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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 18 Pt. 2

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So sorry about the delay in posting.  We FINALLY got the internet fixed.  Apparently there was a disconnect down in the bowels of the hotel and it took them this long to figure it out.  I told Jonathon he should have gone down there himself.  He'd of fixed it immediately.  *sigh*

But, we're up and going with only a week's interruption.  I guess it could have been worse. 

Anyway, shall we see what's up with Amaris and Eran?  Just what has her darling guardian have in store for her?  Scroll on down and see!  And as always, enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Her gaze shot back to his.  “Sparring partners?  You found me someone else to fight?”
Eran nodded as he began a slow descent into the thick Eastern White Pine forest below.  “I did.  Would you like to meet them?  Or should we just go home so you can pout some more.”
“Oh hush.”  Joining him, she tucked her wings closer and began to spiral lower into the trees.  “Who are they? How do you know them?  Are they angels like you?”
He said nothing until they’d landed carefully in a meadow surrounded by the spicy-scented trees.  Tucking their wings away, they both looked around.  To the south, a brook chased itself through a tumble of rocks and weeds, meandering into the grass and flower dotted field, then back out again.  Far off in the distance you could hear the call of a bird—if Eran wasn’t mistaken it was the call of a Common Grackle, it’s short, trilling song of gurgle, gurgle creeeek, noisy against the silence of the forest.
Other than the noise of the brook and the far off birds, the area was still and quiet.  He wasn’t surprised.  Wildlife would be wary of two winged creatures coming to roost in their territory.
“Where are we?”  Amaris’ words were hushed.
“Near Roanoke, Virginia,” he answered just as quietly.  The scent of wood smoke tickled his nose.  “A friend lives here.”
“An angel?” she pressed.
“Yes, an angel,” a loud voice boomed behind them, startling them both.  “And one who wants to know who is trespassing on my land.”
 They turned swiftly, instinctively unsheathing their swords and unfurling their wings again.  Across the meadow were not one, but two angelic beings, also with drawn swords and wings extended.
Amaris’ breath caught as she looked upon the first angels she’d seen other than her guardian.  They were both tall and muscular, but her gaze was caught first by the older one.  He was huge, but roughly handsome, with intense dark eyes and a hard mouth that didn’t look like it smiled much.  He had long, dark hair with just a hint of gray at the temples.  But his strong and powerful body told her on him the gray didn’t mean old.  He looked just as solid as Eran, and she was sure it had been his commanding voice that had surprised them.
The other angel was younger and quite attractive…almost beautiful.  About Eran’s age, and as light as his friend was dark.  Shoulder length, pale blond hair waved in the breeze, and he had sky-blue eyes that held a hint of amusement as he took in the scene before him.  His sensual lips were quirked, as if he knew a joke no one else did. He too was strong and powerful, but he was leaner, built more—Amaris thought—for speed that brute strength.
Yet those blue eyes lost their amusement as he took in Amaris’ outstretched wings.  Surprise and something a little like wonder took its place.  “Devil damn it,” he whispered, startling them all, “it’s the new Nephilim.”
The other man’s eyes narrowed and then so suddenly it was a shock, his frown was replaced by a huge grin.  “By Jehovah,” he bellowed.  “Eran!  It’s good to see you.”
Amaris watched, still somewhat cautiously, as her guardian sheathed his sword and with a shout of his own, met the big man half way and pulled him into a bruising hug.
“Orifiel!”  Eran pounded the other man’s back.  “It has been too long.”
“Too long, indeed!”  Orifiel stood back and grasped Eran’s arms.  “Let me look at you.”
“I am just the same as I was a century ago,” Eran laughed.
“No.  I see a little more wisdom in the eyes.”  Orifiel nodded his shaggy head smugly.  “As it should be.”
“Isn’t it said that a day that goes by without learning is a day wasted?”  Eran lifted an eyebrow inquiringly.
“A saying everyone should believe.”  Orifiel glanced over Eran’s shoulder to where Amaris stood, her sword still held at the ready.  “And I think your student is learning that you aren’t nearly as rigid as she thought.
Amaris bit her lower lip, smothering a chuckle, when Eran threw a warning glance over his shoulder.  She could have easily explained to this Orifiel that Eran was very rigid at times.  In their bed.  Or their shower.  Or anywhere else they made love, for that matter.
“Little angel, come and meet someone I call friend,” Eran called, interrupting her naughty thoughts.  He shot her another knowing look that had her biting her lip as she put her sword away and walked to the two men.
“Amaris.”  Eran’s coppery eyes were filled with humor as he nodded at the man next to him.  “This is Orifiel.  He is known as the Angel of the Forests.  If Jehovah needs one of us to protect the forests and woodlands of the world, Orifiel here is the one who is called.”
Smiling, and still a bit overwhelmed about meeting another angel, she held out her hand.  “I’m very pleased to meet you.  You’re the first—” she shot Eran a glance “—I mean the second angel I’ve met so far.”
Orifiel enveloped her small hand in his bigger one.  “It is my honor, little Nephilim.  We have been waiting for you for a long time.”
She frowned.  “Waiting?  For me?”
Eran cleared his throat, and she caught the slight glance her mentor gave the older man.  A little bit confused, a little bit wary.  “He means we have been waiting a long time for a female Nephilim to be born.  Remember I told you that you were the first in over a millennium?”
She had a feeling there was something else neither of the angels were telling her, but before she could ask, another voice spoke.
“May I be introduced to my new sister?”
Turning, Amaris met the smiling gaze of the blond angel.  He too had sheathed his sword and was standing just to her right.  Holding out his hand, he winked at her.
“At long last I’m not the youngest of our kind any more.”
She shook his hand and smiled, already liking him.  “Oh, so you’re my big brother?  I’ve always wanted one of those.  I was an only child.”  Then what he said made her go still.  “Wait…does that mean…?”
He nodded and sketched a short bow.  “I’m Hayyel.  Appointed by God to watch over the wild creatures of the earth.  And yes.  I’m a Nephilim, too.”


Hmmm... The plot thickens.  Another Nephilim?  Just what is Eran thinking, bringing these two together?  Find out next Sunday when the newest installment is posted!!!  Until then...

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