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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 17 Pt. 1

Hey all,

Internet is still up and going, so I'm a happy girl.  But so very busy.  I've buckled down and have three...count 'em...three WIPs!  Woohoo!!!!  And once I finish this FREE READ I'll be starting another one.

So let's see what Eran and Amaris are up to today!  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim

Chapter Seventeen
The Calm Before

Amaris sang as she soaped her arms and shoulders.  It had been a long, tiring, and successful day, but she was happy to get the dirt finally off her.  She’d hit the ground so many times during practice she’d lost count.  Yet it had all been worth it.  She wasn’t sure who was more pleased—Eran for figuring out what the problem with her training was, or her because now she could deliver exactly what her guardian wanted.
Lifting her leg, she scrubbed between her toes, frowning at how filthy they were.  It seemed every dirt speck on the planet had come to pay her a visit.  “I’m going to need to wash twice, just to get all this off.”
“Do not forget your face, little angel.  You’d scare a hellhound straight back to the pit.”
“Thanks a lot.”  She gave herself a quick wipe with a washcloth then glanced over at where her lover lounged against the doorjamb.  He wore nothing but a grin and a towel wrapped around his hips.  Longing burned in her stomach, making her have to swallow hard to speak.
“Is…is that wine for me?”
His eyebrow winged up.  “You wish to share my wine?”
She rolled her eyes, and her leg splashed back down into the water.  “Unless you want to bring me my own.”
“Then you must also share with me.”
Her heart beat faster at the smoldering heat in his eyes.  “Sh-Share what?”
“Your bath.”
Glancing down at the tub filled with scented bubbles, she giggled.  “If you come in here, you’ll smell like a girl.”
Copper-colored eyes flashed in amusement as he moved towards her, shedding his towel as he walked.  “Then I’ll make sure I come later.  When we are in bed.”
He threw back his head and laughed aloud.  “I do love to shock you, love.  Your face.”  He shook his head.  “Priceless.”
She gave an indignant snort.  “Just for that you can take a shower.”
“I don’t think so.”
He was in the bathtub, tucked up behind her, with Amaris between his legs, faster than she could blink.  She only had time to gasp before his lips were caressing her ear.  He held the drink in front of her surprised face.
“Your wine, little angel.”
She shook her head and snatched the glass out of his hand.  “I forget how fast an angel can be.  I can’t wait until I can do that.”
“You will learn things quickly now.  Now that hopelessness has given way to confidence.  We’ve finally overcome the last obstacle to training you.”
“You mean you did,” she whispered, leaning back against his strong chest.  She sipped the wine thoughtfully.  “You’re the one who figured it out.”
She felt him chuckle.  “I should have realized the problem sooner.”  His arms came around her in a gentle embrace, his hand cupping her breasts and squeezing.  “After all, I am intimately acquainted with the fact you have these.”
The quip made her laugh.  “You are in a rare mood aren’t you?”
Eran laughed again, knowing she was right.  Understanding what needed to be done had lifted a huge burden off his shoulders.  More importantly, it had given Amaris back her self-confidence.  Better yet, it had brought her back into his arms…where she belonged.  “Once you are done with your scrubbing, I’ll show you exactly what type of mood I’m in.”
Turning, she gazed up at him, those sapphire eyes going dark and smoky.  “Going to finish what you started at the practice field?”
His body hardened in a quick flash.  “I believe I did promise that later I would love you as I should.  I think this qualifies as later.”
Her lips quirked.  “What if we drown?”
“You forget, Amaris, we angels are immortal.”  With one hand he caressed her cheek.  With the other, he took her wine and set it on the side of the bathtub. He brushed his lips over hers.  “We cannot drown.”
“That’s good.”  Her whispered was feather-soft.  “So we can hold our breath as long as it takes?”
“As long as we need to,” he agreed, then crushed her lips beneath his.
Her taste inflamed him, the tart wine only adding to her delicious flavor.  Eran pulled her closer, turning her soapy body so she lay sidewise between his long legs.  And as he plundered her mouth, his hand slowly traced down her slick flesh to again cup a lush breast.
Amaris cried out and arched up into his touch, sending bolts of heated desire shooting through his already aroused body.  How she did it to him each time, he didn’t understand, but she was everything.  All he’d ever wanted but didn’t know he needed.  When she was in his arms he was as close to Heaven as he could be without sitting at his Lord’s feet.
“Give yourself to me,” he growled, nipping and sucking at her lower lip.  “Surrender and be mine.”
“I’m yours,” she gasped in response, her hands fisting in his hair.  “For always, Eran.  Forever.”
He longed to speak of his love.  To tell her how she was the most important thing in his life.   The only thing in creation that made him want to forget his promise to Jehovah.  She was his strength and his weakness.  His kiss was fierce and a little afraid.  “I need you.  More than anything in this world, I need you.”
She trembled at his words and clutched him tighter.  “Then show me.  Show me how a mighty warrior needs his woman.”


Oooo!  Fun in the water.  I hope she's got flood insurance!  LOL  It's nice to see them happy after all they've been through so far.  I wonder if it will last.  Will they actually make it through the bath unscathed?  Will they have a "happy" finish?  Check back next Sunday to find out!!!

CJ England

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Phylis said...

I am sure that bad guy is waiting in the wings to pounce! Thanks CJ!

Phylis said...

I am sure that bad guy is waiting in the wings to pounce! Thanks CJ!

Phylis said...

I am sure that bad guy is waiting in the wings to pounce! Thanks CJ!