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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 7 Part 2

Hey all,

I've had a great week.  I saw a great stage show with Hugh Laurie, went to an awesome Farewell to Brazil party and have really been into the research lately.  I may not be publishing right now, but I can't wait until you all see the books I've been writing.  I think you'll enjoy them all.

Anyway, without further ado, let's find out exactly what Asmodeous has in mind for Amaris.  *shudder*  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Amaris’ whole body turned to ice.  She stared at Asmodeous, unable to speak at first.  A hundred thoughts and fears raced through her mind, but she couldn’t connect them to her tongue.  It was as if she’d been struck mute by horror.  Eran cursed under his breath.
“You cannot touch the mortals.  It is forbidden.  If you are going to tempt her, at least stay within the rules.”
“I am a demon.  What do I care about rules?”
She touched Eran’s shoulder, and her throat finally opened up enough to speak.  “Is he telling the truth?  C-Can he hurt my family?”
“Even his kind must obey Jehovah, little angel.  They are given certain rules to follow just as we are.”
“And that means they’ll be safe?”
“Tell her the truth, Guardian.  I want to hear this.”
Eran’s lips tightened, but he turned slightly and met her eyes.  “I cannot promise they will be safe, Amaris.  Each person’s fate is their own.  Can something happen to them?  Perhaps.  But it cannot occur because of your emergence as a Nephilim.  Jehovah has prohibited that type of attack.”
“He does speak the truth, sweet lips.” Asmodeous tapped his chin with one long finger.  “But your becoming a Nephilim will change your family’s lives as well.  You won’t be able to be with them anymore.  And who can say if that car accident might have happened if you had been there to prevent it?”
“Can he skirt the rules that way?”  Amaris hated the fact her voice was trembling.  It gave the demon a psychological advantage.
“He wishes to tempt you by making you believe he can,” Eran said, and his deep voice soothed her on an unconscious level.  “Car accidents do happen, and sometimes demons are the cause of them.  But I promise you, little angel.  He cannot hurt your family because of you.”
“But that isn’t what I said, is it?”  The creature shook his dark head, and a single lock of hair fell over one captivating eye.  “I never said anything about hurting them.”
Her heart gave a sudden twinge, and unthinkingly, she rubbed at it.  “Then what?”
“What I am saying, my dear, is if you come with me, anything that might have happened to your loved ones, will not.  I give you my word on it.”
“The word of a demon?”  Eran’s voice was scornful.
Something flashed in Asmodeous’ eyes.  “We may be creatures from Hell, but we do have a code of honor.  Of a sort.”  He grinned briefly.  “It just may not be what you expect.”
Amaris ignored the byplay.  “I don’t understand.  What do you mean about my family?”
The demon’s body suddenly took on an unholy glow.   He reached an elegant hand out to Amaris.  “As your Guardian said, each of their fates is their own.  How and when each will die is still uncertain.  But you can change that.  You have the power, my sweet almost-angel.  You can keep your family from tasting death.”
Even though she knew she shouldn’t trust him, she couldn’t help her heart from leaping in excitement.  She scooted out from behind Eran.  “I can?”
“Come with me, and I will prevent accidents, disease, even old age from touching them.  They will live forever, safe, because you loved them enough to step completely out from behind those wings and take my hand.”
Amaris ignored Eran’s growl.  She wasn’t stupid enough to believe Asmodeous completely, but she was very curious about what he meant.  If her family could live forever…  “Why would you do this?”
“Because you are special.  My master is willing to…make a few adjustments to bring you within the fold.  Immortality for your family is a small enough price to pay.”
“It sounds too good to be true.”  She glanced between the two men.  Eran sat silently, his strong jaw tight with suppressed anger.  His furious eyes glistened like molten copper.  “Eran?  Why aren’t you saying anything?”
“Because he isn’t allowed to,” Asmodeous gloated.  “He must stay quiet when I am making my offer to you.”
She ignored the demon, her faze fixed on her Guardian’s.  “Eran?”
“He is correct, little angel.”  The words were dragged out of him.  “An angel of the Lord cannot interfere with this type of temptation.”
“Temptation.”  A little light bulb went off.  She turned back to the handsome demon.  “That’s what you’re doing, aren’t you?  Tempting me, just like in the Bible.”
Asmodeous chuckled.  “The things I would offer you, sweet woman, would not be allowed in that odious book.  The delights of my world are more delicious than you know.”
Despite herself, she felt the tug of his words.  She turned to Eran, wishing he would put his strong arms around her again.  “Can’t you do anything?”
She heard Asmodeous hiss out a curse at the same time Eran’s eyes gleamed in sudden pleasure.  “I can.  But only if you ask me to.”
Raising an exasperated eyebrow, she gave him a gentle shove.  He didn’t budge an inch.  “So I’m asking.”
Eran’s slow smile warmed her.  Still keeping a weather eye on the demon, he touched her cheek.  “He tells you the truth, Amaris.  He can grant your family immortality if you choose to follow his master.  But what he doesn’t tell you is the promise he’s giving you will be followed only on his own terms.”
“You lie!” The snarl came so sudden and quick, she couldn’t help but stare.  Asmodeous’ face was twisted with fury.  “My offer is sincere.  I will grant her family eternal life.  He tried another smile, but this time it wasn’t as beautiful.  “You are Nephilim. You will never die, so wouldn’t you like to have your family with you always?  In perfect health?  You would never have to worry about being alone again.”
Amaris’ eyes went wide.  “I-I’m going to live forever?”


Okay.  This temptation just got a little more interesting.  Living forever?  Keeping your family safe and whole?  No wonder Amaris is listening!!!  But will she accept?  Check in next week to see what happens next!

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

I really hate having to wait a week to read the next one!!!! Thanks CJ!

Ashley L said...

Dang! I wanna know now what happens! I, too, hate waiting a week to see how everything falls. This temptation is getting good though!