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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 12 Pt. 1

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I've been sick, so I don't have any good stories, or cute quips for you today.  Hopefully, it will be enough to just let you have the next installment of the FREE READ.  So, here it is.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Twelve
Consequences and Lies

A telling silence filled the room.  Neither Eran or Amaris spoke.  Janice’s eyes narrowed as she took in the shocked looks on both their faces.  “Well…I guess that answers that!  I forbid it, Amaris.  You aren’t getting married, let alone go anywhere with a man who doesn’t love you.”
“Your mother’s right,” Johnson put in sharply.  “You’re telling us you are going to parts unknown with a man who might up and leave you at any minute.  It would be one thing if you loved each other, but it’s obvious from both your reactions that love isn’t in the mix.”
“Shame on you!”
Amaris’ face reddened at her mother’s tearful chastisement and rose to sit again on the couch.  “Mom…I’m sorry.   You just took me by surprise.  That’s all. In all honesty—” she glanced at the equally surprised and silent Eran, “—I’m not sure how I feel.  What we have is so new, and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.  But I do know this much.  I want to be with him.  Forever.”
“How can you know that,” her mother queried, “if you’ve just met?”
“Mrs. Dover,” Eran broke in smoothly, “I do care very much about your daughter.  I can tell you I haven’t felt this way about a woman in—well—let’s just say I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way.  I think whatever we have will last.”  He glanced at Amaris who smiled tremulously, grateful for his consolatory words.  “I know I want it to.”
“It’s why we aren’t getting married right away,” Amaris explained, hoping her parents would accept the ruse.  “We care very much, but we want to make sure.  I want to be married forever…like you two.”
“Well—” Janice leaned back and took her husband’s hand, “—finding the right person is important and not something to take lightly.  But I’m not sure going away together will be good for such a new relationship.”
“I want to be with Eran.”  Amaris gazed up at the amber-eyed man next to her.  “If that means going away with him forever, I will.”
“But I doubt it will be forever.”  Eran offered that caveat with a smile, again calming her upset parents.  “Once things settle down, I will bring her back for a visit.  This I promise.”
Janice worried her coffee mug with a nervous hand.  “I don’t know.  It’s just not what we expected when you told us the news.  I was thinking about bridal showers and flowers, now I might not get to do any of it.”
Amaris’ stomach twisted at the pain in her mother’s voice.  It killed her knowing she was hurting them both.  “I love you, Mama.  I’m sorry.  I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to do this.”
“Just exactly when are you planning to leave?” came her father’s gruff voice.
Too choked up to reply, Amaris only shook her head.  Eran cleared his throat and answered instead.  “I have arranged for us to leave this evening to go to my headquarters.  Amaris will meet my employer and all will be arranged from that point.”
“But she said tomorrow,” her mother wailed.
“We leave the country tomorrow.  I am sorry.  I know this is a shock.”  Eran’s jaw was tight.  It was obvious to Amaris he was liking this prevarication less and less.
Her parents said nothing, and an uncomfortable silence fell over the room.  It took everything in her not to tell them the truth, but the knowledge she might be signing their death warrant if she did so, prevented her from going any further.  Silver tears slid down her face.  “I’m so sorry.  But I have no choice.”
“Yes, you do,” her mother said brokenly, rising to her feet.  “There is always a choice.”
“I think we need some fresh coffee.”  Janice dabbed at her eyes with an embroidered handkerchief.  “Johnson, help me.”
Amaris stared after them as both her parents marched from the room.  Her father sent her a disappointed look over his shoulder as he disappeared through the kitchen doorway.  She put her face in her hands.  “Oh, God.  What have I done?”
Eran reached over and pulled her into his lap, his own heart breaking for her pain.  “I’m sorry, little angel.  I wish it could be different.”
“If I could tell them—”
He put his finger over her lips.  “You know that isn’t possible.  It may not seem fair, but it is for their own protection.”
She sighed and tucked her face against him.  “I know.  But it hurts.”
He wanted to carry her off to his aerie and prove to her the pain was worthwhile.  But a part of him knew that no matter how difficult it would be, giving up her old life for a new one was the only way to move forward as a Nephilim. 
“They’ll hate me now.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” he growled.  “They are your parents.  They love you.  No matter what.  Like Jehovah’s, their love is unconditional.”
“Then why do I feel so horrible?” she wept.
“Because, you are leaving all you know behind, little angel.  You want their blessing and because they don’t understand, they are loathe to give it.”
“But I thought meeting you would make it easier.  You’re so strong and powerful.  Such a wonderful man, I figured they wouldn’t worry so much.”
His cheeks heated at her praise.  “I am a warrior for the Lord, Amaris. As well as your teacher and guardian.  While I will protect you with my life, in your parent’s eyes, I am the man who is taking you away from them.”
“It’s just not fair,” she sniffed.
“Life is sometimes not fair.”
“Well, at least the man you’ve picked has a head on his shoulders.”


Sometimes the decisions we make in our lives are so painful.  Especially when we're not sure if they are the right ones.  Even when we love and care for someone, it's not easy.  Something Amaris and Eran are fast discovering. Maybe it will be easier as time goes on.  What do you think?

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Phylis said...

As I am facing hard decisions in regards to my mother I sympathize very much with Amaris. I don't think it ever gets easier either. But you do them for the ones you love!

CJ England said...

That is so true, Phylis. I agree 100%.