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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 12 Pt. 2

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Sorry I missed last week.  Our internet was down, and I only had time to put up my weekly blog before it went down again.  Anyway, here is the next installment.  Enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Her father’s voice broke them apart, and Amaris scrambled off Eran’s lap, turning pink with embarrassment.  “Dad?”
Johnson put down a fresh plate of treats and waited until Janice joined him with a steaming pot of coffee.  Nothing was said until all the cups were refilled.
“Mr. Dover,” Eran said after a sip of the hot beverage, “I can tell you both I care about Amaris, and I will never leave her.  She has become more important to me than I can say.  I know you don’t know me very well, but you can trust me about this.  I give you my word.”
“The wife and I had a talk in the kitchen,” Johnson replied.  “And while we don’t understand everything, we know our girl.  We taught her well.  She wouldn’t pick a loser.  So, I guess we’ll just have to trust she’s made a good decision.”
Amaris gave an audible sob.  “Daddy!”
“There, there, honey,” her mother comforted as she patted Amaris’ hand.  “Forgive this old woman’s mutterings.  You and your Eran go do what you need to do.  Then, when it’s over, you can come back and we’ll have that wedding with all the trimmings.  Okay?”
When her daughter burst into tears, Eran swallowed hard.  For the first time he wished he was a normal man, and he and Amaris could follow the traditions of human matings.  Live and love together, raise children.  All the things so many take for granted.  Sighing at the knowledge it wasn’t to be, he gave her parent’s the expected answer. 
“That would be lovely, Mrs. Dover.”

* * * * *

Two hours later, Eran watched as Amaris silently stuffed her clothing haphazardly into suitcases.  She hadn’t said more than ten words since they’d waved good-bye to her parents and walked off down the road.  Once out of sight, they’d both spread their wings and flown straight to the roof of Amaris’ old apartment complex.  Once inside her small rooms, they begun to pack the belongings she was going to take back to the aerie. 
Now, as he helped her decide what parts of her old life she could take to her new, he ached for her pain.  The desolation in her eyes was terrible.  Knowing she may never see her parents again had taken the spark of life right out of her.  She hadn’t complained.  Amaris was too smart not to understand what needed to be done.  But that didn’t lessen the agony of loss.
Eran frowned.  He would have to be even more watchful.  This would be a perfect time for a demonic attack.  When she was vulnerable and sad and wishing that she’d never heard of angels or Nephilim.  It would be just like Asmodeous to attack now, when her resistance was so low.
“What shall I do with the stuff I don’t take with me?” Amaris’ listless voice pulled him out of his thoughts.  “I know I have a thing for shoes, but flying makes them sort of unnecessary now.”
He thought of the dozens of sandals, high heels and boots he’d discovered when searching for her suitcases and fought back a smile.  A thing for shoes, indeed.  She could open a department store with what she had stored in the closet.  It was a surprisingly feminine thing about his usually practical angel.  “Take what you wish.  You will not always be flying.”
“No,” she murmured wistfully.  “I wonder what I will be doing.”
“And all this?”  She interrupted him, gesturing at the furniture in the room.  “I mean, we don’t need most of these things.”
“Except the bed,” he said, hoping to tease her into a smile.  “It is bigger than the one we have back at the aerie.”
As he’d wished, her lips curved up slightly.  “How will we move it?”
“I’ll come back and get it later, after it is dark.  That way humans cannot see me.”
“A flying bed,” she sighed as she ran her hand over the bright green and blue coverlet.  “You’ll stop traffic.”
Unable to stand her sadness a moment longer, he pulled her into his arms.  “It will be all right, little angel.  I know it is hard now, but I swear to you, the pain will fade in time.”
Burying her face in his chest, she shook her head.  “I don’t know, Eran.  I love them so much.  I miss them already, and I just left them.  How can I stand it?”
“I’d take your pain away if I could,” he whispered, kissing her gently.  “What can I do?”
“Can you make everything just disappear for a while?  I don’t want to think.”
His lips quirked into a smile.  “I can arrange that.”  He tumbled her backwards onto the soft bed.  “But we’ll be late going home.”
Amaris sighed and her eyes softened.  “I don’t care how late we are.  Please, Eran.  Just for a few minutes can you make the hurting stop?”
Her pain-filled words smote his heart.  He didn’t answer her, only touched her cheek gently.  Then his mouth slanted down over hers in a kiss he hoped would do what she asked.
Make the world go away.
Teasing, tasting, tempting…her lips were all of those as he hungrily brought her even closer.  Their bodies fit together perfectly, and it wasn’t long before they were both naked, skin moving against skin.
“You feel so good,” he rasped as he cupped one beautiful breast in his hand, before bending and sucking the areole deep into his mouth.  When he flicked his tongue back and forth over Amaris’ hardened nipple, she cried out.  His own body hardened even more at the sound.
“Eran, please,” she begged.
“Not yet, little angel.”  He held her hands down at her side and kissed his way down her slender body.  “I find cookies and coffee were not enough to satisfy my hunger.  Only you can do so.”  His lips brushed over the curly patch of hair high up between her thighs.
“I want more.” 


Wow!  To leave your family behind and never see them again?  I have a hard enough time not seeing my kids or speaking to them only once a week.  *sigh*  I feel for Amaris.  Everything is changing and I wonder what will happen next.

Find out next weekend...

CJ England

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