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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 10 Pt. 2

Hey all,

Hope all you moms out there had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was sweet--Breakfast in bed, a few museums and a lovely dinner with my sweet baboo.  I got a gorgeous necklace from him--unique--one I had seen at the craft fair and loved!  He's so good to me.

Anyway, here is the next installment of the story.  A trip home to the parents?  Not the easiest thing to do--especially if you're an angelic warrior.  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Because he’d given into her tempting, sexy offer, it was more than two hours later before they were able to take off.  Eran led Amaris out onto the ledge and showed her how to make her wings appear on command.  Once she felt comfortable with that skill, he’d coaxed her to take that all important first step into empty air.  She’d gone pale and bit her lip until he could see marks, but finally, she’d taken his hands and let him lead her off the safety of the outside shelf.
He continued holding her as her wings pumped, and she understood how to make them do her bidding.  Her bright smile and joyful tears when he let her go solo was imprinted on his memory forever.  They’d stayed high, not wanting her to bump into any buildings on her first stumbling flight, but it didn’t take Amaris long to get the hang of it.  Soon she was flying by his side, her face glowing with triumph and her chin held high in determination.
“Where to first?” she shouted over the racing wind.
Pointing down to the outskirts of town, he smiled.  “To your parents.  We can go to your apartment afterwards.  That way we don’t have to carry your belongings too far.  I don’t want you tiring yourself out on this first flight.”
“It’s wonderful.”  The enthusiasm in her voice made him grin.  “I am sooo glad flying is a perk of being a Nephilim.  Almost makes up for the garbage I have to go through with Asmodeous.”
“Don’t worry about him,” Eran commanded.  “He has a job to do, but he’ll fail.  He won’t win you over to them.”
“Not now.”  She reached out and ran a finger down his cheek.  He felt the heat of it go right to his cock.  “I belong to you.”
Eran frowned.  “You belong to Jehovah, little angel.  Always first and foremost.”
“I know that.”  Her shrug was unconcerned.  “But I don’t know him yet.  I do know you.  And you’re the one who made me decide which side to go with.  You’re why I want to join with Jehovah.”
He frowned again, not sure why the statement bothered him.  “As long as you know your priorities, Amaris.  What we are together is important, yes.  But your relationship with the Father must be paramount.  Before me.  Before us.”
She sighed.  “I know.  But you have to understand, Eran.  You are all that is good and right about him.  It’s only natural I would look to you first.”
Guiding them below a low line of red oak trees, he chewed on her statement.  He was still worried, but a part of him understood what she was saying.  Before he could talk about it further, she gave a glad cry.
“There it is!  My parent’s house.  Isn’t it beautiful?”
Eran already knew where the home was.  He’d scouted it out earlier that day, making sure bringing his Nephilim here would be safe.  This time though, he tried to see it through Amaris’ eyes. 
It was an ordinary looking, single-story, ranch-type house.  Built with brick and white stucco, it had large windows that opened up onto the street, as well as a porch that wrapped around the front of the house.  Two large rocking chairs graced the white-planked covered area, and climbing roses, their scent powerful in the early-afternoon sun, proudly displayed their beautiful faces as they crawled up the outer wooden uprights and onto the moss-covered roof.
It was a homey looking place.  One where a little girl might grow up safely, believing she was ordinary.  Nothing special at all.
Definitely not a once in a millennium, female Nephilim, whose very existence had sent all the angelic scholars scurrying back to their scrolls.  Could it be there was something even more special about Amaris than just being a woman?  Already tales about an ancient prophecy were being whispered amongst the guardians. Eran hadn’t said anything to Amaris, but it terrified him to think his little angel was the Nephilim Jehovah had spoken off so long ago.  What would that mean for them?  Would he lose her to a promise made thousands of years before her birth?
“Well?” she asked, breaking his troubled train of thought.  “What do you think?”
He shook off his worry and smiled, trying to enjoy her pleasure.  “It is a nice place, little angel.  I can see you were happy here.”
“My foster parents were great.  They really cared about me.  Not like some of the other places I’d been.  When they adopted me, I cried for hours.  I was part of a real family then.  For the first time.”
“You have never told me what happen to your mother…your true birth mother.”  Eran was hesitant to bring it up.  Some Nephilim mother’s abandoned their babies because they somehow sensed their child wasn’t normal.
“She died.”  Amaris’ words were soft, and he instinctively reached out his hand to take hers.  Her lips trembled once, and then she continued.  “It was a car accident.  I was six.  A drunk driver hit us, and she was killed instantly.”  Her expressive eyes turned inwards.  “Obviously, they couldn’t find my father, and there was no other family, so I was put in the system.”
“How long?”
She didn’t answer until they’d landed—somewhat awkwardly since it was Amaris’ first time—behind a small thicket of trees.  “Mom and Dad became my foster parents when I turned ten.  Until then I was passed around a lot.  I don’t have any real horror stories like some kids do, but always feeling like you’re on the outside?”  She shuddered.  “That was hard enough for me.  I would have done anything for them once they said they wanted me forever.  I love them so much.”
“I am glad you had someone, little angel.  It is no fun being on your own.”
Amaris shot him a look.  “I guess you’d know.  But you’ve got me now.  You’ll never be lonely again.”  Before he could respond to her amazing promise, her gaze became sad.  “I don’t know how to tell them I won’t be able to see them again.  It’s just not fair.”
Eran pulled her against him for a quick hug.  “Don’t worry.  If at all possible, we will visit.  But they can’t know why you are leaving.  It would sign their death sentence.”
Her eyebrows came together.  “What?  Why?”
He sighed and hugged her again.  “If you tell them the truth and they believe you, then they become privy to knowledge not meant for humankind.  And once that happens, they lose the protection of ignorance.  The enemy can use them to get to you.”
She shivered in his arms.  “I want to keep them safe.”
“Then don’t tell them why you have to leave.”
“But what do I say?”  Shaking her head, she pulled away.  “What story will placate them?”
Taking her hand, he pulled her around the trees and into the long driveway.  “It must be one they will believe without question.  One they will want to believe.”
Nodding, she took a deep breath then was thoughtfully silent until they reached the porch steps.  Only then did she turn to Eran.  “I think I know what might work, but you’ll have to help.”
“Of course, little angel.  What would you like me to do?”
Before she could answer him, the front door flew open and a short, sandy-haired woman stepped out.  When she saw Amaris, her eyes filled with surprise.  “Amaris?  Oh my goodness, it is you.  Johnson, come out here right now!  Our girl is home.” 
“For God’s sake, Trudy.”  There was a loud grumble, and a tall, balding man smoking a pipe appeared.  He might have sounded abrupt, but his eyes were kind.  “Amaris?  Aren’t you supposed to be working?”
Amaris ignored the question as she embraced her parents.  “I’m so glad to see you both.  So very glad.”
“Well, come in, I—”  Suddenly, Trudy caught sight of the tall man standing behind Amaris.  Eran bit back a smile as her eyes went as wide as saucers.  “I-I…  I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.”
Amaris’ father shuffled forward.  “And just who have you brought to visit?”
Putting her arm around Eran’s waist, Amaris smiled tremulously.  “Mom, Dad this is Eran.”  She swallowed hard and took a deep breath.
“He’s my fianc√©.”


Oh boy...this is going to be good.  Engaged?  How will Eran respond to this newest surprise?  They just seem to keep coming, don't they?  LOL  See you on Sunday for the next installment.

Have a great week!

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Wondeful! You should always be afraid when someone tells you to follow along! LOL!!!

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