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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 6 Part 2

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I hope all of you had a wonderful week, and if you celebrated Saint Patrick's day, you enjoyed yourself sipping Irish beer or whiskey.  I know I did!!!

So Amaris has figured out Eran's not such a bad guy, but how will he actually help her?  If he really is a guardian angel, you know he'll keep her safe, but how?  Let's find out.  Enjoy!!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Her assured voice took Eran back for a moment, but then he saw the fear had retreated somewhat from her eyes.  It had been replaced with a determination that was almost palatable.  Unable to prevent himself, he reached over and touched her cheek.  “I told you, little angel.  I will never let you go.”
She smiled, and his heart tripped in his chest.  She nodded once, and then closing her eyes, he watched as she willed her wings into being.
Pain rippled across her lovely face, making him want to pull her close and protect her from the agony he knew she was feeling.  The first time the wings unfurled, they had to do it through flesh and bone, and Amaris would feel it just as if she was human.  It was devastatingly painful, but something every Nephilim had to do if they were to embrace their destiny.  Pride leapt up in him.  Often, Nephilim took more than one try to get their wings, but he was certain with her strength and determination, Amaris would get it the first time.
And he was right.  A heartbeat later, her eyes flew open and met his.  They were filled with a sudden knowledge and awareness.  Her lips trembled, and her shoulders hunched.  Then, with a shrill scream of anguish and triumph, a pair of glistening wings ripped from between her shoulders.
The pale wings were wet and useless, and she didn’t have the strength or the knowledge of how to use them.  But the delight in her face as she looked back at the shimmering feathers made his chest ache with suppressed emotion.  He watched as she tried to move them, saw the torment and worry when they wouldn’t work.  Eran knew he should let her try a little longer, but there would be time later to practice.  Now, his need to hold her was too great. All he wanted to do was pull her into the safety of his arms.
So he reached out and gathered her carefully against him, easing her newborn wings into the protected area of his shoulder.  He hugged her close, and then using his own wings, shot them both back up into the cloud-filled sky.
She didn’t say a word, just huddled against him, more tears streaking down already pale cheeks.  Judging she was too exhausted for the trip back to his aerie, he flew instead to a secluded spot beneath a stone bridge in the nearby Wissahickon Valley.  Known for its excellent mountain biking trails, it was far enough off the beaten path that two large winged beings weren’t so easily seen.
Gliding up under a curved stone bridge, he lit upon the large shelf that jutted out from beneath it.  Sheltered by the stone overhang and the surrounding bushes, Eran pulled Amaris into his lap and held her tightly.
“It will heal, little angel.  I promise you.  The pain will end soon.”
“It feels like my skin is burning off,” she wept, her face pressed against his chest.  “Make it stop.”
His heart ached again as he pressed his lips to her forehead.  She’d been through so much already, he couldn’t bear seeing her in any more pain.  He knew she would heal quickly—it was one of the benefits of being an angel—but he refused to wait even that short amount of time.  Brushing back the drying feathers, he placed his hand on her tattered flesh and let his own healing powers sink into her.
She murmured appreciatively, and arched up against his strong hand.  His body heated suddenly, hearing the soft, sexy sounds she made.  Fire shot straight to his groin, and he fought not to touch her the way he really wanted to.  Intimately, lovingly, in ways he had never considered touching another angel.  Forcing those thoughts away, he took a deep breath and watched as the cartilage, bone and then the ravaged skin slowly began to knit together.
It took time, but eventually the healing was completed.  Amaris’ back was smooth and silky again, with the even softer angelic wings, dry and fluttering gently in the light breeze.  Then, without warning, Amaris lifted her face and brushed her lips across his. 
“Thank you, Eran.  Thank you for taking care of me.  I’m sorry I doubted you, even for a moment.”
Her whispered apology and the feel of her mouth fanned the flames simmering in his overheated body.  Pushing the need back, he only shook his head.  “I’m sorry I had to let it happen, but allowing you to fall is the only way we can be sure of the wings materializing.  The instinct for self-preservation takes over.  But I wouldn’t have let you be hurt.  This I swear up on Jehovah’s name.”
Amaris sighed.  “I figured that out…eventually, but at first I was just so scared.”  Her gaze lifted to meet his and he drew in his breath at the trust in her eyes.  “I should have remembered your promise.  You’ll never let me go.”
“I won’t,” he vowed hoarsely.  “I will always take care of you.  Never will you have anything to fear.”
She kissed him again, this time more lingeringly.  “I know.  You’re my guardian angel.”
The buss of her lips over his snapped Eran’s already shaky control.  Unable to stop himself, he captured her mouth and pulled her even closer to his already aroused body.  Deep inside, he knew he was doing something he’d said he wouldn’t do, but the feel of her in his arms was more important than his promise to himself.
Her sighing moan made him shudder, and his kiss grew fiercer, his tongue dipping in to taste and conquer hers.  His hand moved beneath her tattered T-shirt, smoothing over her now healed back to caress her slender waist and stomach.  She shivered beneath his touch, and his body tightened until he ached.
“Amaris,” he whispered, his big hand moving up to cup her breast.  Her nipple hardened against his palm, and he groaned aloud.  “Little angel, what are you doing to me.  What am I doing?
“It looks to me like your getting ready to fuck your student.” 
Amaris and Eran froze as the stench of sulfur filled the air.  In a single movement, Eran had Amaris protectively behind him.  His wings unfurled, and his power sang as he turned and faced his enemy.


Ooops!  So that's not just embarrassing, it's dangerous.  Eran may not have been caught with his pants down, but how will they get out of this situation? 

I guess it's obvious the attraction is even stronger than it was before.  How long with they fight it?  And will Asmodeous prevent them from coming together?  Stay tuned until our next installment to find out!!!!

Have a great week!

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Phylis said...

Oops is right! What a way to cool passion than with ultimate danger!

Ashley L said...

Oops is definitely right! Thankfully the pants are still on but at least he's slowly giving into Amaris. Dang that demon interrupting!