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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 6 Part 2

Hey all,

I can't believe March is almost over.  I don't know if it's being on tour or just getting older, but I swear the days just race by.

I'm busy as all get out, too many things on my plate to do everything. But...I keep on keeping on.  Just like Eran and Amaris.  They've got responsibilities and duties, but they seem to keep getting distracted by each other.  Yet it seems a delicious distraction.  At least it was until Asmodeous showed up.  I wonder what will happen now?  Let's find out.  And as always, enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim

Chapter Seven
Danger in Low Places

“I didn’t know you had it in you,” the demon said with a smug smile.  He wore his human guise again, and his emerald gaze moved over them both knowingly.  “Here I thought you were all about making sure good triumphed over evil.  Who knew you were just in it for the sex?”
“Enough!”  Eran was furious with himself for allowing his emotions to overtake his good sense.  His need for Amaris had put them both in an untenable position.  And his embarrassment over Asmodeous catching them kissing was the least of his problems.  What concerned him was they were here in an unprotected area and Amaris was too new to fly to safety.  Which meant he had only one recourse left if the demon decided to get nasty.
“I see you have gotten your wings, sweetheart.” Asmodeous gave Amaris a leering grin.  “Did he make you go through the…I’ve fallen and I can’t fly up routine?”  He shook his head sorrowfully.  His face had been returned to the drop-dead gorgeous look of before, no slashing sword cut in evidence.  “Really, Eran.  Did you have to put the poor girl through that?  It’s not necessary, you know.  There are other ways to help you to fly.”
“Which all involve magick of the blackest kind.”  Eran’s eyes narrowed as he sized up his opponent.  Was he here just to make trouble and tempt Amaris, or would he do the unthinkable and try to snatch her away?  A temptation he could do nothing about.  Jehovah had decreed all could be tempted.  But he was charged with keeping his little angel safe, and he would be happy to reopen the demon’s face to do just that.
Asmodeous shrugged.  He smiled and perfect teeth glistened in the sun. “What’s a little witchery between friends?” 
“You are not my friend.”
The demon threw back his head and laughed.  “Well said, angel.  I do enjoy our little chats.  Your lack of a sense of humor is so amusing.”
“What do you want, Asmodeous?”
Another slow smile touched the creature’s face.  “A loaded question if there ever was one.  But, alas, as much as I’d like to join you both for a quick threesome, I’ve come with another type of offer for the lady.”
Eran ignored the remark, still watching his enemy closely.  Although he didn’t drop his guard, he was relieved.  So it would be a temptation.  He glanced back at the silent Amaris.  He didn’t think she’d fall that easily.  Yes, better a temptation than a fight.  She was still exhausted, and he didn’t want her anywhere near the line of fire.  He heard Amaris clear her throat.
“W-What kind of offer would induce me to change my mind and go with you?”
The demon crouched down and winked at her.  “Why don’t you come out and we can discuss it?  Just the two of us.”
Eran’s answer was short and abrupt, but the hellspawn didn’t even flinch.  “I was talking to the Nephilim.”
“If you wish to speak with her,” Eran responded before Amaris could answer, “you will do so where she is right now.  She will not come any closer to you.  Or you to her.”
“And if I do, will you pull out your flaming sword again?” Asmodeous mocked.  “Oh, wait.  Perhaps you had it out before I so rudely interrupted you.”
Fury rolled through Eran at the vulgar innuendos.  He fought back his anger with an effort.  “I suggest you speak quickly, or Amaris and I will be on our way.”
“Fine.”  The demon stood abruptly and stuffed his hands in his pants pockets.  His intense gaze met Amaris’.  “Then listen closely girl, for I will only offer this once.  If you come with me, every need you have will be met.  Anything you want you can have.  Every desire you can imagine will be fulfilled.”
There was a beat of silence.  Then Amaris cleared her throat.  “Excuse me?  That’s a pretty big promise, don’t you think?  Every single one?  Why should I trust you?”
Could she be considering the offer?  Eran’s eyes narrowed.  No.  He wouldn’t believe it.  Amaris was too smart to fall for the demon’s promises.
“Why shouldn’t you?” the Asmodeous countered.  “I am empowered by my master to bring you into the fold.  He doesn’t care how I do it, and I think I’d enjoy—” he licked his lips lasciviously, “—fulfilling all your desires.”
A growl spilled out of Eran’s throat.  “Be silent!”
The hellspawn laughed.  “Worried she’ll choose me over your fumbling efforts, Guardian?”  He turned back to Amaris.  “Believe me, pet.  I can give you anything.  Beauty, wealth, power.  I can even extend that offer to those you love most.  In a smaller way, of course.”
Eran didn’t like where this was going.  It abruptly dawned on him that Asmodeous was tempting Amaris in the same way his master had tempted Jesus in the desert.  In fact, it was right out of the Bible.  As Jesus was tempted to take what he wanted when he wanted and deny God’s perfect timing and care, so Amaris was being tempted to give up the hardship of being an angelic warrior and instead have everything she could ever want, need or desire.
A powerful temptation indeed.
She shook her head.  “I don’t understand.  Those I love?”
Asmodeous smiled, showing his sharpened teeth.  “Your family, of course.  In fact, I’ll give you an even greater gift to entice you to come with me.”
“And what—” Amaris’ voice was wary, “—would that be?”
“If you join with me—” triumph flashed in the demon’s emerald eyes, “—your family will not die.”


Wow!  That's one heck of a temptation.  It's scary, but I can really imagine how Amaris might feel if that choice was given to her.  Just how do you think he'll do it?  And what will Eran do about it?  Check back next Sunday to find out!

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

That would be a temptation indeed but the evil part would, I hope, keep me from taking it. I don't know, it would be difficult.