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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 13 Pt. 1

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Looks like it's going to get a bit warm in here.  Grab your ice water and cuddle down in a chair and read this spicy entry!!!  Enjoy!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Thirteen

The pain in Amaris’ heart was chased away by need as Eran nuzzled her gently.  She felt the small puffs of his breath and shuddered at what she knew was to come.  She wanted to say something…to tell him to hurry, to tell him to slow down.  Something.  But her throat was locked up tight with the knowledge of what he could do to her.
His tongue flicked out and teased its way up the moist folds of her most private area.  Her whole body tingled, and she fought the battle between closing her legs to protect herself or spreading them apart so he would have more room.
Her choice was taken away when he grasped her thighs and drew her legs up and apart. Heat flushed through her at how exposed she now was.  But she wasn’t afraid.  She trusted him, even as her hands went to his head, and her fingers slid through his silky hair.  Closing her eyes, she waited for the ecstasy to begin.
A fine trembling shook her body as his tongue made its way unerringly up to her clit.  She cried out—her whole body jerking in reaction.  Eran made a humming sound as he held her still, the vibration making the sensations she felt even more intense.
He licked…he sucked, over and over until she was writhing in sweet agony.  Higher and higher he stoked the flames until Amaris felt she was consumed in the fire.  Her nipples were hard and throbbing, her skin so sensitized it almost hurt, and where Eran was centering his lovemaking, it all but ached with desire.
“Please…Eran,” she managed to gasp out.  “I can’t…take anymore.  Please.”
Her lover chuckled.  His strong teeth nipped at the inside of her thigh.  “What do you want from me now, little angel?  Tell me.  I am yours to command.”
Before she could answer, his tongue was back, spearing into her channel in a quick thrust before licking back up to circle madly around her clit.  She saw sparkling lights, she heard vibrant music, yet just as she was about to explode, he stopped and nipped her leg again.
“You did not answer me,” he whispered silkily, his fingers moving up to part her folds carefully.  “I cannot obey what you do not command.”
“Eran,” she moaned, her mind almost lost in sensation.  She was burning out of control.  Her hips lifted as he inserted two fingers into her body and slowly pumped them in and out.  “I—”  Her voice all but disappeared when he bent and took her clitoris between his lips.  The gentle tug he gave her made her eyes roll back in her head.  She gave a whimpering cry and grabbed his head to pull him closer.
“Not yet,” he growled so quietly she could barely hear him.  He gave her another sultry lick that almost took the top of her head off.  “I can’t do anything if you won’t talk to me.”
She shook her head, her thoughts so tangled she couldn’t remember her own name.  She wanted to grab him and drag him up her body so he could drive himself deep and get rid of the awful ache she was feeling.  The heat, the need, the lust racing through her wiped all but one thought from her mind.
“M-Make me come.”
His smile could be heard in his voice.  “You want to come?”
“Yes!”  She almost shouted it.  Out of control she pulled his hair and ground herself against him.  “Yes.  Please, God.  Eran.  Yes!”
“As you wish, little angel.”  Now there was smugness along with the amusement.  “As I said, I am yours to command.”
“Then get on with it,” she ordered.  She ignored the chuckle and wriggled her butt a little.  “Hurry!”
Eran nuzzled her again, his own need almost too much to bear.  Pleasuring her was more important than taking care of himself, yet it took everything in him to continue as he’d promised.  A part of him wanted her underneath him, her body taking everything he had to give her.  But the taste of her, the scent of her desire had his loins humming with a passion he could barely control.  He wanted this for her.  For himself.  His time would come…later.  Grasping her rear in his strong hands, he bent and began to feast.
When she cried out his name again, he ignored her, intent only on bringing her to a climax that would push the whole world away.  He felt her passion building and knew it would only take one quick push to send it skyrocketing to the heavens.
After one last lick, he moved up and wrapped his lips around the turgid bud that begged for his attention.  As he sucked in hard, his gaze met her sapphire eyes.
Those eyes went blind as she exploded, her body bucking under him and her breathy cries too much for a man—an angel who was just beginning to understand what passion could do to him.  He couldn’t take any more.  All the promises he’d made to himself went out the window as he lifted up and over to plunge deep in her wet, willing body.  His body tensed…his cock swelled, and all he could think about was that sublime climb to the closest thing next to heaven.
She cried out again, this time in obvious ecstasy.  Her legs wrapped around his trim waist and she met his thrusts beat for beat, sending him up and over the edge before he could even take his next breath. 
It seemed to take hours before they both floated back down to reality.  Eran sighed and kissed the underside of Amaris’ throat.  “I wanted to give you so much more,” he murmured.  “I wanted to show you the other side of the stars.”
Her sighing breath stirred the damp hair on his face.  “Who said you didn’t?”


Whew!  I'm going to attack Jonathon when he gets home tonight.  Sometimes I surprise myself, I write so sensually.  So, do you think Eran and Amaris will try for round two?  Find out next Sunday with another installment!

Until next week!!!

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