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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 20 Pt. 2

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Well, she's a warrior, we all knew that.  But I think just how good she is was a surprise to everyone!  I wonder how the rest of the training will go.  Let's find out.  Enjoy!!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


An hour later Eran cringed inwardly as he watched Amaris go down in a cloud of dust.  She’d given as good as she’d gotten, pretty well holding her own with Hayyel.  Her innate skill of trickery kept the other Nephilim guessing, but the male was an excellent fighter, and he had his own tricks that kept Amaris hopping.  But it was a good thing.  Amaris needed to see how others fought.
After a while the two guardians began shouting out instructions, and the fighting grew even more intense.  Eran knew Amaris wasn’t just fighting for herself.  She was fighting for him.  To show the other two angels that he was a good trainer.  Her pride in what she’d done for herself as a warrior was only eclipsed by how she felt about what he’d accomplished.
“She’s good.”  Orifiel’s gravelly voice interrupted his thoughts.  “Damn good for the time she’s been in training.  You’ve done well by her.”
“As I said, she is special.  A natural.”  Eran watched Amaris roll to her feet and toss dirt in Hayyel’s eyes.  He grinned at the boy’s outrage.  He hadn’t taught her that little trick, but it worked.  “If she is the one the Lord has been waiting for, I wanted her to be ready.”
Orifiel grunted as Amaris attacked again, this time feinting a knee to the groin—her favorite move.  Hayyel shouted in shock and then in pain as she swept his feet out from under him and sent him to the ground yet again.  “Those are not normal warrior skills.”
Chuckling, Eran nodded.  “No one said my little angel is a normal warrior.”
“Yours, huh?”  Orifiel looked toward him, his eyebrow raised.  “Am I seeing more than a guardian-student relationship?  There is more, isn’t there?”
Eran froze.  While Orifiel and Hayyel were friends, he wasn’t sure how they’d react to the feelings he had for Amaris.  “She…she is special to me, too.”
Orifiel snorted loudly.  “The way you speak about her?  Look at her?  She’s more than special, is she not?  You touched her like a man touches a woman.”
“I—”  He refused to lie, but he wasn’t sure he could tell the truth either.  Instead, he just shook his head.
“Hmmm.  So that’s the way of it.”  Turning away, the older angel watched as Amaris tugged Hayyel to his feet and laughingly embraced him.  “You must be careful, my friend.  If Amaris is who we think she is, she is not for you.”
Pain raced through Eran at Orifiel’s words.  They touched a deep fear Eran refused to even acknowledge.  “I’m not sure I can accept that.”
Orifiel sighed deeply.  “Would you deny Jehovah’s wishes?  If he told you to leave her, would you?”  He touched Eran’s shoulder.  “Could you?”
Panic stole Eran’s breath as he fought for composure.  “Don’t ask me that.  I can’t answer your question.  I can only pray it doesn’t happen.  That we can stay together.”
“Stay together?”  Orifiel stared at Eran, searching his eyes for the truth.  “You want to—”  He cut himself off and sucked in a shocked breath.  “By the Saints!  Are you saying you love her?”
He faced his old friend, aware that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life bringing Amaris here.  He should have known he’d be unable to conceal his feelings.  They grew stronger and more intense every day. He wanted to shout out his love for Amaris…to tell everyone how much she meant to him.  He’d only held back because of his fear she’d be taken away from him.
If Orifiel and Hayyel couldn’t accept what he and Amaris felt for each other, they could report Eran to Michael.  And if Michael found out Eran had made the prophesized Nephilim his lover, it could be the end of everything.  For them both.  Because the archangel wouldn’t understand. Wouldn’t understand how much Eran treasured his little angel.  Wouldn’t know the depth of what he felt. 
To love Amaris was the greatest blessing he could ever receive.
“She is important,” he whispered, forcing himself to speak carefully and not just react.  “I know that.  She’s important to our Lord.  To the other angels and Nephilim.”  Eran turned just as Amaris looked up and smiled at him.  He basked in that warmth for a moment before turning back to Orifiel.  “But she is important to me, too.  The most important thing in all the earth and heavens.  She…”  He closed his eyes and struggled to put how he felt into words.  “She’s my everything.”
“You do love her.” The other angel’s voice held awe.  “A Guardian in love.  I thought…I didn’t know it could happen.”
“Yes.” Suddenly admitting it was the easiest thing he’d ever done.  “And I’ll keep on loving her, even if the world ends and there are nothing left of angels and Nephilim but memories.”


 Hmmm... The cat's out of the bag.  I wonder if it's a good thing or bad.  Orifiel and Hayyel seem trustworthy and they are his friends, so... *crossing fingers*  Maybe we'll find out in our next installment!!!

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Wow! I hope this doesn't throw a wrench into things!

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I know. Let's just hope these are honorable angels.