeks and being swept away by the wind.  “How many do you lose when they find out they can’t fly?”
Eran’s jaw tightened.  “I have never lost a Nephilim, little angel.  Remember…trust me.  I only do what is necessary.”
She stared into his gorgeous copper eyes.  It was there, lurking behind the serenity, the burning need for her to understand what he was trying to tell her without words.  But the shock of his actions was too much.  He’d broken his word.  He’d dropped her.  When she’d trusted him completely.
“You lied to me.”  The words came out as a pained whisper.  “I believed you, and you’re nothing but a liar!”
“Leave me alone then,” she spat at him.  “I don’t need you.”  Pulling her gaze from his, she glanced down at the ground and immediately regretted it.  The earth rushed up at her with the speed of a bullet, and it all but paralyzed her.  Her body clenched in terror, and she cried out his name without even knowing it. 
“Will your wings out,” Eran shouted at her, his calming voice steadying her.  “Now, little angel, before it is too late!”
Their eyes met again, and even as angry and betrayed as she felt, Amaris took strength from the intensity in his.  The itching heat under her skin became even more painful as all the sensation shot to between her shoulder blades.  She screamed again, this time in agony as her back caught on fire.
“It hurts, Eran.  It hurts.  I can’t do it.  I can’t”
His face hardened, and his amber eyes turned to burnished stone.  “Then you will fall.”                                     
The words slapped her in the face, hurting her far worse than the anguish in her body.  She gave a single sob and turned away.  For a brief moment she wondered if she’d made the wrong choice.  Should she have gone with the demon?  Would Asmodeous have done this to her? 
She looked down again, and her blood curdled when she saw how close the ground was.  Already, she could see the tops of trees and houses.  Gasping aloud, terrified beyond words, she closed her eyes and concentrated, obeying Eran because…
She had no other choice.
All her thoughts, all her being, focused on the itching pain in the center of her back.  As she did so, the agony intensified, but this time she didn’t cry out.  This time she used the hurt to force her to concentrate even harder.
“That’s it, little angel.”  She heard Eran’s words from a long distance away as she fell through the throbbing fear.  “Keep it up.  You’re almost there.”
Suddenly, it occurred to her that for all his bluster, her guardian angel hadn’t moved more than three feet away from her the whole time.  He was right there…with her.  Ready to save her if the need ever came.  Why hadn’t he just flown away?  If she hit the ground, he was so close to her, he could die too.  Realization dawned, and shame touched Amaris’ cheeks as she understood the truth of what was happening around her.
Eran was keeping his word.  He may have dropped her, but there was no way in Hell he would ever let her fall.
Her heart lightened, and with that knowledge came the determination to prove to him she could do it.  That she wasn’t someone who would give up.  Turning around, she looked him full in the face.
“You won’t let me fall, will you?”


Okay!  So Eran is a good guy.  After all, he is a guardian angel.  But I was wondering myself for awhile.  Falling is one of my all time greatest fears.  At least in my dreams it is.  LOL

How about you?  Do you have a dream fear?  Or how about a real one?  My biggest fear (other than spiders) is Gephydrophobia.  Do you know what that is?  Share your fears in the comments below!

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

Falling is my biggest fear! Either from a great height or slipping and falling to the ground! I have had dreams where I am hanging on the the edge of this ridiculously tall bridge. Not good.

Ashley L said...

Falling is a big fear of mine. When I was younger and mowed my parents' lawn, we had this huge hill and I was always afraid of tipping over the lawnmower if I mowed the hill sideways.