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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 8 Part 2

Hey all,

Well, we're here in Cordoba, Argentina!  So far it's a beautiful city and we're very pleased to be able to visit.  We've got lots of things planned for our time here.  And I know we'll have a wonderful time!

I wonder if Amaris and Eran will have a good time together in this chapter.  They've been through so much with Asmodeous, it's time for a little R&R.  Shall we see what happens next?

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


“This is not over, Watcher.  You may have won this time, but the game isn’t over yet.”  An ugly leer touched Asmodeous’ handsome face.  “I will kill you and take her for my own.  I will make her forget your pathetic attempts at seduction.  She will know what a real lover can do.”
From behind Eran, Amaris gave an unladylike snort.  “I’d rather make love to a chainsaw.  It would probably have more finesse, and be a hell of a lot less painful.”
Eran laughed at the rage that burned in the demon’s eyes.  It didn’t say another word, just disappeared in a cloud of foul-smelling smoke.  Quickly, he turned to face her.  “Are you all right?”
She sent him a cocky grin.  “Sure.  Although I suppose I shouldn’t have said that last bit to him.  Playing with fire it was.”
“Perhaps.”  He returned her smile with one of his own.  “But I must admit I enjoyed the look on his face.”  Eran raised an auburn eyebrow.  “A chainsaw?”
“It was all I could think of.”  She gave a shrug before lifting her gaze to his.  “And since I know that your lovemaking would be the exact opposite—all smooth and strong and wonderful, I wanted him to know I wasn’t interested.”
His body tightened so painfully it was as if the demon had never been there.  He wanted her all over again.  But he fought against it with all his might.  He’d already compromised their safety once today.  He’d send himself to Hell before he’d put Amaris in danger a second time.  But he knew something had changed between them with the kiss they’d shared.  For one heavenly moment, it had just been male and female underneath that bridge.  Not a Watcher and Nephilim…nor just a teacher and student.  He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now, but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to do as he’d originally planned and keep her at a polite distance.
He wanted her too damn much.

* * * * *

Later that night, Amaris stared up at the ceiling as she lay in bed.  The day had been full, and she was exhausted, but she couldn’t seem to get to sleep.  The memory of Eran’s embrace wouldn’t allow it. 
They’d flown back to the aerie immediately after Asmodeous had left them, but Eran had been unusually quiet, even for him.  He’d answer a question if she asked, but any conversation was stilted and uncomfortable.  The rest of the night was the same.  She could tell he was deep in thought about something, and she couldn’t help but wonder if that something was her.
She heard the soft sounds of Eran’s breathing off to the right, and it stirred her in a way she didn’t understand.  He was sleeping on the floor, wrapped in a pile of blankets.  He’d refused, yet again, to share the bed and since he hadn’t ordered a second one, it was either that or the uncomfortable chair he’d slept in before.
She was seriously aggrieved that he’d made the choice in the first place.  It was obvious he wanted her and even more obvious that she wouldn’t turn him away.  Amaris sighed and put her hands behind her head.  Was it an angel thing?  Did he feel as if he was sinning by wanting her?  Was it a sin?  It didn’t feel like one to her.  But then again, she’d never felt so strongly about a man.  She’d been with someone before, but she’d known it was a mistake as soon as she’d done it.  Eran wouldn’t be a mistake.  In fact, she felt her whole life had been leading up to him and only him.
But he was so elusive, and she didn’t understand why.  She wanted him to wake up so she could talk to him.  It irritated her that he was sleeping so soundly while she was being kept awake by unrequited desire.  She sighed again, this time a little louder.
“If you keep that up, you’ll blow me out the window.”
His deep voice made her jump, but she was so relieved he was awake, she ignored the racing of her heart.  “I want to talk.”
“About what?”  His tone held a trace of wariness now.
“About us.”
She heard him sit up, and now it was his sigh that filled the room.  “Little angel, I’ve told you.  There is no us.  There cannot be.”
Confusion and hurt warred within her.  “Why?  Because you’re afraid?  You think you won’t protect me if we become lovers?  That’s ridiculous.”
“It is not fear that holds me back,” he replied.  “I don’t fear being with you.  But I do fear losing control.  I already feel more for you than I should.  If I’m not careful now, it could grow stronger, and I need distance between us if I am to do my job properly.”
Her eyes narrowed.  While she understood what he was saying, she didn’t agree.  If anything, Eran would be more protective of her if they were intimate.  He was just that kind of guy.  “Is it forbidden for you to touch me?”
She felt rather than saw him go very still.  “No...” he said slowly as if feeling his way through a conversation minefield.  “But it is just not done.”
Amaris relaxed at the knowledge it was his stubbornness rather than his faith that was holding him back.  She could fight him being obstinate, but it would have been wrong to make him ignore his convictions.  Now, she could put into motion the plan she’d been thinking of all night long.
Slowly, she slid off the bed and walked over to him.
“What are you doing?”  The wariness turned to suspicion, making her want to giggle aloud.  Instead, she stopped next to his pallet of blankets, and with a single twist of her hand, pulled her nightshirt over her head.  Her naked body gleamed in the moonlight, and she heard him give an audible gulp.  Smoothing her hand down over her soft body, she smiled seductively at him.
“Now it’s my turn to tempt you.”


Finally!!!!!  But will Eran take her up on the offer?  He's been so stubborn thus far.  Yet I have a feeling she's pulled out all the stops this time.  How can he resist?  Check back next Sunday to see what happens next.

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