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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 17 Pt. 2

Hey all,

It's the weirdest weather here.  It's winter, but I'm walking around in shirt sleeves!  What's up with that?  And I'm not sure what it will do next!

Anyway, we left Eran and Amaris in a "delicate" position, so shall we go back and see how it all goes next?  Enjoy!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim

He longed to speak of his love.  To tell her how she was the most important thing in his life.   The only thing in creation that made him want to forget his promise to Jehovah.  She was his strength and his weakness.  His kiss was fierce and a little afraid.  “I need you.  More than anything in this world, I need you.”
She trembled at his words and clutched him tighter.  “Then show me.  Show me how a mighty warrior needs his woman.”
His groan was swallowed as he kissed her again, this time even deeper.  Water sloshed and the wine glass tipped over and spilled on Eran’s discarded towel, but they didn’t notice.  They were both too caught up in each other.
As much as he wanted…had planned to, Eran couldn’t take it slow.  The taste of her.  The slippery feel of her skin sliding against his set him aflame.  He was on fire, his body furiously demanding he take the woman in his arms hard and fast.  His hands streaked over her, mapping the luscious curves he now knew so well.  He circled her nipples with his fingers then plucked and rolled them until she was writhing in his arms.  Her cries of passion made him want to explode.
“Eran,” she breathed as she kissed his mouth, his chin, his cheeks.  “I need you.  God in Heaven, how I need you.”
He shuddered, and in answer swept his hand down the length of her body.  His fingers quickly parted the folds of her womanhood, and he tensed even more at the heat that poured into his hand.  Gritting his teeth, he plunged two fingers deep inside her.   His lust spiraled higher and higher in a never-ending dance as she screamed out his name.
Then, without warning, her eyes went opaque, and she exploded in his arms.
All the colors of the rainbow burst behind Amaris’ eyelids.  The pleasure was overpowering, devastating, shattering, sending both her mind and heart spinning out of control.  Eran’s name was a shout of glory, of exaltation, of wonder.  Her body wouldn’t handle the sensations.  Every nerve ending fired off at the same time, overwhelming her mind.  She couldn’t stand it.  She never wanted it to end.  For the first time in her life, she came close to fainting from pure undiluted gratification.
“Again,” she heard him mutter.  “Go over again, my love.  Remember I will never let you fall.”
She was shocked beyond words when her body responded with another rush of hedonistic warmth.  Even if her mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening, her flesh did, and greedy for more of what it had received before, it took and took until her bones were liquid with pleasure.  She lost track of how many times he sent her over the edge.  All she could focus on was the taste of his lips and the feel of his strong, hard body cushioning hers.
It wasn’t until he lifted her leg over his hip, and she felt the blunt tip of his penis, probing, demanding entrance, did she come back to herself.  Just in time to gasp soundlessly as he drove hard inside her, sending those already overwhelmed nerve endings screaming again.
Release was only a heartbeat away, a jagged edge of sharp sensation as he thrust faster and faster, his panting breath harsh against the side of her neck.  His muscles were like steel, his cock so hard and thick it was almost too much for her to take.
As if he knew what she was thinking, he moved, adjusting them slightly.  More heat spread through her as his penis stroked rhythmically against her clit.  Her nipples tingled and desire speared down into her belly.  Her strangled moan of pleasure only seemed to spur him on.
“Eran,” she sobbed out, unable to stand the fiery torment another second.  “Please.  I need…
He shuddered, and his driving moves became wilder, almost out of control.  Then, just when she was sure she was going to break in two from the sensations, she felt him swell inside her.  Another gasp escaped, but it was covered my Eran’s deep masculine groan as he thrust again, hard and deep, one last time.  He grabbed her rear, and holding her so tightly she was sure she’d have bruises the next day, he came, his throbbing orgasm whirling her into the maelstrom with him and sending her up into the heavens one last time.

“I do believe,” she heard him gasp out several long moments later, “I kept us from drowning.”
Amaris couldn’t prevent the giggle from escaping.  She was as weak as a kitten and just as content.  Cuddled beneath him, her cheek pressed to his still heaving chest, she looked down her nose to where water lapped only a few inches from her chin.  “Barely.  If we hadn’t splashed most of it out, we’d both be in trouble.
He chuckled and with a swift move of his body, she was on top of him.  “There.  Better?”
She kissed him.  “I’m always better when I’m in your arms.”
His smile widened. He lifted a soapy hand and brushed an errant soap bubble from her cheek.  “We are better together.”
“You’re going to smell like a girl now.”
Those copper eyes warmed again.   “It was worth it.”
Her heart just overflowed.  He was everything beautiful and different.  Exactly what she’d always wanted, but had never expected to actually find.  A man who would protect her, stimulate her mind and love her with a passion she hadn’t even believed in.  Until him.  The knowledge filled her to the bursting and overwhelmed her.  She laid her head on his chest, listening to the beat of his strong and dependable heart and let the peace and utter rightness of the truth complete her.
It had always been there, waiting to be released, probably since the first time she’d seen his handsome face in that wretched alley. All the things she’d done…all the paths she’d traveled had led her to this man…to this moment in time.  And now Amaris finally understood. 
She was completely, desperately, overwhelmingly in love with her angelic guardian.


*sniff*  My favorite part is when they discover they love each other.  I must write it ten times until I get it just right.  And if I read it and tear up, I know I done good.  LOL

See what happens now in next Sunday's installment.  And have a great week until we meet again!

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