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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Chapter 9 Part 2

 Hey all,

Whew!  It's getting warm in here.  Okay...I have my fire extinguisher and my ice water.  Shall we see what happens next?  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


He shuddered, his big body going so tense she wondered if she’d pushed him too far.  Then with the sound of a man in torment, he rolled away just long enough to pull his shorts off.  A moment later he was back on top of her, his knee spreading her legs even wider, and her breathing stopped as she felt the blunt tip of his penis pressing inexorably into her moist folds.
She stared up at him, at his handsome face drawn tight with a need she too was all but bursting with.  Amaris couldn’t help the whimper of delight as his cock sank deep into her willing body.
Eran shuddered a second time, holding himself motionless above her as if getting used to the feel of her tight heat enveloping him.  It seemed like forever, and Amaris could feel him throbbing rhythmically inside her.  The pulsing pushed her closer and closer to her own climax without him ever making a single movement.
She knew she couldn’t take much more, but just as she was about to force the issue and move herself, he pushed once, hard into her.  She cried out at the feeling, the passion and warmth spiraling around her.  He did it a second time and then a third, and then he was thrusting over and over again, any semblance of control gone…only desire left to rule his emotions.
It didn’t last long.  Their need for each other was too great.  She felt the sudden swelling of his cock as he neared the edge and when he ground himself against her, she couldn’t hold back any longer.  Heat raced from her nipples to her toes, and then straight to where he was thrusting in and out of her heated channel.
She imploded, all the feeling in her body whirling madly, crazily, sending her up and into the very heavens above.  A moment later, she felt Eran join her as he thrust one more time, then stiffen and groan out her name.  Twinkling lights sparkled, and the air around them echoed with music as his orgasm shuddered through him and into her.  It was over too quickly…it seemed to last forever.  Finally, they both collapsed back into the hard pallet on the floor.
But if Amaris had thought he was done, she was wrong.  Their hearts slowly calmed, and as they lay there, bodies entwined, she felt Eran give a rumbling laugh. 
“Ah, little angel.  The first time I saw those beautiful eyes, I knew you would challenge my self-control.  I was sure you would destroy me, and I was right.”
She snuggled against him.  “And that’s a bad thing?”
He chuckled again.  “No.  It shows me I haven’t lost my touch.  I am still as wise as ever.”  When she joined him in laughter, he caressed her cheek with his lips.  “It was as I thought it would be.  Wonderful.”
Turning her head, she gave him another deep kiss.  “More than wonderful.”
“But too quickly over,” he complained.  His amber eyes twinkled.  “I don’t think I’m quite finished with you yet.”
“You’re not?”  Her surprise turned to shock as she felt him harden inside her.  A quick wriggle of her hips, and the same heated desire shot through her again.  “I-I guess I’m not finished either.”
His sexy lips turned up in a smug smile.  “Then I guess I shall have to teach you the next lesson.  One I will be most happy to give.”
She gasped as she felt him leave the warmth of her body.  “And just what may that be?”
A wicked look came over his handsome face.  “The lesson of delayed gratification.”
Amaris didn’t understand at first.  He kissed her, deeply, lovingly as if imprinting himself on her very soul.  Then he moved, kissing her chin, her throat and down her shoulders.  She sighed as his lips caressed the insides of her arms and each quivering finger.
And when he sucked a tip of a breast into his mouth, she finally understood exactly what he was going to do.
“Eran,” she gasped.  “Have mercy.”
He laved at the dark berry and shook his head.  “Nay.  You wouldn’t give me any, so I am just returning the favor.”
“I-I don’t know if I can handle your kind of payback,” she moaned as he took the other nipple into his mouth and swirled it with his tongue.
A grin flashed over his face.  “Payback comes in all forms, little angel.”
He proved that by moving lower, dropping kisses down her stomach and hips.  He held her so she couldn’t move as he nibbled down the inside of her thighs to nip behind her knees.  By the time he moved upwards again, Amaris was a puddle of desire on the floor.
“Please, Eran,” she whimpered as he pressed his face into her curly mound.  “I can’t bear it.  I ache worse than before.”
He wondered if she knew what her words did to him.  He’d lost control during the first love making, and he was determined to make this time better.  Yet, he was as hard and randy as if he’d never touched her.  She was the most desirable woman he’d ever seen, and she made him want things he’d never dreamed of before.
“Shhh, little angel,” he said soothingly as he parted her nether lips and breathed in deeply.  Her special perfume sent waves of longing through him.  “I will take care of that ache.  But remember the lesson I’m teaching you.”
She writhed against his strong grip.  “I don’t want to learn it.  I want you now!”
“Patience, love, patience.”  He smiled as he licked unerringly to the swollen kernel of her desire.  “I am the teacher.  You must obey me.”
Her muttered imprecation made him chuckle.  He held her easily as ignoring her demands, he continued to lap along her wet folds, tasting her essence along with his own.  It was an intoxicating mixture, and Eran felt his own body begin to throb along with the passion he was building in hers.  Slowly, without regard to his own needs, he loved her, making her body flush with unspent passion as he stoked the fires to burning.
Up and around the pulsing bud did he lick, moving finally to the scented passage still quivering from his earlier possession.  His tongue stabbed deep inside and she cried out, arching up against his imprisoning hands.  Again and again he tasted her, going deep, before returning to circle and tease her clit.  Only when she was writhing madly beneath him, did he take the swollen bud between his lips and suck.
She screamed.  A long breathy scream that sent shivers right down his back and into his cock.  It was all it took for his own passion to flare up out of control.  Barely able to keep from coming there and then, he slid back up over her body and with one hard thrust was deep inside.
But there was no respite this time.  His entrance sent Amaris into another, longer climax and he was whirled along with her.  They danced among the stars for what seemed like an eternity before the flame finally eased, and they could drift back to earth, satisfied and finally fulfilled.
Wrapped in each other’s arms, they didn’t even think about moving to the bed.  Eran just pulled the covers up over them and held her as she slipped into a contented sleep.  His slumber was longer in coming as he pondered the ramifications of what he’d just done, but still he couldn’t find it in him to regret.
He wasn’t sure what the future would hold for him and his sweet Nephilim, but by all the angels in heaven, he would make sure she was as safe as he could make her.  He had no choice.  He’d made her his, and he was going to protect her with his own life if necessary.


Hmmm...  What will happen now that Amaris and Eran have given into their feelings?  And what will Asmodeous do when he finds out?  IF he finds out!  Stay tuned until next time and see the morning after.

Have a great week!

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Phylis said...

I'm sure that Asmodeous will find out,somehow. I forgot to have ice water...lol!

CJ England said...

Hey Phylis,

Wow, you were up early to read this one. LOL As for the ice water... I warned you. LOL

Ashley L said...

Can't wait for the morning after! And we definitely know Asmodeous will find out and give them hell!

CJ England said...

And Ashley, I wonder just what he'll do. It's a scary thought, isn't it?