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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 16 Pt. 2

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Sorry I missed a week, but we just got our internet up and going properly.  Hopefully from this day forward I'll be able to be online more as I need to.  Santiago is a great city with the Andes all around us.  I'm looking forward to exploring everything it has to offer.

And speaking of offering, shall we take a look at this week's installment?  Ready to discover what Eran has discovered about teaching Amaris?  Enjoy!!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim

“I can’t do it like you taught me,” she realized, her heart pounding with excitement.  “I’m not put together the same way you are, so when I compensate for the way I’m built, I wind up telegraphing what I’m going to do.”
“Well said.”  Eran smiled.  “And because I did not take that into account when I was training you, it made it impossible for you to learn properly.”
“So each time I followed your instructions I was only making it harder on myself.”
Her warrior nodded.  “If anything, you were too good a student, trying to ape me exactly.  And this is just a small sample of what has gone wrong.  Being female can be your greatest strength, Amaris.  A secret weapon.  If we learn to use it properly.”
“What do you mean?”  She was still reeling with the fact all her problems were from something so basic.
“Get into a fighting stance again,” he commanded.  Once she’d done so, he moved into his own.  “This time, remember what I’ve taught you, but think outside your training.  If you were about to be attacked, little angel, what would you as a female do?”
“The best way to get out of an attack is to run.”
Eran snorted out a laugh.  “Angels of the Lord do not run.  Think of something else.”
“Okay.” Amaris chewed her lower lip.  A thought came to her, and she smiled.  This would be interesting—if she could make it work.  She leaned back, sword in one hand and made a come-hither gesture with her other.  “Attack me.”
This time it felt different when Eran came at her, slashing sword in hand.  She felt more confident, and as she fought, she allowed the basics of her mentor’s training to flow through her.  She parried and sliced and kept Eran from getting through her guard.  He’d taught her well how to do that.  But she knew she needed to do more if they were to harness the power of who and what she was.
She pressed the attack, coming at him now, waiting for that infinitesimal moment where her lover’s guard would be down enough to try the assault she had planned.  It came a few moments later.  His sword dipped just slightly.  But instead of going for the attack like she’d done in the past, she deflected his blade and sent it pointing upwards.  At the same time, she came closer and with a move she’d learned in high school from her gym teacher, she put her knee to his groin.
The comical look on her warrior’s face was all she could have hoped for. And, as she’d expected, the instinctive shift to protect himself left him wide open.  Her sword dipped in and found its place at his throat.
“Do you yield?” she challenged, her eyes sparkling with triumph.
“I yield.”  Lifting his hands, he allowed his sword to drop harmlessly to the ground.  “And I thank you—” he glanced down at his leather covered crotch being pressed by her knee, “—for your restraint.”
“Don’t want to damage something so important,” she quipped.  Then she let out a shout and did a little boogie of success.  “I did it.  I did it.”
Eran laughed and pulled her into his arms.  “That you did, little angel.  That move came out of the blue.  I was not expecting it.”
“I know it’s a really girly thing to do, but if it works…?”
He pressed his lips to her forehead, relieved beyond measure they’d finally figured out the problem.  “There is no wrong way to battle, Amaris.  Now as we train, we can use that inner knowledge you already have to refine those skills I’ve taught you.  I believe you will find being a female Nephilim will give you talents your enemies will never expect.”
“It felt different.”  Amaris wriggled away and danced around him, using her sword in mock swordplay.  “For the first time I didn’t feel out of step.  I may never need to do that girly thing again, because I think I finally understand what I need to do.”
“Yet don’t forget it completely,” he admonished.  “It is a technique just as is anything else I’ve taught you.  One that works for you.  And someday it may mean the difference between your life and death.”  Picking up his own sword, he slid into his stance and challenged her.  “So, you disarmed me once.  Let us see what other tricks you have up your sleeve.”
Her proud grin charmed him so much, he almost missed her first lunge, but after a few minutes, they both settled down to fight.  And Eran found that he was as much the student as Amaris was.
The natural ability had always been there, but her awkward copying of his battle moves had stolen it away.  Now, released to follow her own instincts as well as his teachings, he saw his little angel was well on her way to success.
Since she wasn’t worrying about following his lead, she now had the ability to watch him closer, and by doing that she showed an almost preternatural gift for knowing his moves nearly before he did.  After just a few mock fights, he quit telegraphing his moves.  A few more, and he stopped dropping his guard.  She’d gotten underneath it one too many times.
She was clever. A true trickster.  Many times she lured him into thinking she was going to do one thing, but to his surprise, she’d do the exact opposite.  And each time he’d have to work not to lose his sword.
Because she was smaller, she was quicker than he, and since she was no longer trying to out-fight him strength-wise, she was able to use her sword in shorter, sudden attacks and then dance away.  She learned very quickly the length of his reach and how to stay beyond it.
Until she was ready not to.
She wasn’t perfect.  Not by any means.  The last month of training had in some ways done more damage than good.  But the frustration was gone.  The despair he’d seen on her face had disappeared.  There was hope and excitement again, and it made her more beautiful than ever.
After another hour of work, they were sweaty, tired and filthy from landing on their butts in the dirt.  But Eran finally knew all would be well. 
He had trained a warrior.


Awesome!!!!  At least they've got that part right.  Now if they can just figure out their relationship!!  LOL  It will be interesting to see where they go from here!  Find out more next week!

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Carrie said...

I have enjoyed this story so much can't wait to see what happens next.

Phylis said...

Thanks again for sharing this story CJ! Looking forward to what happens next.

CJ England said...

Glad to see you both are enjoying it!!! Thanks so much to both of you!!!