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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 21 Pt. 2

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Wow!  Another surprise.  This part of the story seems filled with them.  I wonder what the other angel's responses will be.  I think we'll be finding out.  Enjoy!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


His obvious surprise had Amaris sitting up as well.  “Yes.  What’s wrong?  Are two so unusual?”
He didn’t answer, but turned to Orifiel.  “Hey!  Did Eran tell you that Amaris was tempted twice?  Not just once?”
“Twice?” The older guardian’s eyes narrowed in curiosity as he turned from the fire.  “You went through two temptations?”
Wanting to roll her eyes at the echo in the room, Amaris nodded.  “Again yes.  And why is that so weird?”
“Because, little angel—” Eran’s voice immediately warmed her heart when he answered, but his eyes…his eyes were very serious, “—most Nephilims are tempted only once.  Either they win out against that temptation and are brought into the army of God or they fail and fall as their fathers did before them.  There are no second chances.  No do overs.  Once the choice is made, it is made forever.”
“But not for me.”  She could see in Eran’s eyes this was another thing he’d chosen not to tell her.  Part of her was angry for his renitence, but a bigger part of her was beginning to understand him.  He didn’t want her worrying.  He was trying to protect her…again.  But she didn’t need protecting.  Not anymore.  She knew she was different.  In many ways, some she was just recognizing.  Learning she’d been attacked differently as well, wasn’t all that surprising.
“Amaris…”  Hayyel touched her hand.  “I’m sure it’s not a big deal.  I wouldn’t worry about it.  I mean—”
“It’s okay, Hayyel,” she interrupted, a slight smile touching her lips.  She wasn’t worried.  At least not much. “Guess I’m just lucky.”
“Probably because you’re female.”  Orifiel sipped his wine thoughtfully.  “Eran told me it only took you once to find your wings.”
“Once!”  Hayyel shook his head.  “Took me three times to get them to unfurl.  It was the hardest thing about being a Nephilim for me.  Honey, you are different.”
“I had a good teacher, that’s all.”  Amaris smiled at her guardian.  Backlit by the flames he was the most gorgeous thing she’d ever seen.  She wished she could go over and kiss him, but she’d promised to be good.  Later though…later all bets were off.  “I’ve known from the beginning that as long as Eran was with me, I’d be safe.”
Eran’s heart swelled with love at Amaris’ words.  He’d been afraid for a moment she’d be angry with him.  It had been another omitted truth.  Something he suddenly realized he’d done a lot of.  But he would do anything to keep his little angel comfortable and happy.  Even if it meant keeping some of the more scary things about her new life away from her. 
Yet looking into her eyes now, he could see the time was fast approaching where he would have to be one hundred percent honest with her…in every way.  Amaris was growing in her Nephilim powers exponentially.  She’d proven today that she was almost as good with a sword as a two-century old Nephilim, and more importantly, when she’d been hit with the knowledge about the prophecy, she hadn’t run scared.  Hadn’t cried or ranted about what was happening to her. 
No, his little angel had tucked the fear and worry away and concentrated on the here and now.  She’d taken a deep breath and gone on with her duties, just as a warrior should.  His love and his pride in her filled him to almost bursting.  No wonder Orifiel could see it.  It was a wonder no one else could.
“Do you think there will be more?”  Hayyel’s question brought Eran back to the present.  “Or is the Evil One done?”
“No.”  Amaris’ tone left no doubt.  “As long as Asmodeous thinks he can turn me, I’ll be tempted.”
“Asmodeous?”  Now it was Orifiel who straightened in his chair.  The old warrior had a streak of dirt slashed across his cheek, courtesy of a blow from Eran’s sword, but it didn’t hide the sudden worry on his face.  “By Jehovah!  You’ve got an Elite Demon after you?”
Amaris shrugged.  “Again.  Lucky me.”
Orifiel looked as if he was going to explode at her facetious words, but Eran put his hand on his old friend’s shoulder.  “Peace, brother.  Amaris knows how dangerous the demon spawn is.  What he can do.”  He cast a reproving glance at his lover, telling her without words this wasn’t a time for joking.  “Do not mistake her flippancy for indifference.  She understands just how far the Evil One will go to bring her into the fold.”
“But he’ll fail, just the same.”  Amaris’ chin went up, not giving an inch.  “I’m not stupid or foolish.  I know Asmodeous has no boundaries.  No heart or conscience.  He’ll do whatever it takes to get me to turn away from what’s right.  I know he’ll attack me again and again until I can defeat him completely.”
“And you will, little angel.”  Eran moved closer, unable to resist taking her hand.  The connection soothed him, and her slow sigh of pleasure showed him he wasn’t alone.  “You are strong and growing stronger.  I agree, Asmodeous won’t give up.  Not yet.  You are too important.  But you won’t be alone.  You will never have to go up against him by yourself.  I will be there with you.  I promise.”
“As will I,” came Orifiel’s deep voice.”
“Hey!  I may not be a guardian,” Hayyel promised, “but I’ll be there too.  I’m happy to kick a little demon ass.  Besides—” he grinned and waggled his eyebrows at Amaris, “—I don’t want to be the youngest Nephilim again.”
Amaris’ tears mixed with her laughter and forgetting caution, Eran pulled her into his arms.  At that moment he didn’t care if Jehovah himself saw him.  His little angel needed him and as he’d promised, he would always be there for her.


*sniff*  Gotta love a hero like that.  Makes me want a guardian angel for my very own.  Amaris is one lucky Nephilim.

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