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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 21 Pt. 1

Hey all,

It looks as though Amaris has proven herself on the training field.  Now I guess she has to prove herself off of it.  Will she fit in with the other nephilim and angels?  Or will she be different in more ways than one.

Let's find out, shall we?  And enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Twenty-One
More Truths Are Revealed

“If you ever need another sparring partner, you know where to find me.”  Hayyel’s cheerful words belayed the bruises and cuts covering his face and arms.  “I hadn’t realized how out of practice I was.”
Amaris laughed and tossed her head.  She’d enjoyed herself greatly.  And learned a few things as well.  “Or maybe I’m just better than you expected?”
Following a long afternoon of sparring they were now sitting at a rough wooden table inside Orifiel’s small cabin.  The older guardian had fixed a delicious lunch and while they ate they’d discussed the practice fighting in detail.  Amaris was happy enough with her performance and she could tell Eran was, too.  She was even more pleased that she’d been able to watch Eran and Orifiel spar.  Two obviously well matched and experienced angels going toe to toe had been quite a sight to see.   But the afternoon had finally waned, and they were now relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. 
Hayyel grinned at her teasing words.  “There is that.  As young as you are, I sure didn’t expect you to be so skilled.”
“Eran would never let me be any other way.”  She cast a quick look at her guardian from under her eyelashes.  “He’s the best.”
“You’re not the first Nephilim to say so.”
That had her jerking her head around.  “I’m not?”
Hayyel shrugged.  “Eran’s one of the most popular trainers.  He’s only a city guardian because he hates being bored.  And waiting for centuries for a Nephilim to emerge can be a bit tedious.”
The twinge of jealousy caught Amaris by surprise.  Eran was her guardian.  He didn’t belong to anyone else.  The idea of him working with someone else bothered her on a level she didn’t quite understand.  “I…I guess I never thought about it.”
“Orifiel told me once, that in the beginning, when there were more of us, Eran was constantly chosen as a trainer for the Nephilim.  He’s trained more Nephilim than any other guardian.  The boss seems to really like his style.”
She blinked at that.  “The boss?  Who’s the boss?”  Then her eyes widened.  “Oh…you mean God?”
Hayyel grinned and shook his head.  “Jehovah’s the big boss all right, but I’m talking about Michael.”  When she only stared at him blankly, he laughed.  “Michael.  As in the Archangel Michael.  The one who battled Satan and sent him packing.  The Michael.”
“Oh.”  Amaris didn’t know what else to say.  She was still getting used to the fact there were angels.  Knowing their names and ranks wasn’t something she really cared about.  At least not yet.  But she did know the name.  Anyone who’d read the Bible would know who the Archangel Michael was.
“He’s a pretty decent guy, but strict,” Hayyel went on.  “He’ll guard your back and keep you safe, but if you get out of line...”
“He’ll punish you?”  Suddenly worried—would the archangel have a problem with her and Eran?— she could only whisper the words.
“It’s more like he’ll make you see the error of your ways,” Hayyel clarified.  “Punishment is rare for an angel or Nephilim.  Michael’s fair and only wants what’s best for the guild.  He makes us toe the line because he knows what could happen if the angelic guard was taken unawares.”
“Like before. In the Battle for Heaven.”  Amaris thought of the horrible war where the angels had fought against Satan and the Fallen.  Eran had made sure she was as knowledgeable about angelic history as she was about her weapons.
“Yes.”  Hayyel’s normally smiling face turned somber.  “It was a time of such pain and heartache for those who lived through it.  So many died.  And everything changed from what it was.  I can’t imagine what they all went through.”
“Neither can I.”  Amaris glanced again at the two guardians who were talking quietly near the fire.  The flames sent white-yellow flickers of light dancing across Eran’s auburn hair.  He was smiling, but there was something restrained about him.  Something that hadn’t been there when they’d arrived.  It worried her.  Had she done something wrong in training?  Or was something else going on?  Shaking her head, she forced herself out of her dismal thoughts.  “I know Eran was there…in the war.  Was Orifiel?”
“He was.”  The other Nephilim’s mouth turned grim.  “He had to fight against his own true brother.  He couldn’t save him.”
She gasped at the thought.  “Oh, no.  He fell?”
Hayyel closed his eyes, his face now pinched in grief as he slouched lower in his chair.  “No.  Chonterus was killed on the battlefield.”
Tears blurred Amaris’ vision.  “Not Orifiel!”
“No.”  Hayyel shook his head again.  “The Lord spared him that at least.  He was taken down by another angel.”
Anger darkened Amaris’ eyes.  “Satan has much to answer for.”
They were both silent for a moment.
Her brother took a sip of honey wine.  “Have you had your temptation, yet? If so, what was it?”
Distracted by the thoughts of the war and the pain the Evil One had caused, she nodded.  “Two of them, at least.”
Hayyel shot upright.  “Two?  You’ve had two?”


Seems like that was a surprise.  Apparently two temptations ISN'T the norm.  I wonder why.  Maybe we'll find out more next week. 

Until next Sunday...

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