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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim Ch. 20 Pt. 1

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Oh boy...  As if there wasn't enough pressure on her already.  She's got skills to learn, a nasty demon to outwit and a sexy angelic mentor to deal with.  I hope Amaris has eaten her Wheaties!  LOL  But just how will she handle this revelation?  Let's find out!  And enjoy!!!

The Watcher's Guild: Sweet Nephilim


Chapter Twenty
Training and Truth

It was too much for her to consider.  Too much pressure.  Too much for her to even ask questions about.  Why her?  What was so special about her that she was to be the one to make a difference? What was she supposed to do?  To act like?  Suddenly she understood why her lover had wanted to keep this from her.  Discovering she was supposed to be an answer to some long forgotten prophecy made her want to crawl into Eran’s arms and never come out. 
But her guardian had taught her better than that.  She wouldn’t shame him.  Wouldn’t act like a frightened child when he’d worked so hard to make her into a warrior.  So, pushing the shocking revelation of her supposed destiny to the back of her mind, Amaris chose to do something she knew Eran would approve of. 
Lifting her gaze to the other silent angels, she cleared her throat.  “Okay.  So now I know. But that’s not why I’m here right now, is it?  So…who do I fight first?”
There was a pregnant pause then Hayyel grinned.  He pulled an ivory hilted sword out of it’s sheath and inclined his head.  “I guess that would be me.”
“Amaris.”  Eran’s concerned voice touched her like a warm caress.  “I know you’ve had a shock—”
“I’m fine,” she interrupted, knowing he was worried what she’d just learned would distract her.  “I’m sure the enemy won’t wait until I’m perfectly steady.  I need to see what I can do.  Now.”
“And I’m just the Nephilim for you to try your talents on.”  Hayyel backed away to the other side of the clearing.  “I’m the closest to you in age and power, but since I have several hundred years on you, I’ll take it easy.”
Amaris backed away as well, instinctively pulling her own sword and dropping into a fighting stance.  Her eyes narrowed at Hayyel’s words.  Take it easy on her, would he?  She wanted to roll her eyes.  Smug angel.  She’d show him.  Now it was time to see if the tricks and skills Eran had taught her would hold up against another of her kind.
“Come on, sweetheart,” the other Nephilim motioned her forward with a wave of his hand.  “Let’s see what you got.”
Slowly they began to circle as Eran and Orifiel hurriedly moved out of the way.  The two guardians stood motionless as they watched the two Nephilim.  Amaris weighed her opponent carefully.  This would be very different than fighting her teacher.  Even though Eran changed his fighting styles when they practiced, she knew him, inside and out.  She knew how he would react and what his favored attack was.  Hayyel was uncharted territory and anticipation licked through her like fire. 
“Are you going to just stare at each other?” Orifiel bellowed.  “Or are you going to fight?”
“Perhaps they would like us to play our angelic harps so they can dance,” Eran muttered in a loud stage whisper.
Even knowing the two guardians were trying to provoke them into battle, Amaris’ cheeks reddened.  She hated being mocked, and Eran knew it.  It was a weakness she’d fought to overcome.  Yet as she had done before in practice, she pushed back the anger and continued to study the other Nephilim.
Hayyel only laughed at the guardian’s words.  It was obvious he knew the tactic just as she did.  He danced a little on his toes, and she realized that he was expecting to win this fight easily.  Because she was female, or because she was new, she didn’t know, but she vowed then and there to wipe that arrogant grin off her new brother’s face.
Unexpectedly, he charged and pretending to be frightened, she gasped and pivoted away.  Hayyel missed with the first stroke of his sword, but the second one crashed down against hers with enough force to numb her arm.  Again she pretended it hurt worse than it did, bringing her sword up between them to stop the next downward slash of his weapon.
They struggled, chest to chest, and as with Eran, Amaris knew immediately that the older Nephilim was stronger than she was.  She’d never be able to out power Hayyel, but that didn’t make her weaker.
She’d just outthink him instead.
Holding the clash of their swords as high as she could, Amaris allowed her arms to tremble.  And as soon as Hayyel smiled and glanced down at what he thought was her weakness, she struck.
Crouching low, she allowed the downward motion to pull the bigger angel over the top of her.  As he lost his balance, she shot to her feet, punching her shoulder into his stomach and tossing him up and backwards behind her.
He landed with a crash, flat on his back, and his look of surprise was worth every moment of tired muscles it had taken her to learn that trick.  Eran had sworn most males wouldn’t expect it out of a small, delicate female, and it looked as if he were right.
She shot a quick glance over at her mentor and though his face was impassive, pride lit his copper-colored eyes.  And knowing Eran was proud of her…that she was doing what he’d trained her to do made the adrenaline flowing in her veins pump even harder.
“Get up, boy!” Orifiel roared as Hayyel lay there, gasping like a fish.  “She could have gutted you by now.”
She could have, but it didn’t seem sporting to end things so soon.  Hayyel wouldn’t be taken in so easily a second time, but she had a few more tricks up her sleeve.  And she really wanted to see how others fought.  She’d only had a chance to watch Eran and Asmodeous, and she knew the more styles and skills she learned, the better she would be.
A moment later, Hayyel rolled to his feet, and his glare should of cut her in half.  Unable to help herself, she batted her eyelashes, and with a grin, crooked her finger at him in a come-hither gesture.  Hayyel’s shout laughter made her blink—it was so unexpected, but then he bowed in acceptance of his defeat, and with the smug look finally gone from his handsome face, he charged at her once again.


Ha!  That's what I'm talkin' about!  Little Amaris surprised everyone, I think.  Except maybe Eran.  But will Hayyel take HER by surprise next?  Come on back next week and see!

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