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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 10 Pt. 1

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Well.  The fat's in the fire now.  There's no going back.  Shall we see what happens next in this relationship?  Enjoy!!!  Especially all you moms out there.  Have an awesome Mother's Day!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Ten
An Unexpected Complication

When Amaris awoke the next morning, she was alone.  She stretched and then immediately winced as aches in specific parts of her body made themselves known.  She couldn’t help the wide smile that lit her face.  Just as she’d known it would be, making love to Eran was wonderful.
They’d come together a third time, just before dawn, when the first faint fingers of the sun were painting the eastern sky.  Without a word, he’d teased her into awareness and then slipped gently into her, his big body throbbing with all the need he was feeling.  Their coupling had been slow and sweet, filled with a very different emotion than the first times.  This joining shared a softer side of their passions.  A need and caring neither of them had spoken aloud.
She’d fallen back to sleep in his arms afterwards, knowing deep in her heart she’d found that special someone of her dreams.  Amaris only hoped Eran would someday feel the same way.
Sitting up, she looked around the room.  There was no sign of her lover.  She couldn’t hear the shower running, so perhaps he was out on a patrol.  Tossing the covers back, she clambered to her feet and wandered naked over to the window.  Would things change now that they’d been together?  Would he finally admit he had feelings for her?  Or would he ignore what had happened between them and play the “I am only your teacher” card?
Worrying her lip, she gazed out at the city.  It was a beautiful sight, and as she watched the people below scurrying to their offices, for the first time she wondered what exactly she would do as a Nephilim.  Would she become a protector like Eran?  Would she be drafted into the angelic army he’d told her stories about?  He seemed to think she was special—if for no reason other than she was the first female Nephilim to emerge in eons.  But what really did that mean?  Why was being a girl so important?
So many questions.  And the idea of leaving Eran for any reason filled her with pain, so she pushed the thought away.  Sighing, she turned away from the window and spoke to the little mouse who’d made a nest on a shelf nearby.  “Well, I’m not going to just sit around here and stew,” she grumbled aloud.  “I may not know everything, but I won’t give Eran a reason to worry about me.  I don’t want him to regret our lovemaking.  Not for any reason.”
The mouse squeaked his agreement, more interested in the cache of peanuts he’d found than the silliness of human intimacy.
Hurrying into the bathroom, Amaris took care of business and then enjoyed a long shower.  The hot water soothed the aches in her lower body, and she blushed at the memories of how Eran had touched her there.  Her quim clenched, and she wished her lover was in the cubicle with her.  She’d enjoy using the soap on him.
She grinned at the thought as she rinsed herself off.  Maybe later, after their daily training session.  A few water games could be fun.
Stepping out of the shower, she quickly dried off and dressed herself.  It was then she remembered that today they’d be going back to her apartment to settle things there.  And Eran had promised she could go say goodbye to her parents.  Tears filled her blue eyes as she brushed out her wild mane of hair.  That wasn’t going to be easy.  Just how did you explain to the people who raised and loved you that you weren’t really a human, but an angelic half-breed?
“Little angel?  Are you in there?”
Eran’s deep voice pulled her from her troubled thoughts.  Opening the door, without thinking she threw herself against his broad chest.  “Oh, I missed you.”
He stiffened at first, but then wrapped his arms around her.  “Easy, now.  I just took a turn around the city.  I wanted to see if I sensed anything out of the ordinary since we ran into Asmodeous yesterday.”
She pulled back to look at him.  “And did you?”
“No.”  He shook his head.  “It seems quiet.  At least for the present.  But I fear they will come again since you angered him yesterday…”
Amaris shivered.  “You think he’ll play hardball this time?”
A gentle kiss brushed her lips.  “He is a demon.  They always play to win.”
“I want you to teach me how to fight him,” she whispered suddenly.  “I want to know how to take him out.”
Eran blinked and then looked down at her.  The corners of his lips turned up in a smile.  “You sound very bloodthirsty, little angel.”
She shrugged, not at all sorry for her words.  “I want to fight at your side.  Asmodeous won’t stop coming after me until I can stand up to him on my own.  I love the fact you want to protect me, but I know I need to do it myself.”
“Shhh, Amaris.”  Eran held her close, wishing he could carry her back to the pallet of blankets where they’d spent the night.  Having her in his arms made him want her all over again.  And just as importantly, in their bed she would be safe.  “I will teach you all you need to know.  The dark one will never get his hands on you.  He’ll have to go through me to do it, and that won’t happen.”
“I know,” she sighed as she snuggled closer.  “You’ll take even better care of me now.”  Her eyes went shy.  “Are…are we okay?”
He’d wondered if she was as unsettled as he.  Now he knew.  For Eran, last night had changed everything.  Even though he’d first fought his passions for Amaris, now that he’d given into them, what he felt for her was stronger than anything he’d known before.  Barring serving Jehovah, taking care of his sweet Nephilim was now the most important thing in his existence.  She was no longer just a job to him…if she’d ever really been. 
For the time being, his duties and needs were the same, and he could only thank the Lord for it.  But when those two things changed, he was certain the decision he’d have to make would be the toughest one of his long life.
“We are fine,” he finally answered, giving her a little squeeze.  “I do not regret our being together.”  His heart stopped suddenly.  “Do…do you?”
“No, of course not.  Don’t be silly.” 
The answer was given instantly, and Eran relaxed as relief flooded his soul.  This relationship business would be tricky, but by all that was holy, he would do the best he could to make sure neither of them regretted the choice they’d made last night.  He kissed her again.  “I am glad.”
“When do we go to my apartment and my parents?” she asked him, changing the subject, yet not letting him go.  “I want to see them.”
Eran shook himself.  Things would be all right as long as they were open with each other.  Communication and truth was the key.  “As soon as you are ready.”  He forced himself to pull away and walk to the tiny kitchen.  “I have breakfast ready to heat up and then we can go.”
“A warrior, a lover and a cook,” Amaris teased as she followed him, slid her arms around his back and gave him a squeeze.  “I am a lucky woman.”
“A lucky Nephilim,” he corrected with a smile.  Turning, he kissed her gently.  “And I am a lucky guardian.”
“I don’t think much about being a Nephilim when you’re holding me,” she whispered.  “You treat me like I’m a precious treasure.”
An ache surrounded his heart.  She made him feel things angels had long since forgotten how to feel.  “You are special, Amaris.  To Jehovah and to me.”  He gave her a hug.  “Especially to me.”
He caught her lips in a deep kiss, one that made both of them shiver with longing.  Then, abruptly, he put her away from him.  “If I don’t stop now, we will not leave the aerie and as you said, we have too many things to do today to allow that.  So—” he winked and patted her butt gently, “—break your fast and then we will go.”
“We could have breakfast in bed.”
Eran groaned as the thought of nibbling on Amaris’ luscious body shot right to his groin.  “Enough, little angel, or I won’t be responsible for my actions.”
“Good,” she said cheekily, tossing her head and giving him a come-hither look.  “Then I have you right where I want you.”


Sounds as if things are a little unsure, but at least they're moving forward this time.  Going to her parents?  This could be interesting.  Check back on Sunday to see what happens next!

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