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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 8 Part 1

Hey all,

It's our last week here in Brazil.  Then it's off to Argentina!  WooHoo!  It's been an excellent fourteen months, and I'm so pleased to have lived in this diverse and beautiful country.  It wasn't anything like I expected, but we found it was a true adventure.

Which leads us to Amaris.  I'm pretty sure she has an adventure of her own in the making.  Shall we see how she deals with the demonic Asmodeous?  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Eight

“Some Nephilim are not given that gift—” it was Eran who answered, “—but yes, in your case while you may be half-human, your angelic side decided your mortality.”
“Oh wow.”  It was all she could say.  Suddenly, she understood the nature of Asmodeous’ gift.  Without it, she would watch her family turn old and die before her eyes.  Her lips trembled and sudden tears burned. 
“But,” Eran continued, “the cost of this promise will be very high.  You would become one of the dark Nephilim.  Those few who have given their souls to Satan.  And as for your family…”
“What?”  She could still barely speak.
“They would live forever, little angel, just as Asmodeous promises.  What he doesn’t tell you is that all humans have eternal life.  Their choice is where they spend it.”
Shivering, she turned back to the demon.  “And…and where will my family live?”
Asmodeous’ eyes had darkened with anger, but his voice was still smooth.  “Where else would they live, sweet Amaris?  With you of course.”
Although she knew the answer, she asked it anyway.  “And just where would that be?”
His smile was suddenly malicious.  “In Hell.”
Understanding shot through her.  “So what you’re saying is, if I go with you, no matter what my family’s beliefs are, they will be sentenced to Hell everlasting?”
The demon’s face tightened.  “They will be alive and you can see them whenever you want.  Not something you can do if they dead in the ground.”
She looked at Eran who returned her gaze seriously.
“Your family would receive no special treatment, angel.  Not from Jehovah.  Their presence in Heaven depends on what they believe, not what you might do.”
“In other words, if I stay with you, my family would have a chance at Heaven, but if I go with Asmodeous, then they’d have no chance at all.”
The demon cursed, his words ugly and foul.  “You don’t understand what I’m offering you.  They would become immortal.  Live forever.”  His voice changed. It became low and entreating.  “I promise you, living in Hell wouldn’t be so bad.  They wouldn’t suffer as the other damned would.  I would take care of them.  Treat them very special.  You have my word.”
 It was the way he said it that made her blood run cold.  Insincerity rolled off him in noxious waves.  Asmodeous was a dangerous enemy to her now, but somehow she didn’t think he’d be any better as a friend.  Knowing she could be with her family forever was tempting, but the cost for all of them would be too high.  It wasn’t a hard choice to make.  Slowly, she shook her head and leaned back against Eran’s powerful chest.
“I’d rather see my family in a broken down shack in Heaven than a palatial mansion in Hell.  As for your other offers...  It’s all just too easy.  God knows what’s best for me, so I’ll wait on him for what I want and need.  So, no, Asmodeous, I won’t go with you.  Leave me alone!”
Eran’s soul almost exploded with pride.  The temptation had been great, but she’d handled it with all the aplomb of a seasoned warrior.  He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed.  “Well done, Amaris.  You have chosen wisely.”
“Stupid bitch,” Asmodeous spat out.  “You doom everyone you love.  I may not be able to take them now, but I will spend my eternity convincing your family to choose Hell as their final destination.”
Amaris trembled, but Eran wrapped his arms around her.  “And I will send them guardians who will protect and instruct them.  I will do all that I can to make sure whatever choice they do make, they do so without coercion.”
Leaning back, she surprised him with a soft kiss on the chin.  “Thank you.”
“How disgustingly sweet.  But you cannot win.”  Asmodeous’ anger was like a cloud around them.  “I told you, little one.  You will belong to me.”
This time she surprised both men as she struggled to her feet.  Her new wings glowed softly.  She glared at the demon, her eyes snapping with blue fire.  “You think trying to frighten me will bring me to your side?  Are you that stupid?” 
Eran swallowed a chuckle at the incredulous look on the hellspawn’s face.  It was rare anyone had the courage to stand up to the creature, but Amaris wasn’t finished yet.  She stabbed the other man in the chest with her finger.
“You threatened the people I love.  No matter what, I’d rather die now than go with you.  Your temptations won’t work and neither will your ridiculous brand of seduction.”  She looked him up and down, her lip curved in a slight sneer.  “All the attractiveness in the world can’t cover up the rotted core of you.  You’re not just a demon, you’re a sadist.  You enjoy hurting people.  I could never want to be with you.  Ever.”
The demon’s eyes flared hot in fury, but he took a careful step backwards.  “Never say never, little one.  Soon I will have you right where I want you.  Before, I would have allowed you to enjoy it. But now?  Now when you lie beneath me, I will make you suffer and bleed.  You will scream for my mercy, but no one will hear you.”
“Enough!”  Eran stepped between the two before the creature lost his control and assaulted Amaris.  Or vice versa.  He almost hoped Asmodeous would attack.  Eran was itching to do some more damage to the creature.  “Be on your way, evil one.  You have your answer and are no longer welcome here.”


Whew!!!  I think she made the correct decision, don't you?  I miss my family, but I don't think I'd get an apartment in Hell with them.  *grin*  Even if it meant living forever.  But it sounds as though Asmodeous is pretty angry with her attitude.  I wonder what he'll do next.  Check back next Sunday to find out!

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Ashley L said...

I think Amaris made the right choice too. Like she said, rather a shack in Heaven than a mansion in Hell.

Phylis said...

Didn't get to read this yesterday so read this morning! Yay Amaris! lol Makes me a little fearful of what he might do next though.